Monday, January 30, 2017

A Poem for Deta's Art Opening

Deta in front of her piece "Young Shango in America."

This past Saturday the RE/Max Destiny Gallery had their reception for my friend Deta Galloway (also known as Salome Deta Pitts), who will have her art on display from now till the end of the month.It was a great opportunity to meet up with friends like Deta, Toni Bee and Dexter Roberts outside of Stone Soup.

Dexter Roberts and Toni Bee side by side one of Deta's paintings.

As the night began, Deta treated us to a ceremony to the spirit Shango, the subject of many of Deta's pieces on hand (including one piece from a Black Live Matter series I'm including at the end). Deta's ceremony was an act of libation combined with an impromptu incantation as only Deta can provide.

Deta in the middle of the ceremony for Shango.
Iwrotethe poem not too long afterwards, as I'm now prone to do after attending art events.


Praise be
true reason
mixing wine
so close to art.

Deta manifests
young Shango
spirit can't afford
White House table

when orange is
new white as snow
and black once again
off color joke
at party.

Spilt wine
makes us want all
ghosts and gods drunk
too tipsy happy
to overwatch affairs,
kisses under nose.

"HOMAGE" from Deta's Black Lives Matter series.

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Kirk Etherton said...

Fine-looking art! Wish I'd been able to be there. Hope to see the art in person. Nice job, and thanks to Chad for the post (including the poem).