Saturday, November 19, 2016

Happy Birthday, Dale Meyer-Curley!

Dale with husband Erik. A candid during a previous birthday bash.
Aside from publishing an awkward candie, I'm posting a poem I wrote from them almost ten years ago for their wedding. I'm not good with birthday poems, but wedding poems I do a little better with. This was read in their church as part of the wedding ceremony in front of over a hundred people (perhaps my biggest audience ever). This was written in mind that this was a nerdery-packed DC comics themed wedding, with th toppers on their wedding cakes being figures of Green Lantern and Wonder Woman.

Fanning Fiction
For Dale and Erik on their wedding

Somewhere in the outskirts of Boston,
in a half-unpacked house,
is a man and woman starting over
rehearsing the word “home” on their lips
like an in-law’s first name.

Unpacking photo albums, they are reminded
that parts of themselves have been torn
from them before, left to die,
regardless of necessity.

Unpacking comics, they are reminded
that before mythology donned tights,
Prometheus gifted the Earth
with fire and the ability
to heal from any wound, regenerate
to wholeness, over and over.

Sometime before the invited gather,
Dale and Erik will go outside
and pile the ashes of the last half-decade
or more, stolen from place to place,
hidden like hotel towels,
and bury them beside ready-to-light
embers from their imaginations.

And sometime before the ceremony
they will fan the fiction of their youth
into life-giving flame, the origins of a new epic,
complete with costumes unsuitable for
everyday activity. And magic jewelry
that should never be removed.

And no one should doubt that it’s real.

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