Monday, September 12, 2016

From My Photo Archives: Post-9/11 Pics, Over Fifteen Years Fifteen Years Ago

The photos below were taken on October 27, 2001 during a protest in reaction to the bombing in Afghanistan shortly after 9/11. I had these on a memory card for years with no way to get them out, or so I thought until recently.

I present you these with little to no comment (for now anyway) to show the attitudes of not only the demonstrators, but the counter-demonstrators. Oh, and Chuck Turner too.


You might have seen a version of the photo below, which I also took on a film based camera, as this was my first time using digital, so I didn't trust it.

Here are the counter-protesters I mentioned above.

If there's one positive thing outcome to take away from the years of Tea Partiers and Trump supporters, it's that it's no longer a thing to call protestors "traitors." Hopefully, that won't change anytime soon regardless of who is president this November.

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