Saturday, September 22, 2012

Albanian’s Writer Day: It Looks Like I'll Be Part of This

It looks like I'm participating in this, due to my participation in the Sounds of Wind anthology.  It also looks like Ian Thal will be participating.  What little I know follows below.
It is our pleasure to officially invite you all to participate in the Albanian’s Writer Day that will commence at the Worcester Public Library on October 13, 11:00 a.m. -2:30   p.m. in the framework of the celebrations of 100th Anniversary of Independence of Albania. This activity is organized by Dardha Bleta Association, a village that gave famous personalities such as Sotir Peci, Spriridon Ilo, William Gregory, Spiro Konda, Zengo iconographs, Thimi Raci   etc.

The purpose of this activity is to bring together the creative minds of Albanian origin and recognize their contribution in the field of letters, whether they write in Albanian or English. We intent to make sure that the American audiences know and understand that the country of Eagles that always has produced famous authors has its notable representatives here in the USA. From the famous authors to the one that are trying to find their place in the literature, will have a chance to come together, network with each other and consolidate this connections for future projects. 

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Ian Thal said...

Yes, indeed, I will be participating.