Sunday, September 24, 2023

In Less Than Two Weeks

David R. Surette kicks off October at Stone Soup Poetry.

Flyer: David R. Surette Gives Stone Soup the Tonic - David R. Surette reads from his new book at Stone Soup Poetry  Wednesday, October 4, 2023 7:00-9:00 P.M. ET - Open mic included! Donations appreciated!  - Visit for the Zoom link

Some scenes of Poets in the Garden at Garden Giveback yesterday featuring Jeff Robinson, Cole Rodriguez and Tznya Pinchback. Hosted by Toni Bee.

Warning! Warning!

Mom took these pictures while she had her blinds open and sent them with the caption, "My new lookout."

Happy Birthday, Jessica Lynn Harman

Where you been? Where you at?

Happy Belated Birthday, Steve Onderick



Happy Belated Birthday, Kris Weinrich



Happy Belated Birthday, Zachary Bos



Your Weekly Dose of God

A bumper sticker seen on a garage window in Mattapan. 

It says, "The Better You Know JESUS, the More He Can Help You!"
As it is with work, with art, being a good person doesn't matter.
It boils down to your connections. 

Friday, September 22, 2023

Next Saturday: Finding Mrs. Phillis

A writing workshop inspired by the life and work of Mrs Phillis Wheatley- Peters. Lead by Toni Bee, organized by Porsha Olayiwola. Join them next week at the Roxbury branch of the Boston Public Library. Click here to reserve a spot.

Tomorrow: Poets in the Garden at Garden Giveback

Featuring Cole Rodriguez, Jeff Robinson and Tznya Pinchback. Hosted by Toni Bee. Click here to register.

Nice Way to End the Week

My poem "Dead Horse Jesus" is up now at Five Fleas Itchy Poetry. Thanks to Roberta Beach Jacobson for publishing me. 

My Friday Evening Music

KRS-One courtesy of Boogie Down Productions. Recently learned about this song and it's impact on the hip-hop and rap communities.

On a Roll

Posted my newest TikTok Hiaku, number twenty-five with more videos coming.

Ungentle Wisdom

Bruce Wise is back with Wise Words at Oddball Magazine. 

This Wednesday

Richard Spisak featuring online at Stone Soup Poetry on September 27.

Flyer: Richard Spisak Adds His Own Stones Into the Mix - What better place for Richard Spisak to feature his new book STONE POETRY - than at Stone Soup Poetry?  - Wednesday, September 27, 2023 7:00-9:00 P.M. ET - Open mic included! Donations appreciated! - Visit for the Zoom link

Who Wants to Hear?

Janet Cormier's Bamboozled No More is up just in time this Friday at Oddball Magazine. 

Stone Soup Croutons, 9-20-23: Commuting to Eleusis

Stone Soup Croutons is a weekly poem I write using lines and impressions selected from Stone Soup Poetry's open mic readers and features. I figure out a title (and sometimes the rest of the poem) later. You can read the other ones I've done since 2015 here.
I also have a book collecting the best of my first year of poems. Click here to purchase it.

Summer is over Randy Barish was our official last feature of the summer. It was Randy's first ever feature, and I messed up with the Zoom link, making sure his first time, like most people's was awkward and messy. I'm glad people were still able to enjoy it, and Randy did a good job bouncing from scene to scene, season to season, in his work. 

It was an odd mixture of styles that night, and I'm not naturally a nature poet, so it was fun to put this short piece together.

Have to get back to work and promote Richard Spisak's feature this coming Wednesday.

Thanks for reading.

Commuting to Eleusis

Someday the sidewalk
will give you for choosing

this path, butterflying your
way out of tonight with your

hand puppet of a muse, 
adding colors you can't see 

While You're Waiting

Working on the Stone Soup Crouton poem from Wednesday. Until then, check out this short film using Randy Barish's poem, "Spectral Siren of the Night" courtesy of The Poets Lounge.

My Summer's End Poem for 2023

Another summer gone, another hay(na)ku to help say good riddance.

Click here for the hay(na)ku poem I've been repostting at the end of summer for a while.

Bye to Summer, 2023

of summer
curb you again

she just
sits and watches.

