Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Poem for Keytar Bear


Keytar Bear was assaulted!
I was off to the bus and finally
it was sunny and cooling down
and they said it was muggy
but muggy even keeps you wet
under umbrellas and this was cool
instead and I was so bored that I tried
to Facebook when a signal
came down to my iPad like lightning
and that was when I saw the update
there's no music at South Station
there's no noise in Faneuil Hall
I have long been persecuted
for acting like an awesome asshole
but I never suffered for giving joy
oh Keytar Bear you are Boston play on

Consider contributing to the Keytar Bear GoFundMe.

Done in a Frank O'Hara style. And I wrote it during lunch. Double poetry reference score for the nerd win!

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