Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Soon I'll be heading home to get ready for tonight's online Stone Soup. Join me tonight for feature Melissa Castillo Planas.

Gee, Thanks for Nothing

Facebook post: Looking for links to more? Our friends and neighbors at The Dirty Gerund Poetry sShow, Providence Poetry Slam, and the long-running Stone Soup Poetry arent' holding readings, but are doing a bang-up job posting links to further features, open mics, and workshop opportunities. You can even take a virtual trip to NYC and see programming at the Nuyorican Poets

Nice to know that even as one poetry series go down, they go down spouting false information about Stone Soup Poetry not holding readings anymore. And the post noted online shows still going on without mentioning mine.

This could have been corrected had the person writing the update taken five seconds to look at either my public posts or the posts on the Stone Soup page they tagged.

Please continue to not do me any favors, people.

Another Newbie!

Hilary Sideris is another new contributor with some new photography by Ed Gault. Thank you so much for coming back as we make another Wednesday of poetry happen at Oddball Magazine.

New Review Coming?

An author I know and like announced online he bought my book.

I'm grateful for every purchase of my new work in these crazy times.

I'm also anticipating what he has to say about it.

What Now

Lots to work on next.

Almost don't know where to start.

I have some "shark breaths" to take.

Wednesday is Back!

Welcome poet Brendan McBreen to our ranks, and welcome back Luis Lázaro Tijerina after a too-long hiatus. His photography graces Brendan's work as we kick off another Wednesday of poetry at Oddball Magazine.

North of Oxford #6 is up

North of Oxford's latest pandemic issue is up, with work from Stone Soup stalwarts Patrica Carragon, Jane Spokenword and many more. Read it here.

I Never Know What Editors Want

A journal accepted my work, so I sent more poems over last month. They were rejected. It happens, but the editor surprised me saying they prefer narrative work.

The poem of mine they published of mine? I wouldn't have called it a narrative work at all.

Yesterday, I sent two poems over to a journal that specifically publishes narrative pieces.

One was accepted. The other, which I was really hoping they'd take, was not.

Follow up comment to the rejection piece: "confuses me...not very narrative."

Even when I know what they want, I never know what to give them.

American Haiku: Kamala Cooties

When I started my Sarcastic Haiku series, I wrote my first American Haiku. You can read my first one, and others I've written since, by clicking here and scrolling down.

American Haiku: Kamala Cooties

 Five-seven-five ick!
Women in power - nasty!
I'm not insecure. I'm not insecure!

City Haiku

Sidewalk on Huntington Avenue, no benches, single sign that reads, "Suttle bus or Route 39 to Heath Street - Board Here."

Essential worker
it's no longer essential
to sit while you wait.

City Haiku

Cartoon poster of healcare workers with masks. Above it reads, "Thank You to all healthcare workers"

Dear healthcare workers:
Here is your thank you poster.
Now get back to work!


Last month the MBTA started charging to get on the buses again. Midweek, catching many people off guard, including me.

I bought a pass just in time for them to start construction on the E train part of the Green Line.

Now there's a free shuttle form Heath Street to Prudential.

And unless I've been super lucky, the 39 bus isn't taking fares again.

At most, I've used my $90 combo pass five or six times tops over the last twelve days.

I really hate the T sometimes.

Call it a Comeback

Found out last night I'm going to be published in another print journal by the end of the year.

After appearing in so many online publications, I not only have a book out in print, but I'm racking up credits in physical journals again.

It's a good feeling to have. I hope I get one more acceptance before the summer is over.

This Morning's Music Selection

"Bad Luck" by Neko Case" and "Four Leaf Clover" by Abra Moore are so similar in themes and sound. It's probably really cheesy to put these two together in a set list, but I want to do it anyway.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

American Smooth

Jason is back with his weekly Jagged Thought poem column at Oddball Magazine.

Reviews Wanted

Here comes become my weekly routine of asking those of you who purchased my new book to please consider posting a review on Amazon. As always, thanks to those of you who have purchased the book.

Big Things

Might never talk about what's happening. Suffice to say, if it goes through, it will be the biggest thing I've done as a Bostonian to date.

I hope it goes through.

