Wednesday, November 11, 2020

For Veterans Day

I took this picture years ago at work. It's a "Hanoi Jane Urinal Target" sticker with a drawing of Jane Fonda's face at the center of a bullseye.

This is a sticker meant to be stuck at the bottom of public urinals.

Decades after Vietnam, someone hated Jane Fonda enough to create this. Enough people hated her that this became marketable.

People actually buy these with the intention of sticking their hands in dirty public urinals to use them. And this is just one of many variations.

This wasn't even the first time I'd seen this sticker. 

I took a picture to remind me that people like this exist. In 2020, these people are more in the open with more of a forum than ever.

This is what I wanted to post this year for Veterans Day. I hope you get to spend this holiday with someone that isn't filled with hate.

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