Monday, January 08, 2018

Special Announcement: Stone Soup Poetry's New Day, New Time, New Location!

After months of waiting, Stone Soup Poetry can finally announce its new home at the Brew on the Grid in Cambridge at 93 Windsor Ave, just a short walk from the Central Square T stop.

With a new location, there also comes a new day and time for our regular meetings. For the foreseeable future, Stone Soup Poetry will now meet every Thursday night from 8-10 PM. We will resume our weekly gathering on January 18 with a feature to be announced by this Wednesday, January 10.

This is just one half of the spacious location now open to us.

It will now be free to attend the open mic and/or feature, but we encourage you to bring cash so we can "pass the hat" for our feature. We also recommend you support Brew on the Grid by at least buying one drink out of gratitude for their hospitality. 

Jaime Figueroa, the Manager for Cambridge's Brew on the Grid, has gone above and beyond to make us feel welcome in our new location. He is in the process of obtaining a microphone and speaker for us and has even offered space to keep Stone Soup's old podium!

We hope you will join us for the new era of Stone Soup Poetry and help spread the word to others. We need you all to continue our work as we go into 2018 with renewed energy and purpose.


Unknown said...

Great news from Chad P., who goes above and beyond--and even laterally--to advance the cause of real poetry by real people in a real place!

Julia G Vogel said...

Awesome! I am sooo exited! ❤

C.C.Arshagra said...

Love is a miracle and faith a gift we receive.
Thank you Jaime and Brew on the Grid.


THE SECRET IS TO BALANCE THE HOST VENUE AS A LISTENING Space, in balance with your walk-ins who rather talk loud and not understand the what the heart has done to give each of us a place to be our soul's voice.

I hope all local Stone Soup Poets work Together, to promote rhe venue, and attend.
Jack Powers fought all his live for inclusion, and not stratification.

Please respect and your new host.

Rusty said...

Great news, Chad. Heather and I hope to be regular attendees at the new venue and date. Thanks so much for all your work finding a new place.

Wombat the said...

Eh, in fairness C.C., just to set the record straight, we are referring here to Jack "Weinstein" Powers taint we?