Thursday, July 30, 2015

You Like Long Titles?

Andrew Borne is writing longer titles than Eddie Vedder singing about elderly women. Take a deep breath and read his latest Seven Times poem column in Oddball Magazine: "The Great Garden of Het Loo Palace Far Beyond the Heorot of Rosklide."

Happy Birthday, Steve Katsos

In honor of commemorating Steve's day of birth, I'll show some blasts from our shared past.

Before Steve Katsos became a local media mogul on the rise, we both worked at Framingham State College's student run paper The Gatepost. He started as a cartoonist and humor writer before he rose in the ranks to become Editor-in-Chief. Sadly, I graduated the semester before that and missed his EIC reign entirely. Still, there were probably more laughs when Steve was just on the sidelines making funny asides during our editorial meetings.

The above picture comes from a photo used in Steve's The Katpost, a entire Gatepost 1-2 pager usually published before the winter break and dedicated to all things Steve, including his brother's band Gumshoe, his humor column and/or horoscope and his comic Katman.

The large facsimilie of a rolled up Gatepost in the background? That's another story.

Just About a Week Ago

Sitting outside First Parish Dorchester last Friday in the cool evening during a friend's birthday party. Four years ago that day, it had been 99 degrees under the moonlight.

Shouldn't have gloated our luck that much, given how hot and humid it's been this week.

An Amazing Gift

As the host and organizer for Stone Soup Poetry, I've been hosting events related to K. Peddlar Bridges since 2006. He has been a part of my Stone Soup summertime every year since. In 2008, he returned with a group that was then dubbed the Highway Poets to promote the Rubber Side Down anthology, which was edited by Susan Buck and our recently departed friend Joe Gouveia. On Monday, Peddlar presented me with a present before the feature started.

Peddlar said he picked up a copy in the library. The real surprise, however, was on the title page.

Susan Buck and Joe Gouveia's signatures! This was quite possibly a copy from the night they were at the Out of The Blue Gallery's old location. Maybe it was another night nearby. Still, what an amazing find. Thank you for sharing this with us, Peddlar. The book is near me now as I type this.

Let me throw in a little something extra since I'm posting this at the start of what my Facebook friends call Throwback Thursday. Below are two segments from that Rubber Side Down night seven years ago. I was just starting to record poets on the Stone Soup mic and edit videos on an obsolete version of Movie Maker when I recorded these spots. My equipment has slightly upgraded since then, but these videos of Susan and Joe remain favorites of mine.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

August 3: A Living Breathing Poet Comes to Stone Soup

Stone Soup friend and open mic regular Emilio Phoenicio recently finished school and in fact almost couldn't read for us this Monday because he almost got a job which would have required him to fly out by the end of this week. He didn't get the job. I have to admit, I has both sad and happy for him, if only because it means he'll be around at least another week. Now if Emilio does have to suddenly leave Boston after next Monday, he will at least leave with a Stone Soup feature under his belt. His book Living Breathing Poem came out a while back. Now you have a chance to grab it and say good bye to Emilio, though we hope it won't be good bye for just a while yet.

It's Almost Ending Too Quick Today

For the last poem of the day, read Shloka Shankar with artwork by Dr. Regina Valluzzi. Thanks for reading Oddball Magazine.

Two Saturdays from Now: Danielle Legros Georges Teaches a FREE Poetry Workshop

The last workshop of this summer with the new Boston Poet Laureate will be taking place at the Honan-Allston Branch of the Boston Public Library on August 8, 2-4 PM.

Danielle Legros Georges was appointed Boston’s Poet Laureate by Mayor Martin J. Walsh in December 2014 and teaches at Lesley University in the Creative Arts and Learning Division. She is the author of Maroon, a book of poems, and her poems have appeared in numerous anthologies. Her essays, interviews, poems, and reviews have appeared in publications including The American Poetry Review, The Boston Globe, Callaloo, Consequence, Salamander, spoKe, Solstice, Transition, World Literature Today, and the Women’s Review of Books. A resident of Dorchester, she was born in Haiti, has lived in Boston’s Haitian community of Mattapan, Chicago and New York, and has travelled to various parts of the world.

The Poetry Can Now Begin

Read poetry by Luke Stromberg accompanied with art by returning contributor Ira Joel Haber at Oddball Magazine.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Jagged Kind of Day

I'm busy with other things, so Oddball Magazine will have more poetry tomorrow. I hope to introduce a lot more good stuff to close off the summer, including new art contributors. Until then, here's Jason Wright with today's Jagged Though poem column: "Back In the Day."

