Thursday, November 03, 2016

Happy Anniversary, James Van Looy

Three years ago, I became Associating Editor of Oddball Magazine. One of my very first actions was inviting Stone Soup regular James Van Looy to start submitting a weekly column of his poetry, prose, commentary and whatever else he might wish to offer.

Over the last three years, he has never missed a deadline, never failed to impress me and remains as prolific as he ever was.

On top of that, in this last year he has mastered the ability to write and submit material that is as timely and relevant as possible while still maintaining his usual quality. This has been an invaluable asset in this election year.

Today we celebrate James' third year of writing his weekly poem column It's All One Thing (check previous installments here) with one more timely piece entitled "The Creepy Clown Hiss-teria of 2016."

Thank you, James. Thank you for all your work and support over the years.

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