Thursday, May 28, 2015

Looking Forward to Reading This

I'm resisting the urge to read reviews of the book. I'm sitting down wiht my copy tonight. It's exciting that there's an opus coming out by Alan Moore that is fully creator owned (unlike Watchmen) and won't be hindered either by office politics (Like League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) or financial issues from the publisher (like From Hell via Kitchen Sink Press). An exciting time to be into comics.

Liza Mayas and The Underground Garden

This week, Oddball Magazine's newest columnist focuses on the local music group Uhuru Afrika.

My Work to Appear in Bards Annual 2015

According to the editors, my poems "Spin" and "Slide" are scheduled to appear in the Bards Initiative's latest print anthology. It will be made available as of Bards Day on June 28, but you can preorder it on their event page.

James Van Looy Has Another Labyrinth Poem

Check out James latest installment of his poem column, It's All One Thing, over at Oddball Magazine.

So Close to His One Year Anniversary

Here is Andrew Borne's poem colunn Seven Times at Oddball Magazine: "Lessons on Riding a Bike."

The Year of Goba Continues

Got back last night after Ron Goba's amazing reading at The Cantab (his second in as many months). They already put up a nice write up about it. I sneaked some pictures on my iPhone not only to document my friend but to let  you all in on something Keith Nystrom and I brainstormed.

At first, you see an image of Ron Reading, but pan back and...

I made that "Hope" homage via an online feature on Facebook some years ago. This is the first time it's been done as a poster.

At Keith's suggestion (and it was a good one), the poster was left behind for Slammaster Simone Beaubien. But given that Ron has a reading coming up at Stone Soup on June 29, I can safely guarantee that this won't be the last time you see this image pop up.

The Jagged Thought Has Arrived

Better late than never. Read Jason Wright's latest column at Oddball Magazine: "The Paper Planet."

Moon Over Southie

My day just ended.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Today's Oddball

Nice double shot of poetry.

Denise Clemons, with photography by James Conant.

And Patricia Walsh, with photography by TJ Edson.

Holy Crow!

This is a new section of the Out of The Blue Art Gallery, run by Eowyn Evans. I like her artwork. She's even designed a poetry book that's available at her little nook in Cambridge. If I'm lucky, you might see more of her artwork soon. Until then, visit the Holy Crow website.

What a Difference Less Than A Year Makes

I found this while cleaning out one of my folders. Not a big list of people. Some old friends, some new.

In fact, it's the set list from Gordon Marshall's recent reading, which was also Stone Soup's first night at the Out of The Blue Gallery's new location.

Perhaps an insignificant scrap to some, but to me it's indicative of the changes that have happened at Stone Soup and in my life.

Changes I'm very thankful for.

And I think we're only getting started.

Thanks, everyone.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ron Goba at The Cantab Tomorrow

This is taking place earlier than most Cantab features, at 9:30 PM. There will be copies made available of the poems he specifically wrote for tomorrow's feature. He will also be featuring at Stoen Soup in June. Neither show should be missed.

Tuesday's Oddball: Early Start, Late Finish

Our poetry post was on time with two poems by Joseph Roberts, with art by Richard Montgomery.

Jason Wright's Jagged Thought, on the other hand, is postponed due to a deleted note. Jason is working around the clock to rectify this.

Annoying Thought of The Day

The prouder you are of what you do, the greater the number of people who will say you're doing it wrong.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Seen but Not Believed

Found this book by Burne Hogarth on a desk at the Out of The Blue Art Gallery.

Apparently, figure drawing isn't for everybody. Open the book and...

Pretty funny.

Oddball Doesn't Take a Day Off (though maybe should)

Bill Harvey's The Odds kicked off our week (as it regularly does now).

Then we marked Memorial Day with some poems.

First by Donal Mahoney (with art by Ira Joel Haber).

Then a photo by Allison Goldin went with a debut poem by Jonathan Genereux, dedicated to his father.

Tonight: Meg Smith reads the Poems of Lawrence Carradini

Read a sample of his work from Friday's Stone Soup Servings column in Oddball Magazine.

