Friday, August 28, 2015

Janet Cormier

Another Bamboozled No More! column is up. Read "The Christian Lady" over at Oddball Magazine.


I'm out and about and away from computers for the rest of the day. Haven't been able to do many updates due to my workload and fatigue. Hope to remedy this when I get home.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Coming Tonight! The Oddball Show #16 - 4 MC's and No DJ

Our first Guest-less podcast! It's been a hectic summer, and the usual gang of oddballs regroup after last week's break to discuss what's been going on. With no guests to keep us in check, it could be more anything goes than usual tonight.

Release Your Love & Nappiness

Read about the Outdoor Dance Party taking place this Saturday via Liza Zayas in The Underground Garden on Oddball Magazine.

Onward Through The Labyrinth

"Labyrinth as Quagmire," the latest upon up on James Van Looy's It's All One Thing. Only at Oddball Magazine.

Stone Soup Poetry Slam on Monday, September 7

More Short Poems with Long Titles Please, Mr. Borne!

Andrew Borne's latest Seven Times poem column is up . Read "Prodigious Love for the Prodigal Ones" today at Oddball Magazine.


Long Sleeves

I've been buying shirts with long sleeves all this week. Shirts on sale. Shirts that look like they fit. Shirts on sale that are oversized but look like they'll shrink a lot to be comfortable without being clownish.

Two days in a row, I've been wearing long sleeved, non-work shirts home. It was not cool enough to do that.

It's as if I was trying to will the temperature to be cooler just for the fact I was wearing a warmer shirt.

Really, I've had a decent summer in terms of comfort.

I'm just nearing the end of my rope.

I really want fall to happen soon.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Daily Goal

Do one thing:

1. That only you can do.

2. That no one cares about.

3. That makes you feel fulfilled.

You'd be surprised how easy points one and two are to achieve. The third one on the other hand.

I Love This Poet's Introduction

From poem to bio, it's all good. Introducing Rose Aiello-Morales with new artistic contributor Alisha White in Oddball Magazine.

Bad Attitude

I have no joy when I learn something new.

I learn lots of new things these days. I at least learn one new skill a year because I have to in order to survive in this new century as a worker and a creator.

I hate when people say they're proud of me when I accomplish something new. All I can think of is the criticism and blame that seems imminent when I do anything I haven't done before and then start doing it regularly.

It feels inevitable, the blame, the criticism and the feeling that I will never be truly proficient in anything, as I learn more and more things and fear the few true skills I do have are starting to deteriorate.

I used to say in this new world it's change or die. These days I feel like taking out the "or" and using "and" instead.

Wednesday's Oddball is Underway

Welcome poet Mallory Smart as she makes her oddball debut accompanied by Allison Goldin's photography over at Oddball Magazine.

M.P. Carver in Today's Incessant Pipe.

It still feels rare whenever north shore poet and friend M.P. Carver is published, even though I think she's been in more journals than me this year. At any rate, read "Lies I've Told Over Dinner #082" and ask her when we'll see the other eight-one.

Thank You, Steve Warren

Steve is someone I met a couple of years back at the Out of The Blue Art Gallery back in it's old location on 186 Prospect Street. He's parted ways with the gallery for the time being, but I'm glad I was able to get him to contribute photography to Oddball Magazine.

One of the many Steve-Selfies I've been getting since he agreed to contribute.

He also took part in some of the poetry workshops I held for a time. No poetry from him at this time, but that could change. Fact is, Steve is involved in a lot of things. Check out the YouTube video below to get an idea of the man.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Stone Soup Croutons, 8-24-15

Stone Soup Croutons is a weekly poem I write using lines and impressions picked up from poems overheard from Stone Soup's open mic readers and features. I figure out a title the next morning. Or in the afternoon. Sometimes it takes a while longer. Putting the title in was the absolute last thing I did before posting this.

Last night was David R. Surette's feature. It was a small but attentive group. I could also be attentive, given that there were no shows taking place at the Out of The Blue Art Gallery after Stone Soup. We could all relax and take our time, and I could listen to more poets. I started off borrowing from Jason Wright, who read his Jagged Thought poem from a couple of weeks ago, and an open mic poet who carried his Bernie Madoff sign to the podium. I capped it off with animal imagery inspired by feature poet David, whose new book Stable is comprised of poems about his interactions with animals (very recommended). Put all that and a few other things together, and you have the poem below.

Pitch a Perfect Storm

Millennial & Maddoffs
is the new roleplaying game
of the summer, compatible with
Superman, Wonderwoman
and other DC Universe cosplayers.

this time, the goal is not to save
the Magic Kingdom but to bury it
until the mouse is pulled down
and his nonsensical subservient dog
will finally refuse to submit.

Barbie is the weak link.
She lacks the beauty remedies
to replastify herself
and keep the masses placated.

