Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 Highlight; My Poem in Ibbestson Street 40

My contributor's copy of Ibbetson Street 40 has arrived. One of my favorite poems i've written over the last five years was included in this issue. Thank you so much to Rene Schwiesow and the rest of the Ibbeston clan.

2016 was the year I resolved to appear in more print works than I have in recent years. Referring to my recent reaction to seeing The Sickness in print, I realize how much I missed print. I will always have one foot int he online world, but I still like having my work in not-so-easy-to-access books.

Maybe it's part of my old world programing, but I still find it thrilling to actually have my words in my hands, in the form of an object that was created by people who cared enough about my words to include it in the pages of what is becoming an increasingly expensive object. It's an honor each time.

In a perfect future, I would become a good enough writer to produce entire books of words not free to access and ignore by Facebook friends or twits on Twitter.

In a perfect future, the online world of lies takes a backseat to carefully written and printed worldviews.

But this copy of Ibbetson Street will do for now, thank you very much.

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