Friday, February 12, 2016


'Nuff said. Thankfully no school for anyone next week.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

"Hey There" A Cartoon By Pete Jaquay

 Pete Jaquay  is one weird son of a bitch. I love it. I did some voice over work for him a while back, but the cartoon hasn't been released yet. I hope it happens soon and that I'm invited back to do it again.

Submit for A Chance to Participate in the Blackwater International Poetry Festival

Looks like the Fermoy International Poetry Festival got a new name. Thanks to Gene Barry for the information.

The friendliest poetry festival in the world

Ireland’s friendliest poetry festival, the world famous Blackwater International Poetry Festival 2016 will run from Thursday July 28th to Monday August 1st. Readings and workshops will take place in Glanworth, Mitchelstown, Castletownroche, Donneraile and Fermoy. Submissions for the festival anthology The Blue Max Review are open from Wednesday February 10th to Wednesday March 9th and we proud to announce that the 2016 judge is the superb Dutch poet Tsead Bruinja. The winner will be flown to Ireland for the duration of the festival and their accommodation will be taken care of. The winning poem will be included in The Blue Max Review and the winner will have an official reading at the festival. The winning poet will additionally join the Festival Poetry Trail and will also tour with the other poets on the Festival Poetry Bus.

Submissions please to

• Poems submitted must be in English
• Poems submitted must be the work of the person submitting
• Maximum of three poems per submission
• Poets may submit once only
• Poems submitted must be unpublished
• Maximum of 50 lines per poem
• Poems must be sent as individual attachments on A4 sheets
• Poems must be in a Word Doc
• Submission costs are €15 for three poems
• Payment by PayPal via ‘Competitions’ on the festival website
• Poems submitted after March 9th will not be considered
• The judge’s decision is final
• The winner will be announced on the festival website and Facebook page April 3rd

“The festival was dreamed up by Gene Barry, an unstoppable poetry force.... All the events were free, including workshops by the likes of Matthew Sweeney. There were readings from mid-afternoon onwards into the small hours of the morning. The theme of the festival was ‘Inclusion’ and I thought Gene carried this off beautifully – there was an anthology launch from school children.”

Kim Moore England 2012 winner

“What I appreciated most what the sense of community, I had shopkeepers and customers in line at the post office asking about my poetry and people we'd only met days earlier greeted us on the street with hugs and smiles.
I know from my experience as an arts administrator that the economic impact of such events reaches far beyond the scheduled dates."

Professor Erin Murphy USA 2013 winner

“Here poetry and town became one, not that everything came to a stop but not that it needed to either. We were busy with words, others were busy with appointments; the victory came in the mingling, the co-existence, the mutual respect. Nothing else mattered but bonhomie and honest words. In this, the readings in the town’s shops were no less a way of life than on any other day.”

Prof Daniel Roy Connelly Italy 2014 winner

“I was fortunate to win the Blackwater International Poetry Festival competition this year (2015) and attended the four days of the festival as a guest. It was the most marvellous experience from every point of view. To be immersed in an environment where poetry is the one focus and to share that experience with poets from around the world is an uplifting and quite spiritual event.”
Patrick Lodge Wales 2015 winner

All Eyez and Friends Tonight

Get to this if you can.

One Billion Rising in Lawrence, Massachusetts

Find out about this global response to violence against women taking place on Valentine's Day. There's more information in Liza Zayas' column The Underground Garden. Read about it today in Oddball Magazine.And don't forget The Oddball Show with Liza Zayas from Tuesday.

Happy Birthday, Steve Subrizi

At least I'm not marking your day with a clip of one of your seaweed baby poems. 

No Such Thing

"Just a Coincidence" was recently performed by James Van Looy at a Stone Soup open mic. Now it's up today as the latest in his poem column.

Read It's All One Thing today at Oddball Magazine.

7 Times One More Time (I've used this line before, havent' I?)

"Science Fiction Equality Jazz" today by Andrew Borne at Oddball Magazine.

One More Time ("published," that is)

Ok. Deep breath. First it was The Poetry Daily, then it was Poetry and Me Daily Part Two, and then in January it wass The Poetry and Me Daily Part 1.And now they've published me again. Only it's The Poetry Daily once more. But I think it came out with other poets in pages that were also Part Two and so on...

I just don't get it...