Nice News

Looks like an online journal I've been eyeing for a long time let me know it's interested in one of the poems I sent over, which is one of my most recent pieces. I hope there's a little more of that in the weeks to come.

Stone Soup Croutons, 7/27/15

Stone Soup Croutons is a weekly poem I write using lines and impressions captured from poems overheard from Stone Soup's open mic readers and features. I started adding titles last week, but I can't seem to add one until the next day.

This Monday, we had K. Peddlar Bridges in the house celebrating the end of Roadpoet Fortnight, and he brought with him new biker poets who had not read at Stone Soup before. I was tired, but I got a lot out of everyone who read. Even after editing, it still feels like two or more poems meshed together, which is why my title is a little nonsensical.

Dust Sandwich

Hand to god
finger to lips
insanity is easier
observed trapped
in a glass bowl.

People come to watch,
not to visit.

Self-worship comes easy
to Narcissus.

For everyone else,
it is a Gaza strip tease

to get others to love us
for our own explosions.

We are all internally bound
in sect wars to ourselves.

It's a wonder anyone raises
a rock to any other.

I sweat tsunamis in my socks.

I am incapable of waging war or pieace
or anything else that lies unmaintained
in my apartment.

I am the goose not wild enough
to chase unquestioning.

Lot's wife telss me to curse
her husband and die.
I still don't know what that means.

You know you're devoid of passion
if DiDi Delgado does not
ask you to write her a poem.

It's time for therapy.
You have a universe
with your name on it.

Population: All your fugitive verse,
a hundred highwayman haiku,

your road trip rountable
with everyone
you want to wave to
while racing by roadside
but never do,

some place where
we do not need several seasons
of life during wartime
to write our best poems.

 Navah The Buddaphliii didn't get to read, I'm sorry to say.

Peddlar's set list for the night. Went like clockwork, if just a little out of order...

Special thanks to Lee Varon, Alfred A. Zuñiga, Auora Levins, Rich Baydin, Martha Boss, DiDi Delgado, Jonathan J. Joseph, Sarah Vickery, Isabell VanMerlin, Priscilla Herrington, K. Peddlar Bridges and James Van Looy.

Saturday, July 25, 2015


Will be at the Lowell Folk Festival. Probably won't update unless it's on Facebook.

South Boston, Early Evening

I spend a lot of time here, but I'm always getting here after dark. This might be the first time I've walked down this street before 6:00 PM!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Reminder: K. Peddlar Bridges Features at Stone Soup This Monday

Read his work in this week's Stone Soup Servings column in Oddball Magazine. Then be in the audience this Monday at 7:00 PM.

Rap Flashback Time

It's that Rap Flashback time of the month over at JP Lime Productions. Check out the Twist of Lime column over at Oddball Magazine.

The Oddball Show #12: Alexandra The Giant Vs. Razor (not) Ramone

Livestreamed on July 24, 2015.

Our first returning guest! Hijinks! Wrestling references for no discernible reason!  And an Andy Kaufman impression that starts off the show and goes way too long. It's less Andy Kaufman and more of an actual person of unknown origins who goes on stage...and bombs, with no Elvis in sight. And that's only the first couple of minutes!

When LA based poet Alexandra Naughton called in for Episode 7, there were allusions to a friend of hers via texts she shared. Specifically, it was her friend and editor, Andrew Razor. In addition to Alexandra rocking the house, we got a bit of his story. Naturally, we wanted to know more. In episode #12 we not only welcome back Alexandra, we welcome the man known as Razor. He is also joined by Iris Berry. Both Razor and Iris were not only part of the LA music scene since the punk era, they also today help cultivate the long-standing LA poetry scene with Punk Hostage Press. Several musical eras are touch on. Several poets in the LA scene are touched on. Several poems are read. A scene where one poet got punched is recounted. And only one or two more horrible Andy Kuffman impressions are attempted. It's our latest in the LA/Boston poets exchange program. You don't want to miss this.

Visit Punk Hostage Press.

Poetry Comes Early Today at Oddball Magazine

Read "The 11th Commandment" today in Janet Cormier's Oddball column, Bamboozled No More!

This Week's WCW Riff

you eye descend-
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an ad

razed by rain

beside your white