Saturday, November 12, 2016


As of November 7, I have placed Stone Soup Poetry on hiatus.

I was brought into Stone Soup Poetry in 2005 to occasionally host and help with booking I eventually took over as full-time host and organizer in 2006.

Ten years later, I find myself unable to continue Stone Soup in its current state as a weekly series.

I am taking, at minimum, the rest of November off. During my time away I hope to refocus my efforts as a Massachusetts Poetry Representative and determine how best to serve the community while hopefully preserving the name of Stone Soup, which Jack Powers worked hard to maintain for decades.

A premature email has already gone out to at least one group announcing my "retirement" and asking for someone to take up the mantle of host and organizer. No one has contacted me.

I do not own Stone Soup as a name.  If anyone chooses to pick up the Stone Soup mantle, nothing can stop them. However, they will not have the benefit of my resources.

I thank everyone for their attendance and their support over the last decade.