Monday, October 20, 2014

Over at Oddball: A Shade of Things to Come

Flatline Poetry is featuring next Monday at Stone Soup.  See two members, Lissa Piercy and Kaleigh O'Keefe, perform in a segment for Oddball Magazine's 3TV. 

One More DiDi Delgado Item Before Tonight's Feature

I forgot to post her Stone Soup Servings poem from this Friday at Oddball Magazine.

Yet Another Reason to Attend DiDi Delgado's Reading at Stone Soup Poetry Tonight

I was informed over the weekend that DiDi Delgado has put together a chapbook of her poems to debut at tonight's Stone Soup reading (October 20).  Keep in mind this is just the latest reason for you to attend. 

DiDi also promises a raffle drawing she has put together with prizes to be announced.  DiDi also promises complimentary food, including:

Coconut Square Fried Chicken
Baked Macaroni and Cheese
Arroz con Gandules (Rice and Peas)
Bacon Pasta Salad
Heavenly Veggied Pasta Salad

Add to this the work of DiDi, as you have all had the opportunity to read ahead of time (at least twice, and you have no excuse at all.  We'll see you at 541 Massachusetts Avenue, the Out of The Blue Art Gallery's new location.  I guarantee we will have room for you.

My Work in The Blue Max Review(?)

I submitted work to The Blue Mas review, an Irish anthology, which comes out as part of the annual Fermoy International Poetry Festival.  This year, the theme was "Fathers and what must be said," a topic I had no shortage of poems on.  Months later, I received notice not from Rebel Poetry, the publisher, but from poet Gene Barry, who also had work accepted and was nice enough to congratulate me on my Facebook wall.  I never even got an acceptance letter from the publisher.  Nor did I receive any information on what poems of mine were published or even how to obtain a copy.  Attempts to email Rebel Poetry have been unsuccessful, and I haven't found a website for them.  It was only through web searches that I was even able to find an image of the cover.  

I am honored that my work was accepted.  I just hope I can get some verification of what was put in and whether I can obtain a copy.  I've been throwing out questions to some of the contributors, like
Daniel Roy Connelly, who was able to attend the event after winning a separate competition.  Here's hoping I can get some answers and be able to read this book someday.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Happy Fiftieth Column, James Van Looy!

How does James Van Looy connect his family lineage, Afghanistan, Iraq, President Obama, Donald Rumsfeld and...the one poem-column? Check out the FIFTIETH installment of his appropriately named column, It's All One Thing, at Oddball Magazine.

Today at Oddball Magazine

Blessed be.  Janet Cormier is back with commentary at Bamboozled No More. 

Andrew Borne's Seven Times is back. 


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 20: DiDi Delgado Promises Dinner and A Show

DiDi Delgado knows how to make an impression whether it's her open mic spots in and around Boston or her support of other poets and their venues when off the mic.  She will bring this attitude to the forefrontwhen she features on October 20 at Stone Soup.  Not only will  she be providing her poetry, but she will also be providing food for the ever-growing audience of attendees.  Some examples of the promised cuisine includes coconut square fried chicken, veggie salad and bacon pasta(!) salad.  If that wasn't enough, DiDi also promises a raffle with to-be announced prizes.  This is going to be an exciting night   The Out of The Blue Art Gallery is in a new location in Central Square, Cambridge.  541 Massachusetts Avenue.  The space for Stone Soup readings is so large, it's amazing to know that as the attendee list grows on Facebook, we will have little problem fitting everyone.  I hope we see as many people as possible come and take advantage of both DiDi's work and her generosity.  

Sunday, October 12, 2014

October 13: Arthur Ray Collins to End The Long Weekend

The Out of The Blue Art Gallery,  just as a reminder, has a new location in Central Square, Cambridge.  541 Massachusetts Avenue.  Jason Wright of Oddball Magazine will be hosting this event as we invite the Lizard Lounge's own Arthur Ray Collins to the center spotlight.  News of the larger gallery space is spreading, so I hope we get an bigger audience between that and the holiday weekend.  Trust me, friends, we have room, and we hope to see as many of you as possible.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Monday, October 06, 2014

October 6: Gordon Marshall and a New Chapter of Stone Soup

See me tonight at the Out of The Blue Art Gallery in Central Square, Cambridge. 541 Massachusetts Avenue. Welcome back Gordon Marshal. 'Nuff said.

Goodbye 106 Prospect Street

I took this picture last Monday, September 29.  This is the last picture I ever took of the Out of The Blue Art Gallery at 106 Prospect Street during, after Stone Soup's well attended and final show at that location with Lissa Piercy.

I didn't feel sad at all about that final night.  Partly, I'm sure, because Stone Soup already had a home secured at the Out of The Blue's new home.  Still, it was a little surprising how organic and painless it was to finally separate myself from the location.

I first walked in the gallery in September 2003 after taking part in a Somerville Community Access Television filmed poetry reading with Ian Thal. Ian wanted to stop in, and I met both Tom Tipton and Deborah Priestly.  It wouldn't be until later that I would reenter the gallery to attend Deb's Open Bark Saturday Night readings.  Eventually I hit Stone Soup's Monday open mic at OOTB with an eye on reading and featuring there to peddle my self-published chapbook.

In time, I did feature for Stone Soup in April and December of 2004.  Even then, knowing nothing of how poetry readings worked (and didn't work), I thought it was strange to have me read as a half-hour feature twice in one year.  The second time I featured, I read with Stone Soup's founder Jack Powers in the audience, his head bent down into his arms, seemingly unresponsive until I read one of my particularly blasphemous "Sarcastic Haiku" pieces that caused the very spiritual-minded Jack to laugh very visibly and audibly. 

I  met my then-girlfriend that summer at a Out of The Blue fundraiser cookout in July.  She had been with Stone Soup for years and filled in hosting duties and open feature slots many times over the previous decade.  After a year of us going out, she approached me with Bill Perrault's offer to let me help with booking, doing internet promotion and occasionally co-hosting.  This led to my first hosting gig with Ann Carhart on August 28, 2005, and except for one break in November of that year, I continued to be the unofficial runner of Stone Soup for the next nine years.

In the first half of my time at 106 Prospect, I would try to initiate fundraisers to help the gallery.  By 2008, I was out of that game for good.  Even today, between health concerns and new responsibilities, I couldn't even help the Gallery in their most recent string of fundraisers.  It made me glad that there are new volunteers (like Oddball's TJ Edson) that were able to help the Gallery make the push from 106 Prospect to it's new location on 541 Massachusetts Avenue, now smack dab in Cambridge rather than a couple of blocks away from the action. 

It's silly to say that the time at 106 Prospect ended on my terms.  I had no terms that could have been stated.  I had nothing to do with any of the decision making process for the gallery's new home and in fact had to distance myself from it when I was too overwhelmed in my personal and professional lives to do anything but catch Facebook updates on the matter.  Still, it ended in a way I was completely satisfied with (and there are some of you out there who know how I can hold grudges over things I've had no control over).  Moreover, I'm excited to start this new chapter of Stone Soup and thrilled that there are enough people out there who want to follow along with me.  Thank you for following me here and elsewhere.