And Here We Are Again

Time to post my "Bye to Summer" poem again.

Summer is Over!



Tiffany Davenport, Virtual Thursdays Dire Literary Series Plus Q and A with Timothy Gager, 9/21/23

Yesterday's Dire today. 


My Friday Morning Music

The first KRS-One video I ever saw on MTV.



Picture of braying Donald Trump, words saying "T.G.I.F. Trump, Get Indicted Forever"
Inspired by DL Polonsky.

Summer 2023 Trainwrecks:


Because of a few lines half-remembered from Robert Bly's Iron John, I feel like the longer my hair goes uncut (almost eight weeks here), the more it holds the mania of prior weeks. You can't call my hair "long" by any definition, but when it looks like this, I can look like Doc Brown crossed with Ted Kaczynski, which doesn't help my mental state. When I eventually get to the barber (which I did last night), it feels like I've shed twenty pounds along with the mental anguish of summer's end.

Summer 2023 Highlights: Len Germinara and Sarah Oktay

So happy the few times I had my friend over for Stone Soup this summer. Moving forward, I am going to do more of this for the rest of the year.


Summer 2023 Highlights: Dexter Roberts


Before I get to the one last thing, I want to mention the few things I did right with Stone Soup. I'm glad the few times I could get my act together and invite friends to come back and feature online. One of them was Dexter Roberts. Toni Bee sent me this photo of him after his reading on September 13. I don't care if you were all back at school when it happened. It still counts as a summer highlight.


Summer 2023 Highlights: Ending It

A friend left a sound bowl at the Oddball Festival. I was putting off doing anything that involved travel for weeks. Finally, I bit the bullet and drove my girlfriend's car down last Friday to Malden, braving the late rush hour for an hour to finally deliver the bowl. I felt free at that point, like all my obligations were finally finished and I could say good by to another summer. There was just one more thing.

Summer 2023 Highlights: Jason Wright

Jason Wright was an MVP this summer. He volunteered at the Boston Poetry Marathon and organized the Oddball Festival the following Sunday. I'm amazed he pulled it all off. I won't blame him if he doesn't want to do it again next year. 

Summer 2023 Trainwrecks: Oddball Festival

The Saturday before Oddball Festival, I was visiting my Mom. I was still so tired from the Boston Poetry Marathon the prior week. I ended up putting diesel fuel in my girlfriend's car. I ended up staying over my Mom's while getting my car towed to a garage. 
I took my Mom's car to the festival the following morning and somehow ended up making it and served as one of the performers and one of the hosts as planned. It was fun introducing and even recording features like The Garage poets, but I was waiting to leave so I could get home and check up on the car. 
The first ever Oddball Festival was a success. I was a miserable failure before I even got there.
Eventually I got the car back the next day, but it was all stressful as hell. Those three days led me to cancel the rest of Stone Soup Poetry for August. I'm left not even sure I'll do the festival again next year. I don't even want to risk making the same mistakes next year.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Tonight: Tiffany Davenport at the Virtual Dire Literary Series

Hosted by Timothy Gager. Click here to join the group and get information on how to join the call.

And don't forget this interview with the author.

Remembering Bluu Kollar

 My only video footage of Bluu. So lucky to get this footage.

Remembering Bluu Kollar

Ten years ago today, Brendan Trider, aka Bluu Kollar, featured at Stone Soup Poetry. He passed away just over two years later. 

Summer 2023 Highlights: Boston Poetry Marathon

For the first time since I've been reading at this event, I participated in the event not only as a performer but also as an co-organizer. 

I started and managed the Gofundme page to raise the funds to pay for the event. I was there both days doing media work and documenting the event. 

I even took the podium as a host and probably made an ass of myself like I normally do. Doesn't matter. I did everything I could to help make this happen with the help of Christina Liu, Xtina Strong, Suzanne Mercury and departing organizer Bridget Eileen. 

I'm gathering my thoughts as summer comes to an end so I can send out a much delayed final message to wrap up the year and prepare for next August. 

Ain’t No Walk in the Park

Looks like James Van Looy is back from his trip! Just as I used up all the poems he sent me to publish while he was away, he just sent me something new for today's poem column. Read the very newest It's All One Thing now at Oddball Magazine. 

