Friday, September 22, 2017

Next Saturday: The Expresso Yourself Coffeehouse

Featuring Barbara Aliprantis

SEPTEMBER 30, 2017
THEME: "...and where are YOU from?"

TIME: 7:00 - 9:00 PM
LOCATION: First Parish UU
26 North Street, Medfield, MA
The Expresso Yourself Coffeehouse is an opportunity for spoken word artists to share their poetry, stories, and songs. It is held the last Saturday of every month at 7pm at First Parish Unitarian Universalist, Medfield, MA. Refreshments are served. Come and join in the fun, either to enjoy as an audience member or to participate. Open mic readers have 5 minutes to share. Teens and adults welcome.

September 30th is a Global Event Day of the 100 Thousand Poets writing for peace, sustainability and social justice. Our words that evening will vibrate with poets and writers and storytellers all over the world as we speak the truth! Please join us.

Save the date -- for Expresso's New Year's Gala on the last Saturday in December (12/30). Think about it -- wouldn't the Expresso Yourself Coffeehouse be a great place to celebrate? A great time was had by all last year -- hors d'oeurves, international folk dancing, favors, open mic. Especially great for people who don't like New Year's Eve parties! Bring your stories, poems, guitars, and dancing shoes!
BARBARA ALIPRANTIS is a nationally acclaimed trilingual teller who loves to share stories about her Greek-American immigrant childhood in Brooklyn, NY. She also shares tales from the classroom gathered over 35 years telling stories to multi-ethnic populations, hearing and deaf.  Aliprantis is the recipient of the NSN ORACLE Service Award, and she was honored at NYC City Hall for “her distinguished body of work.”

“Barbara’s stories about her immigrant experience transcend the bounds of one language one culture.”

Our Expresso Yourself Coffeehouse in August was a standing-room only extravaganza! The feedback on We Did It For You! is awesome. Let us know what you thought of the show.

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