Here Comes the Sun

Poet Maggie Sun makes debuts on our site while Jennifer Matthews comes back to lend a hand with visuals. Tuesday is here at Oddball Magazine.

This Week's Most Distinguished Network Name

It's amazing what people will name their online networks. I'm always trying to hijack wifi when I'm commuting, so I often come across a number or interesting names. Every Tuesday, I post the most impressive and/or cringe-inducing names.

Name of Network: Threat Level Midnight
I'm surprised I don't find more fans of "The Office" out there.

Happy Birthday Coleen Houlihan

Monday, August 10, 2020

Doing Something Worthwhile

Over the last two days I've sent work to four different literary journals.

One's already accepted my work.

Trying for a fifth and maybe sixth one later tonight.

No one around me cares.

It's a good thing writing is it's own reward.


A near-wordless comic? It can happen. Read Geoffrey Fallon's "The Secrets of Skinny People" now at Oddball Magazine.

Will Never Get Tired of Posting This Reminder

From Picture to Page: Reopening Anthem

I've taken a shot like this at least once before. Published one in Oddball Magazine, I'm sure. Don't think I used this shot in a previous From I'm posting it anyway. Do I repeat myself. Very well, then I repeat myself. It's at least a new day.

Reopening Anthem

Move first

Give us
a street
to tear up,

Even More Bad Choices by Comic Characters

Bill Harvey welcomes you to another Monday with his comic "The Odds" at Oddball Magazine.

So I'm one of seventy poets appearing in Don Kingfisher Campbell's zine Spectrum. Is this the final cover for the issue? I think I'll know when the rest of you do.

Last Day: Call For Pandemic Poetry- North of Oxford

Due to the overwhelming response to our four Pandemic Issues we published in April, and continued interest, we will once again publish poetry concerning the pandemic. Please send us your best work and how the pandemic has affected you, your neighborhood, and your country. As the virus continues its unrelenting attack, we urge all to be safe and wear a mask.

Send your submission in one Word doc. with no more than four poems, including a 50 word bio. Please send to . The deadline for submissions to the new pandemic issue is August 10th. Due to the anticipated response we will not be able to respond to each individual submission and all submissions received after August 10th will be discarded.

City Haiku

Rows of gravestones
cheering you on the way
to pay August rent.

Nothing Lasts...

"Forever" spraypainted in purple on mailbox on city street.

Sorry Spion

It's bad to make promises about interviewing people when you have open houses to attend and an event to help organize in one week.

This time I won't promise an interview next Monday.  Might increase the chances of it actually happening.

This Week's Friendly Reminder

From a restaurant in Winthrop. The pandemic is still going, so you had better wear a mask. Better you hear it from me before an angry pirate has to tell you.

Statue  of pirate with facemask put on it. Sign attached to it: "No Mask No Service"

Sunday, August 09, 2020

Good News to End a Weekend On

Just found out my work is getting published in the next issue of Spectrum courtesy of Don Kingfisher Campbell.

Sent my poetry in just after four o'clock this afternoon. Got notified of my acceptance less than an hour later.

Best turnaround time I've had in a while.

The Boston Poetry Marathon is Done

You can go back and listen to the entire show or just catch what you miss (and I highly encourage you to do so) by clicking on their YouTube page here.

Comics and Sad Thoughts

Grant Morrison from Animal Man #26: Grant Morrison at his computer saying, "Is that it? Is that the best you can do? Nothing?"

This is the comic panel (taken out of context) I think about the most when I finish a gig and realize I'll probably be remembered less for my writing and more--far more--for everything I do unseen behind the scenes.

It makes getting back to writing the hardest thing ever sometimes.

But I'm back at it.

Your Weekly Dose of God

My girlfriend and I have been house hunting for a while. One weekend we toured a place the family still lived in. It twas littered with religious knickknacks.  I took a picture of one.

Wooden knickknack with cross, says "With God all things are possible, Matthew 19:26."

Sometimes, that's what scares me the most.

Saturday, August 08, 2020

Carol Weston at the 2019 Boston Poetry Marathon

Recorded on August 18, 2019 at the Community Church of Boston. An amazing scene from last year's Boston Poetry Marathon. Carol also killed it during last night's Marathon.

