Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Something from the Weekend

This past Friday, I checked out artist and friend Dexter Roberts' gallery show, "The uncomfortable Habits to change habits," held at the AAMARP Gallery in Jamaica Plain. He was there with his partner, fellow friend and poet about Cambridge Toni Bee. I was so happy to have chance to look at more new pieces from Dexter, especially one he named "Extinction."

"Extinction" © Dexter Roberts

The painting seemed like the freshest commentary on race and the continuing marginalizing of (and profiting from) minorities since cartoonist John Backderf drew his comic swapping Chief Wahoo with Jesus.

© John Backderf.

It's become a tradition of mine of to write poems based on the few art events I go to. I decided to take a picture of Dexter and Toni near the "Extinction" painting. At one point they chose a side-by-side pose, which helped with the poem below.

For Dexter and Toni

Every agenda
hides end
for someone.

What teams
chosen if down
to logos.

To illustrate
likely end
won't create

means to
an end
of anyone.

Warning signs
unseen from
box seats

warn bottom
to beat
bloodlust blitz.

thrust up
hide pairs

of hands
searching ways
from carnage.

Backs turned
to final chapter,
arms draw forward.

Time to see sky
without scores

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