Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 27: Jonathan J. Joseph at Stone Soup

I'm excited about this coming Monday. Not only are we closing out National Poetry Month on April 27, but also because we are featuring Jonathan J. Joseph, a young man (I'm old enough that I can call someone a "young man" in a sentence, aren't I?) who has been an amazing presence at Stone Soup's open mic these many months. His feature is well-deserved. Some may call it overdue. His work has been seen discreetly (almost secretly) for a while, and now he comes to the forefront, starting with his poem in this week's Stone Soup Servings at Oddball Magazine. I just might call it Stone S. Soup for the night.

Friday, April 24, 2015

NaPoWriMo, Day Twenty-Four, Poem Seventeen


Don't spell

Don't ask
why everything
nothing change.

You can't think
that is never

When was
your last
love poem

When was
last thoughtless
not fatigue

Where was
last lunge
in anniversary

are you
here for?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

It's One Thing That Has to Be Read Today

James Van Looy sends me several weeks worth of his poem-column It's All One Thing at a time. There are often several to choose form and plan out a month or more ahead. In fact, several were sent to me ahead of today's piece. Still, when James read it during the open mic at this past Monday's Stone Soup, I knew I had to publish it as soon as possible or sooner.

Read the latest It's All One Thing by James, "Hippies," over at Oddball Magazine.

Happy Earth Day

To celebrate, here's my old article on that wacky environmental group, The Church of Euthanasia. 

Counting Down to Andrew Borne's First Year at Oddball Magazine

He's at column #42 today, ten to go. Help spur him on by checking out this week's Seven Times column, "Kitchen."

Yesterday's Oddball

If you waited for my cue yesterday to visit Oddball Magazine, you missed two poets that you should really go back and read today.

Check out Tatjana Debeljački, with photography by Allison Goldin.

Then go back for Milind Padki, with arwork by TJ Edson.

Tired but Still Keeping On

In case anyone was wondering. I'll update when I can.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

NaPoWriMo, Day Twenty-Two, Poem Sixteen


She texts you
the above
to say
it means
to me
just sent
so she
can remember
her tire size
at the dealer
and you
put it at
the top of
my notebook
to prove
that poetry
is everywhere
and imagine
all the dates
you could
be evoking
what happened
in 225
or 1225
for less work
evoke 75
Gates Street
where you used
to live
or your
of girlfriends
for starters
(better sounding
than fifteen years
since first
having sex)
you envision
an entire series
of poems dedicated
to your girlfriend's tires
hoping the numbers
only go up
according to size
(or is it just according
to brand
you haven't
owned a car
in years)
or maybe
a series for
every new
part for
your girlfriend's jeep
up to and
a new jeep
your thoughts
run on and on
(much like
you think
your sentences
ought to)
and you 
when will
all this
and then
you write
in second
which is
a sound move.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Impossible Title of The Week

Check out Jason's latest Jagged Thought poem-column at Oddball Magazine, with it's roll-off-the-tongue title: "? And !’s"

Debuting at Oddball Magazine

Today at Oddball Magazine, welcome asperger’s advocate John Henry Galas, with art by Dr. Regina Valluzzi.

Yesterday at Oddball Magazine

Had to get over to Cambridge amidst post-Marathon traffic. Forgot to post this 3TV poem by DiDi Delgado, who is recovering from last week's surgery. The video was taken from her fundraiser a couple of weeks back, so it's a bit premature to say "DiDi Delgado is back!" But that will happen sooner than you think.

Happy Belated Birthday, Vernon C. Robinson (aka VCR)

Just missed posting a timely post here by seconds, waited until today to include the best pic from his show at Stone Soup (or at least the only one he didn't untag). 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy Birthday, Gloria Mindock

I'm embedding Plymouth Quest on here because I don't have any video of you reading poetry ecept in this series. I have to fix that soon.

NaPoWriMo, Day Twenty, Poem Fifteen

Show of Force

Words fail
to front
in front of face

book of
dissecting edits

of last hello
first word in
gets most votes

last word
own door

walk a smile
soleless shoes
followers yelp

they will find you
 little birds tweet


my space program
launches at star's center
removes me outright.

NaPoWriMo, Day Twenty, Poem Fourteen


Stink Positive
optimist odor
poured over pile
room's middle.

Steaming bode ill
need outside essence
in place of
what's not there.

Party lines drawn
roped around mess
cross over, get mouthful.

Only punny
until someone
loses face
already lost.

Uplift downwind
raise spirits to lies
someone new blamed
for putting there.

Yesterday at Poetry: The Art of Words

Yesterday, Girlfriend and I headed down to the Plymouth Center for the Arts and it's monthly venue Poetry: The Art of Words to see my colleague Jason Wright of Oddball Magazine, who debuted his first poetry collection A Letter to The World.

His best reading yet.

Also reading, appropriately enough, was Mignon Ariel King, who, published Jason's full-length collection through her press, the ironically named Tell-Tale Chapbooks. She read a selection of her upcoming collection, a poetic primer of Boston based on the alphabet and the MBTA. The latter could use the publicity this this collection could generate.

Mignon uses my photos for her author photos. This won't be one of them. I'll do better!

Mignon also has a new memoir from Hidden Charm Press, a memoir entitled Dropping the Mask: non-Academic reflections of a womanist writer, available if you visit Amazon or drop the money at one of her readings (one of which will hopefully be at Stone Soup Poetry later this year).

After both features, Jason, his ride, Oddball Art Director TJ Edson and I took a break outside to look at Plymouth Rock, which was only minutes walking distance form the Center. My first time seeing it, too!

I really thought you could sit on it!

These looks were planned, but it's not much different from how we interact in real life.

The last two photos were by TJ, newly christened Poet Roadie!

We salute you!

Ron Again!

The first of the pictures I took of Ron Goba's Friday performance with musician Glynnis Lomon as it was happening. This was only one of a couple pictures I took that used a flash. I didn't want to risk disrupting either performer, which thankfully didn't happen.

I have more on my camera and my iPhone that I need to sort through. I will post the rest of them by tomorrow.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

NaPoWriMo, Day Nineteen, Poem Thirteen


I am my own worst enemy
I am winning.

Self-surgical scaple
replaced with bats.

Interrogation over
what I already know.

Where is your sense
what is the sense

carry on
carrying on.

run on sentences
run on, sentient.

Only one of us will walk away happy.
I would like to meet that person.

NaPoWriMo, Day Nineteen, Poem Twelve

Past Due

Following week
comes collect
karma calling.

Mercenary zen
too many pieces
fall where may.

Buddha is no
western lawman
no need to aim.

We confuse what
ever will be
with what we want.

Enlightened roads
paved with bodies
roadside Buddhas.

NaPoWriMo, Day Nineteen, Poem Eleven


Take me with you
down with two year plans
glorious five year wait times.

We all went up together
too long to stand still
me now old enough to know

old knees need
kinetic energy or else
seize up at desk chains

never far along enough
to wonder what we're doing
our life's etching ink setting

anarchy turned opportunity
leader less lead leader led
by tugged tail, skinned teeth

dynasty self-dynamites
legacy with laden foot
out now be back while still can.

NaPoWriMo, Day Nineteen, Poem Ten

Friday at The Armory After The Show

A photo of Ron Goba after his reading at Richard's Poet's Theater. A great impromptu Q and A session was started thanks to Tom Daley, who was in the audience. I will hopefully post more photos later, including some pictures of Glynnis Lomon, who accompanied Ron's set with amazing musical interludes.