Monday, September 19, 2016

Jonathan J. Joseph is This Year's Winner of the Jack Powers Stone Soup Savor Poetry Prize

In the past, I have kept the winner of said prize a secret from almost everyone (including the winners) for as long as possible. It almost backfired this year, and I apologize to Jonathan J. Joseph for almost taking it too far this year, informing him only this Sunday when I was afraid he wouldn't make it tonight (though I did invite him to read tonight under different pretenses).

As it stands, Jonathan is on his way from Ferguson today and will make his way to Stone Soup as soon as he can to accept the award. I encourage you to come to tonight's Stone Soup not just for Jonathan but for Gordon Marshall's feature, a surprise or two and who knows what else to come. This award also celebrates the life of Stone Soup founder Jack Powers, so classic Stone Soupers are encouraged to come down and share words about him as well.

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David Somerset said...

Pretty Jammed with work, but would love to be there tonight if I can break through and get enough done today.

Have a great feature!