Monday, January 23, 2017

Another Google Effects Photo

Google played with a photo from late last year.

I'm Off

I have an open mic to go host.

Stone Soup Open Mic January 23: Are We Great Yet?

The inauguration is done with. We have a new president. Tomorrow, we can ask, "Are you better off than you were four days ago?" But for now, please come to the open mic, read, sing, rant and ask yourselves is greatness is upon us or if we have to wait another 300 years.

Let The Music Play

This week, Junkman Radio's Greg von Teig  takes on Hush or Howl by Black Pistol Fire. Check it out over at Oddball Magazine.

Annoying Thought of The Day

If all snowflakes are special, how does anyone shovel the walkway?

Bill Harvey Knows How I Do Math

Bill Harvey is back with "The Odds" at Oddball Magazine.

What Did Trump Think About The Million Women March?

You can either view his Twitter feed, or you can read more insightful theories from Janet Cormier.

It's a very special Bamboozled No More! today over at Oddball Magazine.

City Haiku: Women's March Edition

The smell of wet earth
under gathered feet ready
to begin the work.

I've Made a Gif!

My first. And it's taken from my footage from Saturday's march. It sums up most people's feelings on Trump

It can't be viewed on the blog, but you can visit the page the image is on this Imgur page.

Tired of Being Tired

I only got two hours of sleep Thursday night (Friday morning, really). I've been recovering from that slowly but surely. At 4 in the morning today, I just gave up and needed to get up and move. Now I'm under deadline for having gone to bed early on a Sunday. I mean, who does that, right?

Hope to have more work done as the day progresses. Check out Oddball Magazine, or keep coming back here for the updates.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Highlight from Yesterday's March

As we were walking past Arlington Street Church, its bell was ringing to the tune of "America the Beautiful " and "God Bless America.," prompting many of us to sing. 

Yesterday's March

At over one-hundred thousand people, it took nearly three hours for the people I was with to get onto the street. A police officer was trying to tell people to turn back (a slightly dickish move, given that we were right there and marched less than twenty minutes after that, but I could understand his frustration). The wait was as grueling as the moment to walk was gratifying and cathartic, purging months of frustration, if only for a few moments.


Saturday, January 21, 2017

City Haiku: Women's March Edition

Today's protesters
wait by video watching
own parade go by.


Resting in a cafe for the moment with Chris Robbins, who just ran into me.

More updates coming.

What I'm Doing Today

I'm marching in this for my girlfriend and her daughter. Both are doing their part in DC today. They are more badass than I could ever be, but it's time to step up and try.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Mic Drop

Here's Wise Words with Bruce Wise to close out a busy day at Oddball Magazine.

A Look Back at a Farewell

Obama's farewell address is given in in-depth look by JP Lime's own Scholar. Check out the Twist of JP Lime over at Oddball Magazine .

Wave Good Bye

Janet Cormier bids farewell in today's Bamboozled No More! column in Oddball Magazine.

A Reminder of More Hopeful Times

Susan Deer Cloud gets paired with DL Polonsky to help take us back to 2009, when things seemed so much more amazing (to a lot of us) than they do now. Thanks for making Oddball Magazine your choice reading this inauguration.

Another Inauguration Piece

Chris Robbins returns and is joined by new contributor Lisa Bolduc today at Oddball Magazine.

Some Poetry To Mark Today's Inauguration

Years ago, I started my Sarcastic Haiku series. When Bush declared war on Iraq, I created my American Haiku version (kind of a series within a series).

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Real Work Begins

Prepping for tomorrow.

The Underground Garden Will Return Next Week

In the meantime, check out her archive and attend this event she would no doubt be promoting if she wasn't sick .


Looking to write a few things tonight, and post them either tonight or tomorrow. Hard work ahead. 

One Night in Copley

The Phillips Brooks statue, taken on a less rainy evening in early January.

Something for The Inauguration Countdown

Read "One Long Day," the latest from James Van Looy's poem column It's All One Thing, up now at Oddball Magazine.

One of My Biggest Hopes for 2017

The next time I'm back in Jamaica Plain, this sign had better still be up.

Please don't let this movement die.

War on Christmas 2016: NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER Forget!!!!!!

You forgot, didn't you. DIDN'T YOOOOOOUUUUUUUUU!!!!!

Actually, it looks like someone forgot to pick up something on trash day. Or is there a tree size limit? I wouldn't' know.

Quiet Comeback

I am back to work, but Oddball will be sparse today because Liza Zayas was seriously taken out by the flu.

I mean taken. Out. She has been sick before and gotten work to us on time. But this is different. Jason and I wish her all the best.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


 I got sick and was only able to stop throwing up in public thanks to the lovely workers at the Massachusetts Avenue MBTA station.

Aside from the automated post, you won't see much of me until tomorrow (hopefully).

Another First!

Lyn Lifshin makes her first appearance in our journal. And we also have contributor Sally Deskins making her first contribution of 2017. It keeps getting better at Oddball Magazine.

Poetry Next Tuesday

Taking place next Tuesday. Information courtesy of Ken and Nadine Delano.

Welcome Welcome

Darren Demaree returns and debuting on our site, photographer Jennifer Matthews!

All here today at Oddball Magazine!


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A New Column Debuts Today

Check out the debut of the Epic Autism Report (EAR) by Flemmings Beaubrun.

It's full-blown commentary, and the first target is...Sweetgreens?

Read it now at Oddball Magazine. 


I have things to look forward to in my inbox  that includes a promised response to my manuscript from a cherished editor and publisher.

I so want to update on this. Soon, I hope. 

Lunch Break is Over

Back to the poetry with Jason Wright's column Jagged Thoughts. Read "The Walking Man" over at Oddball Magazine.

Poetry Starts Here

Welcome poet David Lohrey, who we paired with Dr. Regina Valluzzi today over at Oddball Magazine.

Best Suggestion Ever

Found this drawing one day at work right next to the suggestion box.

I guess good patient service isn't enough. Now they want more culture.

What would happen if I brought sketchbooks to the waiting area?

Stone Soup Croutons, 1-16-16, Invite

Stone Soup Croutons is a weekly poem I write using lines and impressions picked up from poems overheard from Stone Soup's open mic readers and features. I figure out a title (and sometimes the rest of the poem) later. I seem to be back to doing this on a weekly basis. You can read the other ones I've done over the last year or so here.

I could say that it was just another just another open mike last night, but there's no such thing as just another open mic when it comes to Stone Soup. Plus, it's a matter of days before Trump's inauguration happens, so everyone had plenty to say. Kudos to Kirk Etherton for helping to start things off.


Even liberals, by way of anecdote,
can't help open a race debate
with a cross burning.