Monday, December 28, 2020

Accomplishments I'm Proud of in 2020: The Collapsed Bookshelf

Some people have false starts, I have false finishes. 

The manuscript for my second book full-length collection of poems wasvaccepted at the end of 2016. Because of the nature of how I wrote these poems (leaving them in need of serious editing) and the way my schedule has been a fluctuating mess for years, the final draft with my changes and Mignon's was finished by March 2020. 

In July 2020, The Collapsed Bookshelf came out. It received good reviews and exposure thanks in no small part to it being on Amazon. Turns out this was both a blessing and a curse, as I didn't expect Jeff Bezos to turn even more evil than he already was. Still, I wanted my book to be taken as seriously as possible. It worked thanks in large part to Editor and Publisher Mignon Ariel King of Tell-Tale Chapbooks. 

The Collapsed Bookshelf has since been nominated for a Massachusetts Book Award. For a collection of poems I mostly wrote in less than twenty four hours, this was the second hardest collection I ever worked on. It was worth all the effort I made and all the stolen time I had to seize to finish the job.

My gratitude goes to Mignon. To advance copy blurb writers CA Conrad,Joanie DiMartino and Timothy Gager, To everyone who purchased a copy. To everyone who let me know they enjoyed the book. And last but not least to Ed Gault who provided me with the book's cover photo.

If you haven't purchased the book yet, please consider doing so on Amazon. Hold your nose if you must. I promise to put out more work for more indy operations in the future. These poems mean a lot to me, and I'm glad they mean something to others.

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