Monday, October 05, 2015

The Beat Festival Happens Tonight at Stone Soup

Read some work from two of the features, Lynette Reini-Grandell and Venus de Mars, courtesy of the Stone Soup Servings column at Oddball Magazine.

People I Want to See Tonight at Stone Soup

Martha Boss

Despite her protests of how she didn't like her spontaneous workshop poem, I thought she did a great job. I hope she comes back to read it tonight (however heavily edited). And I think it's good for her to be at a festival that has a lot of younglings coming. Stone Soup should always have one dignitary on the open mic to show everyone else how it's done. 

Joyce Jellison

I met Joyce during the Mojo! reading over five years ago. She's been in law school for a while and now wants to not do that. She said she'll be back to read more poems this week, and I believe her.

My Therapy (and the therapy of others) Summed Up in One Comic

Bill Harvey's "The Odds," today at Oddball Magazine

Friday's Dire Match Game

It was fun to have a min-party on Friday to take part in the Timothy Gager's version of the Match Game, which was at least partly the brainchild of Nadine Darling, who was celebrating her book release that night. I was on hand playing the part of Charles Nelson Reilly.

Chad Nelson Reilly. No, really!

Thanks to Mr. Gager and Ms. Darling for the opportunity. Thanks also to Glenn Bowie, who was there to film the entire event. The whole affair is up on YouTube in two parts.

One of the prizes offered was a sock pupped made with a lot of help from my girlfriend's daughter, Molly. All I did was add some steel wool for hair and a beard. I attempted a Charles Nelson Reilly-esque story that it was an unused Ernest Hemingway puppet for an unused production of a low-budget musical on Hemingway (which lost almost all funding after Bette Davis backed out playing Hemingway's wife). "Reilly" had a chance to play the lead role but backed out when he couldn't get an understudy's hand to play the final scene.

Yes, I had a lot of spare time. The point is the puppet was one of the prizes given out, and little Hemingway found a home by the night's end.

Forget the hair. The lips really make this puppet.

Friday, October 02, 2015

Chad Nelson Reilly

See you tonight at the Dire!

Submit to Mad Kane's Limerick-Off

Find mine towards the bottom of the comments section here.

Hispanic Heritage Month Continues at JP Lime

Read Scholar's poem, "Gracias Puerto Rico," in this week's Twist of JP Lime column in Oddball Magazine.

It Happened Again

Janet Cormier gets lyrical again, this time about the creative process. Read "The Would Be Poem" in her latest Bamboozled No More! column this week in Oddball Magazine.

Wilderness House Literary Review

Volume 10, Issue 3 of Wilderness House Literary Review is out. You can read my poem "Slide" as well as many other pieces of poetry and prose from Julia Carlson, Dennis Daly,  Shannon O'Connor and many others by clicking here.

Good News Friday

One of my poems was accepted for publication by the pop culture lit mag FreezeRay.

The title will be too much of a giveaway before publication. I'll link it here when it's posted. It'll be a fun one.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

October 5: Stone Soup Presents the SOUPed Up Beat Festival

After a month of posting the date and DiDi Delgado working behind the scenes to make sure the event is a success, the SOUPed Up Beat Poetry Festival is coming this Monday. You can click here for updated information on the event, including the special features! Special thanks to DiDi Delgado for making this a reality! Special thanks to those of you who already RSVP'ed on Meetup. I hope there are more of you who will join us.

See Me at the Dire Tomorrow

Timothy Gager invited me to take part in a special Dire Series event featuring Nadine Darling. There will be some type of game show element added to this, and I will be one of the Hollywood Squares type of personality (spoiler: I think I'm supposed to be the guy on the right in the above photo). I'm there to have fun, and I thank Timothy for the opportunity.

Voidstar Productions 25th Anniversary Festival

Read more about this in Liza Zayas' Underground Garden in Oddball Magazine.