One Week From Today

Be Well, Ira

Ira Joel Haber, a longtime contributor to Oddball Magazine, is recovering after a heart attack and the fall resulting from it. I'm so glad he's up and about as well as continuing to work. We wish you the best, Ira.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Brownstone Poets 2014 Anthology

I'm glad I finally got a hold of this anthology. My poem "Real" appears with a host of other New York poets and fellow Brownstone Poet features. If you're interested in a copy (only $5 last I checked), ask the collection's editor, Patricia Carragon, host of the Brownstone Poets reading. Thanks so much for the opportunity, Patricia.

Poems for My Girlfriend

Most things put out by my publishing imprint are things you'll never see unless you go to either one my readings or a Stone Soup event. The image above is a cover to a recent chapbook that's even more scarce, with less than five copies in existence. It has quite the story to it.

Picture the world before Guitar Hero and Rock Band, even before karaoke. Once upon a time, for the not ready for MTV types, there was the art of the lip sync. Yes, it existed before Jimmy Fallon. Do a search of "Puttin on The Hits" on YouTube, and you'll see very interesting examples.That will put you in the proper context for this story.

This video will help too.

In the first half of the nineties, there were places set up around colleges and tourist attractions where you could grab some instruments (fake or otherwise), wear some cheap sunglasses and make your own music video to take home on a VCR tape. My sister did a few of these with her best friend up in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. While her friends fronted and sang, she sat behind a keyboard and did her best not to break out laughing. Without pioneers such as them, we would have no lip dub.

For one day in 1994, during a college fair, there was, for lack of a better word, a lip sync "stand" where students put on wigs and hats and lip synced to their favorite 90's/grunge tunes behind a blue backdrop for special effects. Many people participated and brought tapes back to their dorm room. A floor mate of mine had done one with the person who would become my girlfriend seventeen years later.

That last fact alone is worth far more than a haiku's length of verse

Pure sunshine.
Poems for Perry's Kid is a collection of poems I set out to write for my girlfriend  after we came across her copy of the tape. I got it converted over to a DVD as soon as I could. It was great to watch it again and watch her, a true progressive even then, take the lead singer role for "Been Caught Stealing'" and sharing that role. I can't catch enough images from the video. Now I can revisit this any time I want to (it's mine Mine all mine!).

The drummer alone is worth a hundred sonnets. But, y'know, priorities.
Th collection I wrote for her was written while listening to Jane's Addication's Ritual de lo habitual, which I had never heard in its entirety before. I plan to return to these memories. Maybe I'll share the poems in Perry's Kid sometime in the distant future, maybe not. For now it's a personal gift to my girlfriend, who shares the same birthday month as me. It also works as a belated anniversary present. Love to you, hon. Four years later and nothing is the end.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

May 25: A tribute Lawrence Carradini by Meg Smith

Meg Smith was one of the earliest features I booked during the start of my tenure at Stone Soup. I am sad to say that I didn't get to know her husband, Lawrence Carradini, who passed away in May of last year. Thanks to the lasting nature of poetry, I can still get an introduction, as Meg Smith returns to celebrate the life of Lawrence. this is a fitting end to a month that pays tribute to Stone Soup and its family. FYI, this will be the last time Stone Soup goes from 8-10 PM. Starting June 1st, we go from 7-9 in order to hope the Out of The Blue Art Gallery.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Oddball Show 6 5: Poets With Disabilities

In lieu of a livestream show (we'll be back next week), Chad Parenteau offers a recording from the recent Massachusetts Poetry Festival. Recorded on May 2, 2015, the panel was hosted by Colin Killick of the Disability Policy Consortium and featured poets SOUP member Hannah Brown, Ryk McIntyre, Flatline Poetry member Lewis Reginald Morris and The Oddball Show's own Jason Wright.

The event description.

Visit the SOUP website.

Visit Flatline Poetry.

Visit Oddball Magazine.

Thanks to the show's host, JP LIme Productions.

JP Lime is Back at Oddball Again

Click here for May's Rap Flashback by JP Lime over at Oddball Magazine.

We Salute You, MBTA Photographer

Janet Cormier on that MBTA picture and whoever took it. This week's Bamboozled No More! at Oddball Magazine.

Why I Maintain This Blog

Because Smokey is always watching.