Friday, September 16, 2016

BlackYard : Harvest of Hope (a week from tomorrow)

Painting by Dexter Roberts.

BlackYard is a community forum CREATED by ASHLEY HERRING where folks come and share thoughts and ideas about what's bubbling in their hearts or the world

SEPTEMBER's BlackYard will be hosted by
Poet TONI Bee & Painter DEXTER Roberts

HARVEST & HOPE is the theme - what have you planted this year and what do you hope to reap in the future from it.

We will chat, WRITE poems on the ARTWORK to music and hear what's on your mind and of course there will be OPEN MIC could be a few surprise poets and a drum too.

BRING a FRIEND and an instrument (if ya got one) to this we gots snack COME to this - FREE - ARTISTIC AFFAIR


If you're interested, let Toni and Dexter know via their Facebook invite. 

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