But thanks to them for linking this week's Stone Soup Croutons poem.


Molly has her declamation today. We spent last night and the morning rehearsing it. 

She nailed it during "dress rehearsal" before we called a cab to take her to school.

Wishing her the best. She doesn't need luck.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

From The Bathroom at Out of The Blue

Continuing a series of random scenes of one of the overlooked but more active creative outlets at Out of The Blue.

Let's hope this Valentine's weekend there's someone for everyone. Even narcissists.

It's a jojo Kind of Day

An amazing David Bowie tribute poem by jojo Lazar, who also provides the artwork. A perfect way to close out our special David Bowie themed poetry day at Oddball Magazine.


Now Starring...Me???

My poem David Bowie Jesus" comes with wonderful art by jojo Lazar and kicks off Wednesday at Oddball Magazine.

The Oddball Show with Liza Zayas

The Oddball Show is live this Tuesday night at 9pm, with special guest Liza Zayas.  A poet, singer, and dance enthusiast from Boston, Liza's work can be found every week at Oddball Magazine in her Underground Garden column.  So come take part in an engaging conversation on the livest podcast this side of the Charles River.

February 15: Ashley Wonder at Stone Soup Poetry

It snowed a lot this past weekend. It's snowing now as I type this, encouraging you to attend Ashley Wonder's feature at Stone Soup Poetry on February 15. I thank everyone who have been die hard enough to attend Stone Soup in the face of another storm-filled winter. I hope you all can muster that same courage and toughness and get down to the Out of The Blue Art Gallery this Monday. Ashley is a great slam poet coming to us from Worcester, and I want Stone Soup to give her a great welcome.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Happy Birthday, Jamila Ouriour

Jeannie Nunes Tonight

Tonight in Boxbury at Hibernian Hall. Hosted by Vernon C. Robinson (VCR) and Lawanda Monique.

Today's Jagged Thought

"Grateful Today," the in Jason Wright's Jagged Thoughts poem column, today in Oddball Magazine.

Here Comes The Hoot

Mark Schorr and Alfred Bouchard tonight at The Hoot. Hosted by Ken and Nadine Delano.

Happy Birthday, Cindy Williams

I've been loving your work before I started publishing it.

The appropriate image above is from Spoonful #2. Just one of many for that web journal I need to resuscitate.

Hello, Poetry! Back Again, Huh?

Introducing Noreen Cleffi and re-introducing Allison Goldin today at Oddball Magazine.

Oddball Show Tonight

It's starting at 9:00 PM. I'll let you know more than I do.

Stone Soup Croutons, 2-8-16, "This Better Not Be Like Last Time or Else It Will Be"

Stone Soup Croutons is a weekly poem I write using lines and impressions picked up from poems overheard from Stone Soup's open mic readers and features. I figure out a title either then or later. It's likely some of the poets I thank at the end will even be able to figure out which lines were inspired by their work. To paraphrase Lorne Michaels, the poem doesn't go up because it's good; it goes on because it's Tuesday morning.

Sharley Paul was last night's wonderful feature. Apologies to her for being dumb enough to not cancel Stone Soup due to the weather. Apologies to the rest of you for the poem.

This Better Not Be Like Last Time
or Else It Will Be

You're dumber than you're brave.

The man who overcame his fear
of falling into spiked pits

Monday, February 08, 2016

It's Still Happening Tonight

This is What We've Been Waiting For

Sharley Paul's Stone Soup Poetry feature starts in less than two hours. If you're not already on the way, I'm a little worried. Still, I have faith that you'll be at the Out of The Blue Art Gallery tonight.

A Comic Born on The Wrong Side of The Bed

Here's another week of "The Odds" by Bill Harvey over at Oddball Magazine.

From the Archives: My Rich Mackin Article

In what spare time I'm able to grab, I've been scanning articles to share on my main website. If anything else, it proves to others that yes, I did have a pseudo-writing career prior to the rise of the internet. Also, I've been dying to share my work in Lollipop since some of the the website's links to my work have stopped functioning.

As can be see on my blog, Rich Mackin was a source of inspiration when I started out in indie journalism, as well as when I progressed to paying gigs.  I first heard about him by interviewing Death Weasel cartoonist Ben Jones (no relation to this one). Rich helped published Ben's comics, and Ben said I should interview Rich when I had the chance. Our workplaces at the time were close to each other, so we had lots of chances.

