Friday, November 20, 2020

My Interview with LUCCI on the A.W.E. Podcast

For years when renaissance man LUCCI and I lived in the same neighborhood, I would either catch him at work or he'd spot me while on the way home from his job. Our conversations would just go all over the place.

LUCCI created the Art Without Ego (A.W.E) Facebook page a while back, and now he's expanding his empire with a podcast of the same name. We took time to do an interview a week back, and the conversation was just as all over the place as it was in the old days.

 I haven't even heard the podcast yet, and I hate the sound of my own voice most days, but you can listen it now via the Spotify link here or below and find out why my new nickname is "Dizzle" all of a sudden. 

 Thanks to LUCCI for recreating the good old days of a little while ago.


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