Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Welcome Them Back to Wednesday

It's the return of poet Lynn White and artist Sally Deskins. A great way to close out today at Oddball Magazine.

I Had Issues! My Old Review of New 52's Detective Comics #1-4

My first review documenting the first of many disappointments from the New 52. Disappointed that I never made the prediction that the Jokerface story was going to be resolved in Snyder's more popular Batman book. Originally published December 13, 2011. Edited for clarity and spelling corrections.

Poetry Wednesday!

Welcome new contributor Matthew Rotando and old favorite Ira Joel Haber. Wednesday is underway at Oddball Magazine.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

October 18: The Stone Soup Poetry Workshop is Back

Sure, we'll be doing our regular open mic this Thursday, but this week I wanted to take advantage of the new place and set up a poetry workshop when everyone was done reading. We can go over previously written work, or we can do writing prompts. I will be open to whatever the group wants, and I'm anxious to see who will come to take advantage of this.

No Report Today

The Epic Autism Report will be skipping this Tuesday. Why don't you catch up on Flemmings Beaubrun's backlog over at Oddball Magazine.

Next Week: A Very Special Tuesday 4 Poetry

Ken and Nadine Delano will be away, so the open mike will be hosted by Mark Borher, the new Poet Laureate of North Andover.

Chapter Three

Jason Wright's manifesto on mental illness continues in this week's Jagged Thoughts column. Read it now at Oddball Magazine.

Tuesday is Here

Here's returning poet Clinton Siegle with photogrpahy by Luis Lázaro Tijerina. Thanks for reading Oddball Magazine. 

New Published Work

So happy to have my work included in the latest Tell-Tale Inklings journal from Tell-Tale Chapbooks and Editor/Publisher and friend Mignon Ariel-King. This issue includes "Poet's Funeral," a poem of mine I've been sending out for quite some time. So happy it's found a home. You can buy the newest issue here.

It's Something

Sometimes if it wasn't for my Apple Watch rings, I might not feel I accomplish anything most days.

This week will be different, I hope. Please?

Monday, October 15, 2018

City Haiku

14 bus drops you
right in front of dropped garbage.
Welcome to Heath Street.

What's Geoffrey Up To?

Geoffrey Fallon's guerilla comic strip returns. Read "The Secrets of Skinny People" at Oddball Magazine.

Found Poetry or Found Scripture?

Seen at Downtown Crossing.

Raise Your Glass

It's time for another week of "The Odds" comic strip by Bill Harvey. Read it now at Oddball Magazine.

Still Life After Breakfast, Part 58

Also from Sunday in Southie.

Still Life After Breakfast, Part 58

From Sunday in Southie.

Farewell to the Dire

Despite being sick, I didn't want to miss out on Tim Gager's last Dire reading ever. I slept for eight hours and rallied to make it there and stay in the back in case I was contagious. I was the last one in, and I ended up sitting at the sound table.

Happy Birtday D. Ruff

New American Haiku

When I started my Sarcastic Haiku series, I wrote my first American Haiku. You can read it here or here. Here's a new one.

American Haiku: Donald Trump Rally

No five-seven-five.
I'll be way more efficient.
Make America Great Again. Make America Great Again.

City Haiku

On slow days of rain
bodega cats conteplate
horrors of water.

This Week's Friendly Reminder

In these difficult times, it's good to know there's information out there for those who need help.

These numbers come courtesy of  St. Paul's Cathedral in Boston.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

My So-Called Boston Morning

 Taken a while ago, but on a morning like this.

Molly has school on a Saturday. I'm up because she asked me to wake her. Plus, misery loves company.