Monday, July 31, 2017

New Column

I didn't think I'd be adding another column to my workload, but technically it's the same monthly idea I had a while back. I'm just giving it a new name.

Tales of the Alt-Blight is the column title I'm now giving any of my found poems based on the (ahem) alternative facts I've either been receiving for a while. I was going to unsubscribe, but now I get their newsletters for the laughs.

A while back, I published "Kill Hill" initially under my Between the Headlines banner (by the way, the most recent of those published this past weekend). With "Kill Hill," I thought it would be a one off and a way to purge the crazy news emailed to me from all of 2016. As it turned out, it was too much fun to just stop. I thought I could make this a regular thing.

I then published "One-Hundred Plus Days of Alternate News," which took care of my inbox from January to June. These were fun, but were they technically Between The Headlines poems? I ultimately decided no.

Both that piece and "Kill Hill" have been retroactively fitted with the Alt-Blight banner. I plan to move forward with this only a monthly basis, publishing one at the end of every month, starting with the best crank headlines from my inbox this July. It's a new thing, it's an experiment, but hopefully I'll hit my stride quickly.

Click to read the latest, "Free Falling in Failure."

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