Saturday, August 27, 2016

From My Photo Archives: Did You Vote for The Unabomber?

This was sadly prophetic.

 Here's another photo I was able to finally rescue form my old, old memory card with a help of Steve Onderick a few weeks back.

The photo above was taken in late November 2001, probably just as I was getting back from Thanksgiving with my parents. 9/11, of course, was still hanging low over our heads, and I caught this bumper sticker outside the Hynes T stop.

The Unabomber write-in campaign, was the brainchild of Lyida Eccles, who is also one of the many people being interviewed for Steve's documentary on the Church of Euthanasia. The differences between demonstrations and political moments then and twenty years later as starkly different as night and day.

Like I was trying to tell Steve the other day, it's as if the political demonstrations were much more experiential and carefree, feeling like we had nothing to lose and everything to gain by way of being different and shocking. Now its almost two decades later, and now we have barely anything to gain and much much more to lose.

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