Thursday, December 18, 2014

James Van Looy Today in Oddball Magazine

It's All One Thing by James Van Looy is out today.  Another long one.  Take a deep breath and read.

Here Comes Andrew Borne

The unofficial half-year's anniversary of Andrew Borne's Seven Times column is here.

Finalists for the First Somerville Poet Laureate

From Doug Holder:

The finalists for the Somerville Poet Laureate are:

Gloria Mindock (Founder of the Cervena Barva Press)
Nicole Terez Dutton (Cave Canem Award --Winner)
Ralph Pennel ( Fiction editor Midway Journal)

Read this article on the search from the Tufts Daily.  Big props to Doug for working to search for a worthy candidate to fill a position that many thought was rightfully his.

The interview process has already begun.  As much as I know and like everyone on the list, I am rooting for Gloria Mindock, as her Červená Barva Press has done so much great work.  Plus it would coincide perfectly with the press' upcoming ten year anniversary.  I should offer disclosure, I guess, and say that we're friends and she published one of my chapbooks, but there's no way to vote, and it's out of the people's hands now.  Good luck to everyone.

Oddball Starts Up Today

Janet Cormier switches from prose to poetry again for her column Bamboozled No More!

Seen but Not Believed

This--the only copy I mean--was on sale for months at my work's canteen store.  I wonder if I should grab it for a Yankee Swap gift this year.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Poesy Returns

I had a feeling that print was making a comeback, given all the print projects that are coming out in spite of how it flies in the face of logic and cost effectiveness.  And now an old print journal from the past returns.

Poesy, a journal founded by west-coaster Brian Morrissey and co-edited by Boston-based editor Doug Holder, is starting up again looking for Boston poets to publish for their return issue in March 2015.  This was a journal to feature interview by people as diverse as Affa Michael Weaver and G. Todd Slone, so I'm looking forward to seeing what they'll do next.

Whether you're a Boston poet or not, you should check out the guidelines.  They prefer print submissions, which means that a lot of my peers and friends, used to email, may not send work.  I hope that doesn't deter you from sending work. 

I might create a mini-event with my friends to get this done before the holidays.  Sending out print can seem wasteful, but it can be rewarding.

New Ginosko Literary Journal

The Ginosko Literary Journal has come out with it's fifteenth issue.  One of the authors is Stone Soup open mic regular Lee Varon.  Click here to read it now. 

From Tuesday's Oddball Magazine

First two poems by Kathi Kaity with art by Allison Goldin. 

And Jason's Jagged Thoughts poem column: "Dry."

Monday, December 15, 2014

Deta Galloway Features Tonight at Stone Soup

Read her poem from last week's Stone Soup Servings column then come see her tonight.

Happy Birthday, Valerie Loveland

Stone's Throw #2 is Out

I'm pleased to announce that we've released the second issue of the poetry journal Stone's Throw.

 "The Ferguson Issue" features a dramatic and effective cover by Adric Giles along and poetry by secret genius, Navah the Buddaphliii, Rachel Copans (who also contributes photography), Hannah Brown, Jason Wright, D. Ruff, Margie Shaheed, Chad Parenteau, DiDi Delgado, Andrew Borne, Radiant Jasmin and Toni Bee.

Click here to visit the web home for Stone's Throw and download both Issues #1 and #2.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Unused Art from Stone's Throw #2

This past Tuesday, I featured Adric Giles' rough draft for Stone's Throw second issue cover and followed up on Friday with the final version.  I'm grateful to Adric for his work (and grateful to DiDi Delgado for introducing me to him).  He's a great artist, and I hope you'll get to see more of his work soon.  Until then, you can scroll down and see all the drafts made for this issue. 

The Holiday Tree in Fanueil Hall

We were walking out of The Great Hall and only realized how large the tree was when we were twenty feet away from it.

Copley Square's Holiday Tree

I think in past years the trees have in this area have only been one color.  That's been nice, but for some reason this year, I like the diversity.


Friday, December 12, 2014

December 15: Deta Galloway Returns to Stone Soup

I originally scheculed Deta Galloway as a farewell reading. However, as the weeks have gone by, Deta told me that while she is still planning to leave for her home down south, it won't be any time soon. So instead of a farewell party, we're just celebrating Deta in general, which is good enough reason to feature her again. It's a good time to be at Stone Soup if you are a veteran. A lot of the old guard are meeting a new generation of poets. The resulting chemistry between both groups has been amazing. You should be in the audience to experience it first hand. 

Stone's Throw #2: The Final Cover

Final cover art by Adric Giles.

Hoping to send out a proof copy to the contributors for any last minute changes.  With any luck, it will be available this weekend electronically via my website and later in print this Monday at Stone Soup.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

James Van Looy Covers Torture His Own Way

A poem titled after Memorial Day published the December holiday season?  Read on at Oddball Magazine.  It makes sense.  James Van Looy's poem-column It's All One Thing.

Andrew Borne Column This Week Continues

My sympathies to Andrew Borne for the passing of his grandmother.  I thought he was going to skip a week, but his Seven Times column is up at Oddball Magazine.  Not surprisingly, it's about family. Check it out.

Poetry as Commentary

Nothing new at Oddball Magazine, but this time it's from Janet Cormier, our (mostly) prose writing commentator at Bamboozled No More!

Before I Forget

There's already stuff on Oddball Magazine for today, but yesterday, I forgot to link Jason Wright's Jagged Thoughts column.  Better a day late than never.