Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Latest Between the Headlines is Up Now

"One-Hundred Plus Days of Alternate News" is the latest found poem up now at Medium. It's the second piece I've done using (ahem) alternative news sources. I liked putting together "Kill Hill" so much, I wanted to do another piece right away. Having cleared all the 2016 headlines that inexplicably appeared in my inbox, I gathered up all the headlines I've accumulated since January for today's Trump-related missive.

Believe it or not, doing more BtH poems based on mainstream news stories has become more and more difficult. The media's  attention span continues to change at a breakneck pace, which is also  why it's so hard to come up with Are We Great Yet columns that stay relevant from the time I get an idea to the time I can finally sit down to write it out.

No doubt about it, journalists have been working harder than they ever thought they'd have to this year.

Luckily, the "news" site that somehow signed me up to their services  keeps sending material. Also, earlier this month, I actually subscribed to a similar, more popular site (using a dead email address to save me from total bombardment) with the hopes of being able to churn out one found poem of truly alternative facts every month. Tallying what's appeared in my inbox so far in July, I have to say my prospects are looking good.

That said, I hope to put out one more found poem this week, this time comprised of "real" headlines. Until then, enjoy a sip from the fluoride-heavy conspiracy punch bowl and keep counting bitcoins as I get back to work on the next column.

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