It's All One-Hundred Things

It isn't quite yet James Van Looy's' second year anniversary with Oddball Magazine, but it is his hundredth column today, so I felt like getting an image of James' first regular column banner for Oddball Magazine. Call it nostalgia, or can you be nostalgic about less than two years ago?

At any rate, I'm delighted and thrilled to present to readers of my blog what is already up at Oddball Magazine. Read "Labyrinth as Myth," the tenth labyrinth poem in a row and the hundredth It's All One Thing poem column. 

Congratulations, James.

Born Late in The Morning The First of the Day

Check out Faith, "Forgiveness, and Love," the latest  poem column by Andrew Borne in Oddball Magazine.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ending Strong

Welcome new contributor Michael Karl Ritchie and returning artist DJ Barry to close out today's poetry at Oddball Magazine.

Starting Strong

Stephen Mead opens Wednesday with the return of artist DL Polonsky in Oddball Magazine.

Music While Waiting for The Bus

It's not First Thursday at Jamaica Plain, or even First Friday for that matter. Still, the music was being played on the street yesterday, and Centre Street becomes a little like Baker Street.

Book Idea

Did they ever do a sequel to Make Way for Ducklings? Because one day after I dropped off Molly at Boston Latin School, I got an idea for one. In this one, the ducks are all grown up and want to head down Louis Pasteur Avenue to get a good education.

That's what it looks like to me anyway.

I'll have to look for an illustrator, but for now, I'm talking with the local talent.

Nuts. Either camera shy or camera indifferent.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bonus Stone Soup Workshop Poem, 9-28-15

Yesterday was a last minute Stone Soup workshop. I'm going to talk with Tom Tipton at Out of The Blue about doing something regular, perhaps during every other weekend. Going forward with this idea will depend on finding someone wiling to workshop on weeks I can't do it. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Since no one had time to print out copies of a poem to work on, I had us write a new poem based on a mix of two exercises I remembered from my old professor, Alan Feldman. I won't reveal all of the details of the exercise, but it did involve writing about a painting they could choose on a part of the gallery's wall. The painting above is the one I chose for the poem below. I took the last stanza I read to the group yesterday but otherwise kept the poem close to what it was yesterday, editing primarily for clarity.

Pink Elephant Wants A Word With My Old Roommate

Dude, this has got to stop.
We've had a good run, but I can't
do what y ou want, no matter
how expensive or cheap and plentiful
the liquor is going to be.

I look in your eyes now and I hallucinate,
see myself looking at you
looking back at me until my eyes
are traffic signals screaming stop and slow down
in front of a train wreck.

All the while, my imaginary body
somehow catches up with  you,
xylophone with shaken off keys
fallng through city grates,
my once pink skin turning
to the peeled merlot grape
you used to buy in bulk.

I get it. I saw Dumbo too,
but now I dance with feet and toes
a brittle rake on ice.
my march is not your march.

I paint myself in black
so you will laughless,
and white face myself so you notice
my ivory dropped off
with your teeth years ago.

Special thanks to workshop participants Lee Varon, Joyce Jellison, Chris Fitzgerald, Jonathan J. Joseph, Martha Boss and James Van Looy.

Post-Lunar Maddness at Oddball

Jason Wright's new Jagged Thought poem column, Things I Tell Myself and Others Who Will Listen is up now at Oddball Magazine.

Introducing Sanjeev Sethi with artwork by returning contributor Dr. Regina Valluzzi in Oddball Magazine.

Stone Soup Croutons, 9-28-15

Stone Soup Croutons is a weekly poem I write using lines and impressions picked up from poems overheard from Stone Soup's open mic readers and features. I figure out a title the next morning. 

The feature cancelled, the second feature fell through, so we had an extended open mic and workshop.  A small enough group that was almost too shy to clap in such a large space (I'll get back to that somewhere in this post), but intimate enough that the workshop worked really well. I will likely post what was written during the workshop, but I'll get to the poem, which was finally able to include everyone on the open mic. Granted, there six people on the open mic, but imaging if I skipped anyone on a week as slow as this.

