Saturday, December 03, 2016

Friday, December 02, 2016

Well, This is Different!

As good a primer you're going to get on Standing Rock if you've been late to the game. And it's coming from JP Lime as part of their weekly twist over at Oddball Magazine.

Wisdom Before The Weekend

A pre-lunch posting of truth comes by way of Janet Cormier. It's Bamboozled No More! today at Oddball Magazine.

Advent Calendar, Day Two

One of my favorite holiday songs. RIP Bowie and Crosby. Yes, I'm including the hokey sketch that came before they started singing.

A Six Word Novel from Late Night Tedeschi's

For grabs: Keno tickets, no winners. 

Thursday, December 01, 2016

A Six Word Novel from The Goodwill (after Hemingway)

For sale: hippie banana, never popular. 

Pacing Myself

Paid my rent this morning. Dropped my insurance check in the mail.

I have three more stamps for tomorrow.

I can only handle pay so many bills in a day.

Liza Zayas Kills With Kindness

Check out the latest Underground column by Liza at Oddball Magazine.

South of Boston Poetry Trail December 2016

Thanks to Jack Scully for the information.

VOL: 7, No. 74, DATE: DECEMBER, 2016

A Sequel

In lieu of a labyrinth poem, I'm offering the followup to James Van Looy's piece from last week. Read "Funny Strange Not Funny Ha! Ha! II" for this week's It's All One Thing at Oddball Magazine.

Lori Desrosiers and David Miller at Poetry: The Art of Words


The Plymouth Center for the Arts 11 North St, Plymouth


Sunday December 11, 2016 @ 12 NOON

Lori Desrosiers' poetry books are The Philosopher’s Daughter (Salmon Poetry, 2013), a chapbook, Inner Sky (Glauss Lyre Press 2015) and Sometimes I Hear the Clock Speak (Salmon Poetry, 2016). Her work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She edits Naugatuck River Review, a journal of narrative poetry. She teaches Literature and Composition at Westfield State University and Holyoke Community College, and Poetry in the Interdisciplinary Studies program for the Lesley University M.F.A. graduate program.

David P. Miller's chapbook, The Afterimages, was published in 2014 by Červená Barva Press. His poems have appeared in Meat for Tea, Main Street Rag, Ibbetson Street, Painters and Poets, Fox Chase Review, Wilderness House Literary Review, Muddy River Poetry Review, Incessant Pipe, and Clementine Unbound, among others. His poem “Kneeling Woman and Dog” appeared in the 2015 edition of Best Indie Lit New England. David is a librarian at Curry College in Milton, Mass.

MUSIC FEATURE Laura B Whitmore

Doors open 11:30AM, Music Feature 12:00 noon, Poetry Features 12:45pm open-mic 1:15pm. Free admission and refreshments.


Visit us at

Advent Calendar, Day One

Doing a little something to cheer myself up this holiday season. We'll start by hearkening back to when Trump was simply someone to laugh at (and only be a little afraid of).  

It's Here!

Tim, your novel has arrived.

And for Good Measure

The back cover of the upcoming Ibbetson Street #40 by Richard Wilhelm

Ibbetson Street #40

Doug Holder recently shared this cover for the upcoming fortieth issue of Ibbetson Street.

One of my favorite poems will be published in this issue. It will be alongside work from some good writers and friends.

The cover photography even comes from local singer and general do-it-all artist Jennifer Matthews.

It's so good to end the year with my work in so many print publications.

Look for the issue's announced release later this month.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Tales from the SOUP Poetry Workshop

Yesterday, the Society of Urban Poetry held their monthly poetry workshop at The Dudley Cafe. SOUP member and co-facilitator Tu Anh Phan ended the night with a writing prompt for the group.

In short, we were told to draw three rows of three boxes. Then in each row, we were to draw in the boxes part of a story about something in our lives we had regretted. Some of the group wrote a poem based on their own drawings. Some of us, like myself and other facilitator Crystal Beck (aka Navah The Buddaphliii), took it a step further and traded our drawn sequences. Crystal and I ended up writing short pieces interpreting each other's drawings, which was a lot of fun.

What follows first is Crystal's drawing along with the poem I wrote in response. I tried not to guess the identity of who she drew first (which is easy to do if you've ever looked at her Facebook). I succumbed before I was finished).

Poetry and Music Update December 2016

Information courtesy of Rich Berg.

Saturday Dec 3rd  10am-12pm
'Methods & Madness-Developing the Successful Poet'
4: Resources            
1st Hour: Professional Development:
               Poetry & Artist Communities, Online, Agencies,
               Groups, Foundations, Universities…
2nd Hour: Reading & Writing Skills
               Read your poem & hear your poem read
Writing samples at any stage of completeness encouraged.
Workshops are free & intended for adults at any writing level.
Instructors-Easton Poets: George Comeaux & Rich Berg
Comments:, website:
Location: Ames Free Library/Queset House,
53 Main St. N. Easton , MA, 2nd  Fl. Conference Rm.

