Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Thirty Days of Stone Soup Stuff

One night at least five years ago when Stone Soup was still at the Out of The Blue Art Gallery, one of our regulars handed me this Altoids tin, it's cover colored in marker.

Closed Altoids cover

Open Altoids tin, showing ten marbles inside

I opened it to find ten marbles inside. He said something along the line of, "I lost my marbles! Can you hold them for me?"

Not long after that, he got angry at an open mic poet for unclear reasons and marched out of the gallery, swearing and muttering under his breath the whole way. 

I haven't seen him since. 

I wonder if he remembers that I have these. 

I'm scared to check if he's still alive. 

I'll try to invite him back if he is. 

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