Happy Birthday, Ryk McIntyre


Happy Birthday, Charles Coe


A Preview from Janet

Above is Long Distance, one of Janet Cormier's painting that will be available this Saturday, September 23, as part of Jamaica Plain Open Studios at Curtis Hall on 20 South Street.
For Janet's written work, read her Bamboozled No More! column every Friday at Oddball Magazine.

Randy Barish at Stone Soup Poetry, 9-20-23

From this week's online gathering. Very happy to host Randy's first ever feature. Be sure to pick up his new collection, Garden of the Mind. You can also donate to his PayPal at 



It's Randy's First Goodbye Wave as a Feature

Thanks to everyone who came out last night, and thanks to special feature Randy Barish for pulling off his first feature ever with style. Don't forget to get his first ever poetry collection, Garden of the Mind. If you can, you can also donate to him via his Paypal at Stay tuned for more announcements as we prepare for next week with feature Richard Spisak.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023


Stone Soup Poetry with Randy Barish is happening in less than three hours. Join me tonight, and let us enjoy words together. 

The Seinfeld Edition

The Chad Parenteau's Lost Causes newsletter for September 20 is up now at Substack.

Standing Alone at the End

Closing out we have edo strannikov with nice moody photography by Jennifer Matthews. Thank you for checking out Oddball Magazine on a Wednesday. We promise it will always worth doing.

Those Meddling Kids

From hanging with my girlfriend's family. Is it still considered photobombing if there's more of their face in the shot than mine? Seems more like a photo invasion.

Summer 2023 Highlights: Hangtime

It was fun goofing around with my girlfriend's nieces while celebrating her dad's birthday. For some reason, they liked picking plants from the ground and putting them to my head whenever I wanted to take selfies .

Summer 2023 Sad Moments: Losing Sinéad O'Connor

So sad to have never seen her perform live. I was planning on posting Sinéad O'Connor material in the fall with the foolish hope she might find me online and strike up a conversation. So happy I got writers and artists to do tributes, including this amazing at from Donna A Black.

Summer 2023 Disappointments: Family Health Scare

All I'll say is that the worst did not happen. That's why it's still a disappointment and not a tragedy. There are still questions we're hoping to get answers for later this fall. Until then, all we can do is wait and be glad everyone's walking around and occasionally kicking. 

Summer 2023 Disappointments: Twig Getting Hurt

On top of family health issues I've not expanded on here for obvious reasons, my adopted brother Twig broke a bone or two jumping off a chair. With his refusal to keep still, things felt touch and go for a while. However, I'm happy to report that the doctor gave him a clean bill of health yesterday. He will probably have arthritis in the future, but for now I won't feel so bad the next time he jumps at me.

Another New Voice

Glad to have artwork by returning contributor Luis Lázaro Tijerina to go with our newest contributor, Atullya. Glad to give you more new voices on this Wednesday at Oddball Magazine. 

Tonight: The Honor is Ours

Stone Soup Poetry is proud to give Randy Barish his first poetry feature.

Randy and Stone Soup Tend The Gardens of Our Minds - Randy Barish features at Stone Soup Poetry - Wednesday, September 20, 2023 7:00-9:00 P.M. ET - Open mic included! Donations appreciated! - Visit for the Zoom link

A Moment of Comics

Cartoonist Joe Matt passed away on Monday. In life, he represented both the best and worst tropes of autobiographical comics. Even when people in the nineties were labelling alternative cartoonists telling stories about their lives as naval gazing whiners obsessing over masturbation and other bodily functions, Joe Matt never changed his style. His angry self-pitying character in his Peep Show comic was laid out for the audience to wonder at, sometimes in disgust or with pity for him.  His final book, Spent, was too much for a lot of people. It could only be classified as either an act of bravery or obsession or both.

Joe Matt never wavered from who he was, even if he might have wanted to. As someone who also can't help being who they are, the life he depicted in his stories was equal parts cautionary and inspiring. I hope he is at peace now and that his body of work (including anything else he was working on) survives him.

Summer 2023 Highlights: Spotting a Hate Crime?

