Friday, July 14, 2017

Coming Out This Fall: New Poetry Collection by Carla Schwartz

Intimacy Wtih The Wind by Carla Schwartz is being published in the fall by Finishing Line Press. This a good year for Massachusetts poets.

“Living on a solar-powered houseboat as it moves up and down Lake Champlain is bound to make one intimate with the wind — its vagaries, energies, and comforts alike. But in Carla Schwartz‘s new collection of poems, there are also the winds that pass over and through the inner landscapes. There are, for instance, the winds that bring us together in love, and the winds that draw us apart in grief. Also, there is the chill wind of the harm that some may do to others, and there are the winds of determined resilience, the kind that carry the survivor to the shore. These finely crafted poems give us this poet’s vivid sense of being in the world, as if we are with her breathing in what life has to offer, a good wind overhead, like a blessing.”

–Fred Marchant, author of Said Not Said (Graywolf Press, 2017).

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