Thursday, September 18, 2014

Today on Oddball Magazine

Janet Cormier on Bamboozled No More!

Andrew Borne's Seven Times Returns! 

And James Van Looy with another excellent new It's All One Thing!

Wednesday Recap: News is Spreading of Oddball

Diane Sahms-Guarnieri's brutal poem from Wednesday has picked up some legs.  Thanks to Frank Wilson and Booksing for being nice enough to create a link to it.

The First Oddball Magazine Coming to You Soon

I spent some time this week getting a recently unearthed first issue ever of Oddball Magazine scanned as a PDF.   For a scan of something done on a copier, I don't think much was lost in the new digital copy.  Jason Wright and I will surely load it up and make it available to the public.  All that's missing is annotations and notes from Jason himself, detailing the names and stories behind each page.  As a piece of Oddball history, we hope it's fun for both the zinesters and non-zine types.

Goba On The Move

It's been over a week since he featured, and it still needs saying that Ron Goba's Stone Soup reading on September 8th made an impact with both the attendees who have been familiar with his work over the past couple of decades and those who were hearing and reading it for the first time.  I want to thank everyone who was able to make it that night.

Ron called to thank me a few days ago (and it's always wonderful but strange when a performer as talented and generous as Ron thanks me for just letting them do their thing).  He also let me know that Richard Cambridge, who was also in attendance on the eighth, is now planning to book Ron for read for his own venue (which will include music) sometime in April 2015.

I also want to have Ron return to Stone Soup sometime after that date so he can read in the Out of The Blue Art Gallery's new home.  It may be scheduled near his birthday, it might be scheduled for later.  I'll let you know both the gallery's new location and my plans for Ron as soon as I can.

Ron also said some kind words for the work published in Stone's Throw and offered to send a poem I could include in a future issue.  Of course I said yes.  You'll have to wait on that, but if you weren't in the audience for Ron but still want to read all the poems he crafted specifically for that night, shoot me an email, and I'll send a PDF file to you.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Special Wednesday at Oddball Magazine

Both with great photography by Allison Goldin.

John Grochalski on spirituality and the barroom (Allison's photo is a great cap on John's last line).

And Diane Sahms-Guarnieri with a take on William Carlos Williams that is not likely to be repeated anytime soon.

What You Missed This Week in Oddball Magazine

On Monday, we had Duane Locke with art by returning contributor Dr. Regina Valluzzi.

On Tuesday, Colin Dodds with photography by Allison Goldin...

Followed by another Jagged Thought column by Jason Wright, hypothesizing on Bukowski in the 21st century.

Seriously, visit the damn magazine already!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

September 15: David H. Agee and Lee Varon Present the Work of Mascha Kaleko

David H. Agee has been the ultimate Stone Soup Poetry audience member for at least as long as I've been hosting the venue.  In recent years, however, he has taken to the open mic to give small micro-feature-length presentations on various moments in poetry's history.  This Monday, he get's top billing, as he presents, along with Stone Soup regular Lee Varon on the life of German poet Mascha Kaleko (more information about her, and David's past presentations, can be found via the link above).  This is a feature I've wanted to do for some time.  In the near future, I will show some of David's other contributions to the venue since he's been coming to the Out of The Blue's current (and soon to be fomer) address.  Another fitting final feature in Out of The Blue's closing chapter.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Oddball and 9/11

Two poems at Oddball Magazine on the subject on the 9/11 tragedy.  One expected, one was added at the last minute.

James Van Looy It's all One Thing column/poem, "The Towers."

And Mel Waldman with a photgraph by Allison Goldin so suited to the poem's first line.

And Then At Oddball

Andrew Borne's poet column 7 Times.

Things Get Real Today at Oddball Magazine

Janet Cormier takes on the Ebola story.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Today in Oddball Magazine

Paola Mendez with artwork with Dr. Regina Valluzzi.

And Kirstin Ruth-Bratt with photography by Allison Goldin.

Stone's Throw #1 Is Out

Here we have Toni Bee posing with her contributor's copy of my new literary zine Stone's Throw.  As of Monday, most of the contributors have their copies and took additional ones to distribute however they see fit.  If you can't make it to Stone Soup Poetry anytime soon, you just might want to seek out a copy of the first Stone's Throw from the contributors listed below:

Chad Parenteau 
Lee Varon 
Scarlett Pedersen 
Jason Wright 
Muriel Soule 
Martha Boss 
Dexter Roberts 
Andrew Borne 
Toni Bee 
Laurel Lambert 
David P. Miller 

 Of  course I contributed.  Given that I encouraged people to submit original work in under two weeks under the first issue's theme, which meant it gave Oddball Magazine's weekly writers Jason and Andrew more work, I'd feel like a jerk if I refused to take a stab at my own challenge. 

The next invite for issue #2 will go out soon.  Mind you, I said "invite," not "call for submissions."  If you don't get an invite from me, you won't hear about the next issue until it's out.  Though if you feel snubbed about being left you, an email ot could persuade me to keep you in mind for issue #3.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Meanwhile from Parts Unknown...

Jason Wright continues his column from his undisclosed honeymoon location for Oddball Magazine.

Kicking Off Oddball Today

...Was Anne Whitehouse, with art by Ira Joel Haber!

Happy Birthday, Jade Sylvan

I remember her when...

The Big Summer Wind-Down

My girlfriend's daughter went to camp in July, so I set up her stuffed turtles to look like camping commandos in her room so they could greet her properly when she got home.  Alas, she was too tired to notice, but I still liked it enough to take a snapshot.

Watch for more photos from this summer that I didn't have time to post here.  I promise you it won't me more pictures from my accident.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Ron Goba in Oddball Magazine's Stone Soup Servings

Read his poem then see him tonight.

Stone's Throw #1 Comes Out Tonight at Stone Soup

I have decided to come out with Stone's Throw, a regular zine comprised of contributors from the crowds of Stone Soup Poetry and Oddball Magazine. After nearly a year of immersion in web publishing with Oddball, doing this back-to-basics, three-stapled, one-sided-copies approach seemed like the perfect thing to do. For each issue of Stone's Throw, poets will be chosen and invited to contribute poems that either relate (however closely or loosely) to each issue's selected theme. This first issue's theme is "Desperation." If you come to Stone Soup tonight, you can pick up a copy of issue #1 and not only read print-exclusive work from Jason Wright, Andrew Borne, and Toni Bee but also the first ever published poems by newcomers Scarlett Pedersen and Dexter Roberts. There's also work from poets who don't get published enough like Laurel Lambert and Martha Boss. All that, plus a nice cover by my friend and longtime collaborator James Conant.  If you can't come to Stone Soup tonight, ask for it the next time you're down there, or ask for a copy from one of the contributors I mentioned.