Through Rich's Book of Letters zines, I got to know about his hilarious clashes with corporations. A good portion of our afternoon talk in Bukowski's Tavern was about his back and forth with the makers of Lever 2000, which he thought might culminate in a documentary film tentatively called The White Whale. Sadly, that film never happened.

I think I scheduled my interview with Rich before I even secured a place for it in Scott Heflon's Lollipop. It eventually made it into the Spring 1999 issue. I was also published alongside Ryk McIntyre, who was doing comic reviews for the magazine, and Rich himself. My article was to help kick off what was to be a series of columns by Rich for Lollipop, but I never saw anything past what was in this issue.
Rich Mackin's illustration for his first (and as far as I know, only) Lollipop column.
I should also mention that my work may have been the one time Scott published interviews that were written in a more traditional format. Lollipop primarily published reviews and Q&A style interviews (the one Scott did with John Hughes was really good) with the occasional fiction and first person column-style pieces (such as Rich's). My work was a departure from Scott's normal routine, but he told me he really liked the artilces and published them as is. I believe he used the phrase, "Fucking good articles," which I appreciate to this day.

Thanks to Scott for the opportunity and of course to Rich for making it happen. Now you can read "Reverend Richard J. Mackin: The Captain Ahab of Spoken Word?" by clicking here.

WCW Winter Special

No one should end
it on

a well meant

spraying ice

while riding shite

Sunday, February 07, 2016

From The Weekend of Snow

Little tyke about to take his frustration over the late 39 Bus out on a post.

Cutest Snowman of 2016

Congratulations, Mission Hill.

VerBaLizAtiOn with Jeannie Nunes this Tuesday

Hosted by Vernon C. Robinson (VCR) and Lawanda Monique.

Still Time to Submit to The RISE Anthology


EXTENDED Deadline March 15, 2016

Send up to 3 unpublished poems on the themes of labor and/or racial justice (with a focus on police brutality), short factual bio and author photo (Word .docx / jpeg) to: / escalatepeace@gmail.comBlind Selection: (include cover letter with name, contact information and title of poems – author’s name should not be found on poem pages)

 Original, unpublished works only.

 More information at:

Friday, February 05, 2016

Sharley Paul is Featuring on February 8 at Stone Soup Poetry

Read Sharley Paul's poem (with video!) in the Stone Soup Servings column today over at Oddball Magazine. Then be in the audience for her feature this Monday. 

Why Do We Have Leap Years

Professa Chris gives us an answer over at this week's Twist of Lime today at Oddball Magazine.

Happy Birthday, Victor D. Infante

Wait No More

"Writer’s Story" is up by Janet Cormier today in her column Bamboozled No More!

It's Friday again at Oddball Magazine.

The Green Room

I'm no authority on television (having neither owned a TV set nor a cable subscription in years), so maybe everything has changed with every show being part of a multiple season epic. But with shows in the past at least, sometimes the pilot issue remains the best.

I feel this way with Batman: The Animated Series and it's pilot episode "On Leather Wings," which hit all the high points the series would later try (and often succeed) to repeat with every new show. Not only that, it even had a few beats none of the other episodes I've seen ever really repeated (Batman's jokey back-and-forth camaraderie with Alfred, the quirky memorable side characters). It was a perfect episode that clearly had to be in order to be greenlighted in an era where cartoons were still attempting to break the Saturday morning mold.

Thanks to YouTube, I got into The Green Room by way of the late comic Patrice O'Neal, who has been a source of interest for me for some time. I attempted to track down his interview with comedian Paul Provenza, only to find that it was part of this Showtime series of panel discussions with a rotating cast of comedians hosted by Provenza. The one with Patrice O'Neal (alongside Rosanne Barr, Sandra Bernhard and Bob Saget) is really good, and I've seen several episodes since. Then I saw the first episode with Drew Carey, Reginald D. Hunter, Eddie Izzard and Larry Miller. It's damn near perfect, and it makes me thankful for the internet once more time.

Snow Day

Though it mostly rained last  night, the school's called a snow day before eight o'clock last night.

I don't have to help anyone to their schools today.

I feel like I just got paroled by God.

A parole which will eventually be broken by next week due to my very existence.