Monday, February 05, 2018

Announcing Stone Soup Stagecoach

Artwork by Whiskey Radish.
Stone Soup Stagecoach is the new brand name/imprint for anytime Stone Soup Poetry has an event, a workshop, or a special guest appearance outside of our regular weekly gathering. As a Mass Poetry Representative of Suffolk County, I am hoping to extend Stone Soup from its current Cambridge home to Boston proper (where Stone Soup got it's start), as well as wherever else we are invited.

I hope to make an announcement soon regarding our first Stagecoach "outing." If you are someone who would like to be part of a stagecoach gathering in any form, a regular presence at Stone Soup  will definitely help you stick out as a prospect (that doesn't mean you show up every week, don't worry, I'm fair, but it helps if you are there to help advertise your work to me and to people interested in having us). Of course, contacting me at will also help.

More news coming soon.

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