Donald Trump is ready to debate
a tween an an ill-fitting suit
and a Bart Simpson inspired nickname.

Leviathan will not get a musical number
to win the hearts of his victims
before the final fall.

Finally, the animals,
unstable through unrest,
will turn tables
even on those hands
who have freed them.

There will be a new ark
build with many angles
and no angles at all
where there should be.
There will be no thumbs
used in its making.

It will be the blessed beasts,
bellies filled on children,
who will chose the passengers.
You will not get a say
to who you will be paired with.
You will not be told
how long you will stay on.
You will wait for a tempered growl
before coming out to the light.

I really should create a template open mic sheet.

TJ Edson, Jason Wright, and myself, as drawn by Jason on the back of the open mic sheet.

Special thanks to Jason Wright, Bill Lewis, Erik Nelson, Julia Carlson, Martha Boss, Deb Priestly, Big Poppa Ben, Carol Weston and David R. Surette.

Short and Sweet from Jason Today

The latest Jagged Thought from Jason Wright, as he also makes his way to his hundredth column. Read "Fight to Fly" at Oddball Magazine.

Good Poem to Start Tuesday

The poetry of Rich Boucher, with photography by Steve Warren, today at Oddball Magazine.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Stone Soup is Simmering

We have David R. Surette in less than an hour. You should be in the audience.

Another Poet/Artist at Oddball

Julie Marie Hoey debuts today at Oddball Magazine.

A Political Statement I Can Finally Get Behind

See it over at this week's "The Odds" by Bill Harvey, over at Oddball Magazine.

Pepé's Guiding Light

This is where I studied most of Saturday. In the cellar of my Mom's house, at the desk where my father used to sit, near the lamp my grandfather (my mom's dad) used at his workbench when he was alive. Mom found it tucked away during one of her numerous visits to her mom's house next door.

After coming home from work, the man I called Pepé would go to his second job of repairing television sets with the help of the light from this lamp. According to Mom, he could repair any TV so long as it used bulbs.

Though a little too warm and bright for me to use, it was nice to have the lamp there as a bit of inspiration as I got ready for my impending COA exam.

Staying at Mom's

I spent time a my Mom's this weekend to study for a big exam I plan to take net month. It was good to see the house repaired after all the damage she received from this year's blizzard. All but two rooms in her home had walls that needed to be torn up and replaced. And that's not including the roof. Ceilings leaked, accumulated damage over the years was brought to light. It was a mess.

All in all, it took nearly six months of work while she stayed at her mother's house next door. All that's left is installing some bathroom cabinets and a paint job here and there. She's so much happier now.

Friday, August 21, 2015

David R. Surette is Featuring at Stone Soup This Monday

Read his poem in today's Stone Soup Servings column at Oddball Magazine. Then be in the audience at the Out of The Blue Art Gallery on August 24.

Happy Birthday, Prof (again)

Ivan, aka Scholar, gives props to his partner, Chris, aka Professa, in this week's installment of A Twist of JP Lime, "34 Bars For Professa’s 34th Birthday," today in Oddball Magazine.

Integrity vs. Convenience

Read this week's Bamboozled No More! by Janet Cormier in Oddball Magazine.

I Can't Wait to See This

Directed by Bobcat Goldthwait.

A perfect day will be watching that film back to back with this one.

Not Well

I'm up and about but I can only go through the most basic motions. Can't be creative. Can't even talk about why. I'm not going anywhere, but I'm not fully here either.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

August 24: It's David R. Surette's Night at Stone Soup

We're nearing the end of summer, and as you can tell by the picture of David R. Surette in his coat, he's already gearing up for the next few months. He has good reason to, as he'll be promoting his new book, Stable. One of his first stops will be at Stone Soup this Monday. In my decade of booking and hosting features, David ranks among the poets I've featured the most times. Part of that is due to his prolific nature and all the books he has published over the years. You can be in the audience this Monday and see first hand all the other reasons why I keep inviting him back.

The 19th Annual Boston Loft Reunion

Read about this Saturday's event in Liza Zaya's Underground column in Oddball Magazine.

Six to Go, Mr. Van Looy

The Labyrinth countdown continues as we get closer and closer to James Van Looy's one-hundreth poem column It's All One Thing. Read "Labyrinth as Relaxation Response" today at Oddball Magazine.

Andrew Lets The Dogs Out (Seven Times)

Read Andrew Borne's latest Seven Times poem column, "Too Many Dogs in the Dog Park," today in Oddball Magazine.

Poetry on The T Contest is Open

Find out about the submission process here.

The Only Water Cooler Talk I'll Tolerate

I'd love a frank discussion of Vermin Supreme's chances in the 2016 election (by the water cooler in Out of The Blue).

Hey, he wouldn't be the first person to use film as a stepping stone to politics.