Monday, April 16, 2012

Meet Alan Feldman (online)

This coming Sunday, I'll be taking a small part in the Massachusetts Poetry Festival. What feeds my anticipation for the event is that I am part of a line up that includes my first poetry professor, Alan Feldman. In addition to helping me get my poetic chops, he introduced me and others to the works of Tony Hoagland, for which I'll always be grateful. The fact that we appear on the website as if peers (at least till you read on credentials) is a milestone for me that I don't yet fully comprehend.

I urge you to visit his website and look over the panels he'll be part of this coming weekend. That includes one that runs the same time as the one I'm part of, unfortunately, but the Friday afternoon workshop looks amazing.

By the way, if you go through samples of Feldman's poems on his website, I recommend starting with "A Man And A Woman," one of the first poems I read form his first chapbook The Happy Genius, which I still own.

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