Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lest I Forget

We also had Jason Wright's latest Jagged Thoughts poem column today at Oddball Magazine.

A Lighter Note to Today's Ferguson Aftermath

Let's look at Jacques Fleury, who's been out of sight in the Boston Poetry scene in a while.  He has a poem today in Oddball Magazine.  Check it out with more Allison Goldin artwork.

I Didn't Forget Friday's Stone Soup Servings

I did it yesterday.

But Tru Kwene's feature was so good last night at Stone Soup, so let's repost it here.

Last Friday's Oddball

Because I hate missing highlighting the magazine (now that I'm trying to blog more often), here's a recap:

We had poetry and artwork by Stacy Esch.  Lovely winter imagery.

Then we had a lovely tribute to Joe Gouveia by Jake St. John, just about marking the one-year anniversary that Oddball Magazine started helping get funds for the Joe Gouveia Recovery Fund.

 Then we resumed the Twist of JP Lime column, which included footage from their Stone Soup performance.  Yeah, more on this from me later.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Tonight at Stone Soup

We have Tru Kwene featuring tonight.  Check out her poem in last Friday's Stone Soup Servings at Oddball Magazine.

The open mic has been benefiting as of late with music by Edward Brandon Jr. accompanying open mic poets and entertaining us during the break.  See his 3TV segment from today.

I'm sure the majority of us will be taking time away from the show to hear about the Supreme Court Case over Michael Brown in Ferguson.  Fittingly, we have a poem today from another Stone Soup open mic member, Secret Genius.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Happy Birthday, Artie Moffa

Here are some memories from the Occupy movement's heyday, when Artie gave the best attack  strategies. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

James Van Looy In Oddball Magazine

"It's All One Thing: Labyrinth as Call to Arms" at Oddball Magazine.

Andrew Borne Seven Times

Find it here at Oddball Magazine.

Janet Cormier's Column in Oddball Magazine

Janet Cormier surprised me this week. She wrote me early this morning that she couldn't contribute one, then has a finished product for me a couple of hours later!  Dig into her comments on random acts of kindness over at Oddball Magazine.

Some Good News

I ran into someone who I haven't seen in twenty years.  Someone who was part of my first ever creative writing class with Alan Feldman.  He didn't remember me, but I remember him, and we both remember Alan Feldman's class fondly.  Hopefully, we will stay in touch and you will hear more about him in the future.

Annoying Thought of The Day

I lose a lot.

By that, I don't mean fail.  That's too easy and whiny to say.

I just play some kind of metaphorical race/game and end up losing a lot.

This morning it wasn't even 6:30 when I lost big.  Money.  Time.  Opportunity.

And I'm good at it.

I never ran in track but in the world of metaphor, I do the last place last lap like a gentleman, waving to everyone ignoring me, taking bottles of water handed to me which are inevitably full of piss.

I lose well.  I accept it and plod on and gain the mask of grace with a breakable elastic strap. 

It's a skill, some would say, to recover quickly from any kind of loss.

Some skills one shouldn't get too good at. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November 24: Tru Kwene Makes Us Thankul at Stone Soup

Tru Kwene has been on my poetry radar for a few months. Since then, she has make a great impression. She has been clamoring to feature as much as possible, but not as much as people have been clamoringfor me to feature her. So once again, I'm just catching up to what everyone around me already knows: I have to feature Tru Kwene. Luckily, that is exactly what's happpening this Monday. on the 24th. It's the perfect way to close to our normal week early as we prepare to head to our families for this Thanksgiving holiday. I hope you can make it. 

Allison Goldin Returns to Oddball Magazine

Oddball Magazine's Associate Artist is back after a small hiatus.  That's almost as exciting as the poets today in the magazine.  Look at her photos at:

One poem by B.T. Joy.

And another poem by Paul R. Davis.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Stone Soup Flyer, Now With (some) Color!

Jason Wright's Been Doing This Column for A Year

When Jason Wright brought me into Oddball Magazine, the magazine had the subtitle of "Jagged Thoughts" attached to it.  Jason was already considering removing it, which relieved me, but I didn't want to do away with it entirely. 

 In the early days of Oddball Magazine as a blog, he would sign off his posts as "Just Another Jagged Thought by Jason Wright," so it was obviously of import to him.  Why not, I thought, suggest Jason do a weekly column, like a weekly "Note from The Publisher," only with poetry? 

That's when the idea of the poem-column was born in my mind.  And though James Van Looy got started first with his It's All One Thing column (it's one year anniversary was celebrated recently) Jason's Jagged Thoughts was first on the roster.

Check out his 52nd column of Jagged Thoughts here.  And be sure to congratulate him in the comments section.

New Poet and New Artist at Oddball Magazine Today

Welcome poet Rose Drew and artist Shelley Whiting.

Annoying Thought of The Day

Sometimes I decide to do actions for people because I want to give them the impression that I have hope.

Even though I do not. 

In some cases, luckily or sadly, a routine is just as good as genuine feelings I sometimes very much lack.  

Monday, November 17, 2014

More Ferguson Poems in Oddball Magazine

It's an eerie coincidence that these poems came out the same day Missouri's governor declares a state of emergency.  As timely as Oddball Magazine has ever been, I think.

Check out another poem by Donal Mahoney.

And another by Milind Padki.

Both come with photographs by Oddball MVP Hannah Brown.

Heading to Karen Locascio's Reading at Stone Soup

Here's the eleventh hour flier I created for tonight's feature.  I hate doing these, but they seem to get one or two more people going to the reading.

For further persuasion, check out her award winning poem in last Friday's Stone Soup Servings in Oddball Magazine.