Sunday, October 22, 2017

This Way to The Jesus!

Religious advertising usually leaves me cold, but I have to give props to this one I saw earlier this month.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Happy Belated Birthday Nate Connors

Miss seeing your work on a regular basis.

Happy Belated Birthday Susan Deer Cloud

Mignon Ariel King and Susan Deer Cloud from the November 2015 Tell-Tale Inklings reading. 
A photo from our her continuing glory days. You can top this off with this poem I wrote for her a few years ago.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

ERATO and the IIIrd Cosmic White Affair

For more about this event, check out the latest Underground Garden by Liza Zayas over at Oddball Magazine.

One Thing Revisited

In light of recent events, we represent an old poem from James Van Looy.

Let's read "A Memorial Day Poem for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl," the latest It's All One Thing at Oddball Magazine.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Coming Next Month

Information courtesy of Lo (Laurie) Galluccio.

Stonecoast is a top-ranked low-res MFA program in creative writing. We invite you to a rare opportunity to have an inside look into this wonderful program, affiliated with University of Southern Maine but very much its own stellar entity.

Alumni Anthony D'Aries and Kara Storti will be reading from their work (see bios in flyer) as well as faculty member Elizabeth Searle (ditto).

Together their work spans genres from memoir to young adult fiction to libretto for a rock opera.There is truly something for anyone who values and enjoys riveting and cutting edge writing.

The reading is free and a reception will follow. Cafe beverages and snacks will be on sale.

No Oddball Today

We're taking a breath today in order to get ready for next week and next month. Consider answering our latest call for submissions in the meantime. 

Pride is Easier to Have if it's Just Bought

October 23: Timothy Gager! Yuyutsu RD Sharma! Eternal Snow Release Party!

Timothy Gager is coming back to us, and not only does he have a new poetry collection, Chief Jay Strongbow is Real, but his work also appears in Eternal Snow, an anthology edited by Yuyutsu RD Sharma.

We are having both poets feature to help to give Eternal Snow a proper release party. I hope you're able to join us in what could be the last appearance of these two poets in the Out of The Blue Art Gallery's current location.

Lauren Geraghty's Life in Words

I noted the passing of Lauren Geraghty last month and some of the work I knew her for. I neglected to mention her poetry. I never knew if she kept up with it after college, but I fondly remembered her work in The Onyx, Framingham State University's student-run literary magazine, which I had a small hand in putting together for a couple of years when I was a undergrad.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Muddy River Poetry Review

I found out through Tim Gager. To thank him, I'll post his poems in the issue here, as he one of the featured poets in this issue.

There are other good friends and poets in this issue. David Miller, Chris Warner, Eileen Tabios, so many more. Check out the full issue here.

Next Week: Tuesday 4 Poetry

Hosted by Ken and Nadine Delano.

Last Weekend in Sports

Flemmings Beaubrun, the New England Patriots and another Epic Autism Report, up now at Oddball Magazine.

Fishing Weather is Just About Done.

So let's read Jason Wright's latest poem column. It's (kinda) about that.

In all seriousness, read "The Patient Fisherman." It's good, and it's the latest Jagged Thought from Jason Wright at Oddball Magazine. 

Halloween! Trump! Submission Time

Read all about it at Oddball Magazine! 

Stone Soup Croutons, 10-16-17, Welcome to Your New Home

Stone Soup Croutons is a weekly poem I write using lines and impressions butchered picked up from poems overheard from Stone Soup's open mic readers and features. I figure out a title (and sometimes the rest of the poem) later. You can read the other ones I've done since 2015 here. To paraphrase Lorne Michaels, this poem doesn't go up because it's ready, it goes on because it's Tuesday morning.

Margie Shaheed gave us a wonderful night of poetry. I'm indebted to her for a wonderful feature. Quite a surprise to me then that the poem came out as dark as it did. I "blame" Dexter Roberts for such a compelling poem about immigration to start off the night. At any rate, here it is.

Welcome to Your New Home

To join this elite cult,
you'll have to be able
to laugh in the face
of killing your best friend.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Sherman's March in 2017

"For the South, the sins of another is used to distract from the sins of our own...It's why some people insist that we can't talk about gun control right after a mass shooting, why we can't talk about climate change after a record setting flood. 'We are the oppressed, not the oppressors! We cannot be sinners! Send your thoughts and prayers, but keep politics out of it.' But, of course, politics is always in it, always."

This video essay on the documentary Sherman's March, whether or not you've seen the documentary, is important to view in light of recent events.  I highly recommend it.

No Matter What I Do

I'll never get that one good Citgo night shot.

Off I Go

Margie Shaheed is reading tonight. I hope to see you there.

Tomorrow Night: The First and Last Word Poetry Series

Information courtesy of Gloria Mindock.

Another Friendly Reminder

The Out of The Blue Art Gallery is preparing to move and still needs your help.

Consider throwing them a few bucks their way after tonight's Stone Soup feature.


Not Halloween, But Still Scary...

Miiiimes! If you dare, check out "The Odds" comic strip by Bill Harvey over at Oddball Magazine.

October 16: Margie Shaheed Visits Stone Soup

Margie Shaheed will be visiting us out of state to do a full feature for Stone Soup Poetry. More information will be coming. She's been published in a number of places, including Tell-Tale Chapbooks' Mignon Ariel King, who may also be in attendance. I'm hoping for a lot of new and old friends tonight as we celebrate our first first October feature (with more excitement next week).

This Week's Friendly Reminder

Found this on a bridge while walking to Dorchester.

I can't post this too much.

Bed Time

Apparently, this is how Mom puts Smokey to bed every night.

Happy Eleventh Birthday

Smokey turned eleven back in August. It was celebrated quietly, with much less fanfare than in previous years.


Reunited with my nephew.