Thursday, September 01, 2016

About Boston's Public Transportation: A Quick Guide for The Newbies

Welcome to Boston all you brand new students, grad students and professionals (as well as any recently relocated lost souls). I hope you're enjoying the city's public transportation. I feel it's my duty to give you all the quickets of primers.

And if you're one of those tl;dr types, then at least the above picture will save you a ton of aggravation. I'm just happy to be of help. Let's move on, shall we?

Here's a few abridged pointers they won't tell you when you're getting your first MBTA pass.

Instead of running down to Park Street, you can learn remotely...then run to Park Street.
This is helpful for Park Street and North Station.
The sign below  will save you a lot of aggravation. Especially if you get plagued by hordes of Red Sox lemmings asking you directions.

Whatever you feel about the fans, remember: They feel the same about you until you clear the streets for the summer.

Throw that all out the window if you're commuting to a job. By that, I mean avoid the red and green lines to work if you can. You'll hear bullshit about the Orange Line, but the Red Line out of South Station and the Green Lines out of Park Street are horrific in the morning. I've been taking buses primarily since 20007 and haven't looked back.

Also, get a plastic card that you can use over and over throughout the school year. Make sure to tap your card on the machines before you pay for your ticket, or you will get a flimsy paper card you have to pray doesn't get ruined before the end of your first month here (spoiler: it will).


Finally, memorize this old song about Charile and the ol' MTA. You may be quizzed on this by an MBTA staff member.

Best of luck to you.

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