Monday, May 01, 2017

NaPoWriMo 2017 Epilogue

I know that as weeks and months go by, I'll feel better about last month's output. For now, I'm ashamed of myself for hitting a wall that I set up all by myself.

In truth, I could have finished the 30/30 days earlier. I set up so many challenges and obstacles for myself. So many rules. No haiku. No "Jesus poems," no William Carlos Williams homages. Don't count Stone Soup Crouton poems.

It's a wonder I didn't collapse at noon on day thirty. As things were, I kept going with my life and trying to write until I faded out just around eleven at night. I woke up about ten minutes to midnight, just in time to write the last poem--a haiku.

I continue to beat myself up, but at least I can give myself a mercy killing.

To list the positives, I have one of the 30/30 poems already scheduled for publication. I hope to send out at least a couple by the end of the month, maybe this week. Read them all why you can, as I'll be removing the ones I edit and submit. One is already gone! Also, if I have my way, not all of them will end up online.

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