Fish on A Bicycle Pulpit

A person needs a poetry reading
like a skater needs to take up violin.

Like a man in a canoe needs to start swinging an axe.

Like a sheep needs a euology.

Maybe like a punk rocker needs to dwell on a memory,
study it like sheet music.

Like a poetry audience of five needs to applaud
as they sit, afraid they will be heard.

Like a two year one night stand needs a moment of silence,
as if reflection will help what communication never could,
but at least your breath is yours.

Like I need my old apartment keys,
knowing the locks wil be changed
if the landlord isn't lazy this one time,
knowing there's a chance to sit
in a stranger's room that they work
all the time to keep their unmade bed in,
and you can savor the pastic fruit of their spoils.

Like a fish swimming under ice needs a pick.

Like an activist needs a passive aggressive ally.

Like those in arrested development needs
an arrest sheet to jolt them into adulthood.

Like a dragon needs any more enemies
to pick a fight with.

Like a scene needs a place where all three hundred of us
gather spontaneously the same day, or it's done and ruined.

Like you need this moment to slay your dragon
after you've founded a kingdom.

Like a magician needs to hold
both the wires and the wand.

Like a call of the wild needs a diametrically opposed response.

Like this argument needs a for or against for poetry reading
before someone adds a final line.

Like this poem needs that obvious a joke.

 Special thanks to Julia Carlson, Joyce Jellison, Chris Fitzgerald, Jonathan J. Joseph, Martha Boss and James Van Looy.

Plain ol' Moon Again

Moon looked normal again hen I came home last night. On the way to school, Molly and I got a great view of the post-eclipse moon. Wish I took a shot of that.

Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28: Stone Soup Workshop

Well, it's a quieter ending to Stone Soup in September than I had originally intended, but it will be good to take advantage of rent already paid and revive an idea people have been wanting to see again for a while. That's right, we're bringing back the poetry workshop after tonight's open mic. I'll be there until 9:00 tonight, which is when the Out of The Blue's fundraiser starts, and any money made tonight will go to the gallery.

Jason's First Poetry Collection Re-Released

Mignon Ariel King announced that Jason Wright's A Letter to The World is now available on Amazon again via Tell-Tale Chapbooks, this time with a new cover closer to what Jason intended.

I bought the version, but I will likely buy this one too so I can be a completist. If any of you feel the same or if you missed the first Amazon posting, you can click here to order it.

Ekphrasis Poetry Challenge

A poetry challenge/contest from Incessant Pipe.

Describe the picture in this link, then write about it.

More information at the link. Deadline is November first.

Ah, The Moon (again)..

Bill Harvey comes up with an appropriate comic given the moon-hype yesterday in this week's "The Odds" over at Oddball Magazine. 

Summing up My Weekend Productivity by Going WCW

Sunday has end-
ed on


touched with ground

high on red wine

I guess it's better than riffing on that poem that ends with "I have wasted my life."

Before The Eclipse

Not knowing about the eclipse yesterday, I had the urge to photograph how the street outside my work at night looked at night, with varying results.

I guess it gave me good practice when photographing the moon last night. I couldn't stay up for the big finale, but I took what I could. My normal digital camera is bad for night photography, so I gave it a go again with the iPhone. 

got really bad at the end as the moon looked cooler.

Happy Post-Lunar Eclipse Day.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

I Did an Interview Today

Click here to hear my interview with Susan Dobbe Chase on her show SpokenHeard. I go on a bit on making less reactionary poems, but what else can art be but a reaction to experience, even if you're just observing from afar? What would proactive art look like? What was I talking about? I'll have to think about this more. Maybe you can listen and figure it out. Special thanks to Ms. Chase and Ryk McIntyre for helping to book me.

Ron Goba Reading

From his reading at the super secret Poetry Salon Appreciation Society this past Friday. A weekend already well spent before it's begun.

Happy Birthday, Chris Robbins

Never change.