This is a very strange flyer to see in Provincetown. Advertising "Live Music, Less Gay" is certainly one thing. Then there's this: "An Anti-Pop Production Never Featuring," followed by a list of artists that are no doubt part of any drag performer's Spotify list. Haven't found anything on this group or band online. Searching for "Cassette Cleaner" on the internet yields too many results. Putting a pin on this for now.

American Haiku: Leftist Jews Meet Trump's Right Boot

When I started my Sarcastic Haiku series, I wrote my first American Haiku. An American Haiku doesn't care about tradition, formality or history. it takes as long as it wants to make its point because America. You can read others I've written since by clicking here and scrolling down.

American Haiku: Potential Crime Scene for Sale

Dear Jewish people:
Those who repeat history...

October 4: David R. Surette Gives Stone Soup His Latest Tonic

Of all  the south shore friends I made when I started going out reading my work in 2003, David R. Surette has read at Stone Soup Poetry the most. No surprise, given how prolific he's been. It's great to have him come back to Stone Soup virtually to kick off our October features. Every feature, David shares his life story from teaching to caring for horses, from Malden, Massachusetts to the south shore to Cape Cod. It will be great to hear the latest part of his journey. Be sure to order a copy of his latest poetry collection, Tonic.

Join us on September 27 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM ET by clicking this link.

The meeting ID is 835 5703 8430

Password: stonesoup

Happy Birthday, Iris Berry


Happy Birthday, Tony Toledo


Happy Birthday, Jeannie Nunes


Your Wednesday Morning Poetry

Years ago, Lo Gallucccio sang the e.e. cummings poem "the boys i mean are not refined" at Stone Soup Poetry. Going down memory lane made me want to look up the poem again. Here it is, courtesy of  AllPoetry.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Happy Birthday, Frank D. Walsh

Good to have your work out there.

Happy Birthday, Grace Bauer


A Reminder from Janet Cormier

From Janet:

Hi All,

I will be exhibiting my paintings at JPOS (JAMAICA PLAIN OPEN STUDIOS) with 8 fab artists for one day only...
See below for details:

Curtis Hall (INSIDE)

20 South St., JP MA
at 20 South Street
Jamaica Plain,
11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Check us out!!!!

Look forward to seeing you...
PS bring friends

Oddball Show Presents The Week That Was for September 11-17, 2023

What happened last week at Oddball Magazine? Check the recap with Chad and Jason!

This Thursday: Tiffany Davenport at the Virtual Dire Literary Series

Hosted by Timothy Gager. Click here to join the group and get information on how to join the call.

Click here to read an interview with the author.

Too Easy

Jason Wright's poem column comes through again. Read his latest Jagged Thought at Oddball Magazine. 

September 27: Richard Spisak Adds Extra Stone to Stone Soup

Thanks to recent feature Jeff Taylor for getting me in touch with Richard Spisak, whose new book, STONE POETRY (hmm, nice title) is being released this week. It's great to have him feature at the end of September. He's had a long and storied writing career. It will be great for him share it with us at Stone Soup Poetry.

Join us on September 27 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM ET by clicking this link. 

The meeting ID is 847 7712 6938

Password: stonesoup



Had a hell of a time with the seagull video I posted. Finally resized the video and resubmitted it. Damn Movavi. The link should work now. You can click it again or click here. 

Lies and the Lying Liars that Tell Them

Returning contributors, poet Sandra Wyllie and artist Edward Michael Supranowicz, kick off Tuesday at Oddball Magazine. 

This Week's Most Distinguished Network Name

It's amazing what people will name their online networks. I'm always trying to hijack Wi-Fi when I'm commuting, so I often come across a number of interesting names. Every Tuesday, I post the most impressive and/or cringe-inducing names. 

There's FBI surveillance vans and then there's...

Summer 2023 Highlights: Lots of Good video for TikTok

Today I finally did that Seagull video I wanted to do with that song from Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar. I have more TikTok videos coming. 


Summer 2023 Highlights: Napi's Restaurant

I ate at a lot of great restaurants this summer. Especially in Provincetown. Napi's was the only one I took a picture of. Mostly because my girlfriend and I were interested in its design.