Friday, August 07, 2020

Last Night's Boston Poetry Marathon

Now you can view last night's Boston Poetry Marathon segments courtesy of YouTube. Stay tuned for night two  tonight!

Deadline Tomorrow.Night

Information courtesy of Joshua Corwin.
Calls for Poems and Art SPECTRUM 24: OPEN THE DOOR 

 Send up to three poems on the subject of or at least mentioning the word door, totaling up to 150 lines in length including stanza breaks, and a 150 words or less bio in the body of an email message or attached in a Word file to by 11:59 PM on August 9th. 

Black and white artwork is also desired. Please send in JPG form. Poets and artists published in Spectrum 24 will be published in print and invited to read at the Saturday Afternoon Poetry Zoom meeting on Saturday, August 29th between 3 and 5 pm.

Out of the Tall Grass

Here comes Wise Words with Bruce Wise ot close out another week of content from. Thanks to all our readers from all of us at Oddball Magazine. 

SAFE DISTANCE EDITION: Stone Soup Croutons, 8-5-20: You Suicide Poets

Stone Soup Croutons is a weekly poem I write using lines and impressions picked from Stone Soup's open mic readers and features. I figure out a title (and sometimes the rest of the poem) later. You can read the other ones I've done since 2015 here. To paraphrase Lorne Michaels, this poem doesn't go up because it's ready, it goes up because it's Friday morning.

Came back with an all-open mic this week. It felt good. So happy to see a lot of people stop by. Some people came on due to news of the loss of John "Buddah" Pirolli. Though I didn't know him very well, my research on his life led me to this poem. While looking up Fire of Prometheus, I came across this old article by Mick Cusimano, which contained this haunting phrase:
I didn't believe it until I saw it up close, but for some poets the driving ambition in their life is to lose at all costs. Heaven help the person who stands in the way of their failure.
I thought about that statement a lot. For all the fun we had Wednesday, this is what led to the poem I wrote for today.

I know nothing about the life of John Pirolli (who apparently lived peacefully in Acton for years with family after his time in the scene), but a lot of stories about poets in Boston during the 70's and 80's allude to a mostly forgotten time when self-sabotage and a collision course for disaster seemed to be the sole qualifying character traits of the Boston poet. There have been train wrecks on the poetry scene since (I was probably one of them for a while), and there will continue to be. I just hope we don't see an era quite like this ever again.

I like it when poets succeed. A lot of poets I come into contact with on the open mic seem to be doing well, despite the crazy times. I hope that continues to be a trend in life. Thanks for reading.

You Suicide Poets 

Don't need to start a party
for it to turn disaster. but it helps.

Go drop a Enola Gay while others
fall silent dreaming of Hiroshima.

Chase most inappropriate phrase
like it’s a rabbit in the desert.

When Silence Consumes

Janet Cormier is back to kick off another Friday. Read Bamboozled No More! at Oddball Magazine.

New Goal

I need to read more comics by Bianca Xunise.

Single panel comic. Black woman with groceries, wearing face mask tshirt saying "I Can't Breathe." White woman next to her with no mask says "I you can't breathe, then take that silly mask off!"

Annoying Thought of the Day

Instagram ruins poets.


Given how many near misses he's had, is it too cruel to want to write "Trump, get infected forever?"

T.G.I.F. Trump Get Impeached Forever!
Inspired by DL Polonsky.

Thursday, August 06, 2020

Weeking Coming Early

I still work tomorrow, but the Boston Poetry Marathon is starting tonight. I'll be joining in later to listen.

A Love Story (with a twist)

Read the latest Underground Garden by Liza Zayas. It's up now at Oddball Magazine.



James Van Looy is back with his weekly poem column, without fail, as always. Read It's All One Thing now at Oddball Magazine.

Seen Yesterday While Walking in Southie

I think the famous turkeys of Brookline are going to get some competition.

Happy Birthday Suzanne O'Toole

Happy Birthday Yuri Hospodar

Read the text of his poem here.

Stone Soup Poetry Open Mic, 8-5-20

From the new weekly online open mic. It's good to be back!

Good to Be Back

Thanks to everyone who came to last night's open mic. I'm so glad I got back on the hosting horse. I hope all of you (and more) will come back next week for the feature of Melissa Castillo Planas.