Sunday December 11th 12-3pm
POETRY: The Art of Words/
Mike Amado Memorial Series
Music Feature: Mike Dakota
Poetry Features: Lori Desrosier & David P. Miller
Open Mic following the Music & Poetry Features
Poetry Bookings: Jack Scully email:
Music Bookings: Rich Berg email:
Hosts: Jack Scully, Rene Schwiesow & Tim Reed
Doors Open 11:30am, Website:
Free admission & refreshments.
Location: Plymouth Center for the Arts, 11 North St. Plymouth , MA
Thursday December 16th 8am-1pm
2016 Student Day of Poetry
Selected Readings , Workshops & Student Open Mic
Host: Mass Poetry
Location: UMass Boston
Contact: Sara Siegel, Program Director, Mass Poetry
Thursday December 16th 7-9pm
For the Love of Words
Artist Interviews & Performances
Poetry Artist: Louise Derry Wells
Music Artist:  Sweet Wednesday
Hosts: George Comeaux, John Holgerson & Rich Berg
Bookings & info:
Doors open 6:30pm. Website:
Location: ECAT Studios  50 Oliver St. N. Easton , MA

Single Poem Today from a Poet Wth a Single Name

Only one poem today (again). I hope to step things up and get Oddball back on schedule next week. For now, read randall's poem with artwork by Ira Joel Haber. Thank you for sticking with Oddball Magazine.

First Friday Open Mic Featuring Shalom Smith and Aisling Peartree

Friday, December 2
First Baptist Church in Jamaica Plain, 633 Centre St

Doors open and dinner is served at 7.
Open mic begins around 7:30. Bring your friends! Bring your art! You are welcome!
Free for under 26, $10 suggested donated for over 26.

Shalom got her musical start as a drummer when she was ten years old, and later began to sing, write songs and poetry, and produce. As an emcee, she combines her love for Soul music and her long-developed writing skills to create hard-hitting and emotional songs. She performs regularly in the Boston area and New England and is a member of the Wreck Shop Movement, a collective of artists of spoken word, visual arts, music and more, bringing social awareness and activism to communities through their art.

Aisling Peartree (pronounced Ashleen) is a "Soul R&B Freedom" singer/songwriter. She began her lifelong love affair with music singing in the gospel musical Black Nativity as a young child. She went on to study classical piano, theory and later voice, while also self-studying all her favorite Soul, Blues, R&B and folk vocalists and songwriters. She began songwriting with the piano at age 14 and has been writing ever since. She left behind a lucrative career singing for restaurants, private events and weddings to focus on her original music- from ballads to social justice anthems- as well as her activist outreach work with The Freedom Movement- including mentoring, song healing and community building.

Tom Daley on The Trump Transition

Read Tom Daley's poem "November Shadow" over at Indolent Books.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Annoying Thought of The Day

In my effort to move away from writing prompts, I made up a crazy prentious writing prompt as a joke. 

And now I'm about to write a poem based on that ludicrous idea. 

Does it still count as a prompt?

Just in case, I'm not telling you what it was. You'll just have to stay tuned for future publication announcements and guess. 

It's That Time Again

Jason Jagged Thoughts continues towards its third year anniversary. "Only Lovers Make It Out Alive" is up now at Oddball Magazine.

Thanksgiving Poem You Likely Missed

Last week Tom Daley shared this Thanksgiving poem by Alfred A. Zuñiga, which he made into the jpeg below in the hopes that it would go viral. Unfortunately, I was too busy to share it then. It's a great poem, but I wasn't able to share it then. I'm posting it now in the hopes that people will find it and past it around again next year (just don't make a leftovers joke).

Reminder: This is Still Happening Tonight: SOUP Poetry Workshop

This is going on tonight at 7:00. I'll be helping facilitate this workshop. I hope to see you there tonight.

Continuing the Poetry Thing

Another great post-election poem comes to us via the poetry journal Radius. Read "Is this How Empathy Ends?" by Sam Sax.

Amazing Poem

"great again" by Maya Ramakrishnan, up now at the New England Review of Books.

Thanks to Zachary Bos for the heads up on this piece.

Monday, November 28, 2016

It's Monday, and I'll Throwback if I Want to

I've been gathering photos of my late sister to update the memorial page I did for her. This one was part of an article published in the Woonsocket Call when my sister was a recipient of My One Wish. I'm in the picture, and the haircut I'm sporting proves that I'm losing my hair because I never really deserved it.

I F***ing Love This Musician

I saw this violinist play while waiting for the for a train at the Park Street station. 

I need to carry more paper money when I go out.

This is my first time I've seen a musician play in pajamas (and slippers if I'm not mistaken). Given I often do my best work in pajamas, I'm not surprised. 

I think "Violinviv" is the name of the artist, but hopefully, I'll get an answer the next time I'm downtown.

Edit: It turns out the usician's name is Vivian L. "violinviv" is what she calls her Instagram.

Never Meet Your Heroes

Check out Bill Harvey's "The Odds" today at Oddball Magazine.

Writing Poems

I went two weeks with barely a word. I can't keep that up.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Yesterday's Walk

Taken yesterday while walking to the store. Another day marking the clouds.

City Haiku

Empty street corner
abandoned plea for help
post-holiday blues.

Yesterday's Photography

"Peeping Wisdom," taken yesterday in South Boston, Dorchester Street.