Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Just (found out I was) Published!

Recently I found out my name attached to the journal Meat for Tea, a journal I submitted to years ago. Turns out I was accepted in 2012 but never got word until now!

Who says searching up you own name is a self-obsessed waste of time?

Plus it's nice to know I shared space with David Miller again.  Thanks to the Meat for Tea people for the good news.

You can find my poems "For The Tyrant's Daughter" and "The Myth of Fish as Hands" in Volume 6, Issue 2, which you can purchase here in either print or PDF form.

(P.S. Because I never knew these poems were accepted, I kept sending them out to other journals. This unfortunately means one of my poem was published somewhere else. I won't say where, but it's an out of print issue anyway, so I can promote this issue with little guilt.)

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