Summer 2023 Highlights: This Photo

"Burst" was taken on the night of July Fourth. A one in a million shot if you take into account the nine hundred thousand nine hundred and ninety eight shots that sucked.

Summer 2023 Highlights: A Quiet Fourth of July

July Fourth was on a Tuesday. Not worth it to drive anywhere. Plus they postponed the fireworks in Bellingham to the middle of August. I went out walking and caught random Americana on my iPhone camera. Made this City Haiku and TikTok Haiku based on my walk.

Happy Birthday, Julie Weiss



Monday, September 18, 2023

Comics Spotlight: Hoss

Thank you for reading Oddball Magazine this Monday.

Diane Sahms Featured in Moonstone Arts Presents: Philly Loves Poetry


Recaptured but Not Forgotten

Another acrostic picked from the news by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons. Read it now at Oddball Magazine. 

This Tuesday, September 19: The First & Last Word Poetry Series Online

Featuring Mary Bonina and Mark Pawlak.

Q & A Open Mic .

Sep 19, 2023 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada.

Email Harris Gardner at for Zoom link information.

Don't Want to Score ANY Points on This Test

Anne Skove is back with a almost-too-scary-to=be-funny comic this week. Read "She Who Laughs Lasts" at Oddball Magazine. 

Submissions Open Today for MIDLVLMAG's DRESS CODE Issue

From the Mid-Level Management Literary Magazine (MIDLVLMAG) submission page:

DRESS CODE is the clothing we wear, the image we present, the requirements set before us by corporations in the pursuit of uniformity and consistency.

DRESS CODE is personal, intimate, a klaxon / clarion call to let others know who we are.

DRESS CODE is the compromise we make to put food on the table, the morals we sacrifice to fit in, the opportunities we take to get ahead.

DRESS CODE is our innermost self as expression, as art, as code, as signal, as call and response. DRESS CODE is ubiquitous camouflage, overt isms, the way it’s always been.

Click here to find out how to submit. 

Summer 2023 Disappointments: Deta Galloway Leaving

Earlier this summer, I heard Deta was heading back to Georgia. I though I could help with the move, but I couldn't even scramble for the time or energy to grab boxes. 

For all I know, she has already left. She deserved a hero's farewell. I just hope I can see her one more time. 

New Breakout Character

So this is what happens when Chat GPT writes your comic. See last week's strip to catch up and then read this week's "The Secrets of Skinny People by Geoffrey Fallon. Kicking Monday off with style at Oddball Magazine. 

You Go, Girl

On Sunday, the news cycle celebrated Vanessa Williams becoming the first black Miss America ever only to have her relinquish her crown due to nude photos that surfaced. When her music career took off, "In Living Color" put out this music video that probably summed up her true feelings about the ordeal.


In Less Than Three Days

Randy Barish features at Stone Soup Poetry.

Randy and Stone Soup Tend The Gardens of Our Minds - Randy Barish features at Stone Soup Poetry - Wednesday, September 20, 2023 7:00-9:00 P.M. ET - Open mic included! Donations appreciated! - Visit for the Zoom link

Last Submission for the Summer

Finally submitted to the latest limerick-off from Madeleine Begun Kane. You have until October 14 to submit your own limerick with "find," "fined," "defined," "refined" or "confined" at the end of any one line (or one on the theme of feet, or a generated random word challenge). 

Summer 2023 Highlights: Memes for Dying Twitter

The memes while Twitter was burning to the ground were priceless.

Picture of Elon Musk: "This Fascist Kills Machines"

Summer 2023 Highlights: My Few Good Photos

 I savor the few good shots I took.

Summer 2023 Highlights: The New Verse News


I try to post events in chronological order, but I went back and forth on this one because the OceanGate travesty happened just before summer. Then I realized the poem I wrote about it, "Tourist Trap," was published right at the very start of summer. Proud of what I wrote on such short notice. Hope to have a video reading of this poem up soon.

Summer 2023 Highlights: Boston Pizza Festival


First time ever going to the event. First time having a Sicilian in ages.

Winning. Plus I got a funny TikTok video out of it.