Monday, April 19, 2021

NaPoWriMo, Day Nineteen, Poem Eighteen


Here, worms
have legs,

expect you 
to hanker down,

A Tale of What If?

A poet who prefers to remain Anony Mous (no, really), shares a poem that is paired with some Eric N. Peterson art. Poetry starts here today at Oddball Magazine. 

NaPoWriMo, Day Nineteen, Poem Seventeen

All Are Ennui

If there is

there can be no
extra help. 

And the Robot's Gender Has Been Identified?

Geoffrey gives another look on his  path to wellness. Catch "The Secrets of Skinny People" over at Oddball Magazine. 

This Wednesday

Gloria Monaghan comes returns to Stone Soup Poetry.

Back at Stone Soup for National Poetry Month - Wednesday, April 21, 7:00 PM - Visit Gloria Monaghan has new work and a a new book to share with Stone Soup Poetry - Visit on how to join the Zoom call. Sign in early!

NaPoWriMo, Day Nineteen, Poem Sixteen

The Shape

Own shadow

jostled when
you think

Back to Being Not Late (at least for this)

Another limerick-off? So soon? Please submit to Mad Kane's latest challenge like I did. You have until May Day.


I wouldn’t say I went out of my way to not be part of the Massachusetts Poetry Festival this year, but I sure as hell didn’t want to make any effort to create pitches for a workshop  or lecture. 

Now, however, it turns out I am going to be part of the Massachusetts Poetry Festival after all. Two cursory roles anyway, which is still an unexpected treat. 

Just please keep me away from any MC work. I have enough already. 

Spion in Cambridge

One of the many Spion sightings from that one afternoon of walking around in Cambridge.


Spion sticker, "Spion Says, This Abouve All Else, to Thine Own Self Be True... #LoveYouFirst

This Week's Friendly Reminder


Sticker on back of street sign saying, "Have a Bad Day"

I've seen this sticker a lot walking to and from work. 

I've tried going into Mondays trying to have a positive attitude. 

It never helps. 

So let me remind the rest of you. It's okay if you know the day is going to be suck. 

Just accept it and do your best regardless. 

My Monday Morning Song

No Monday-themed song. I just need walking music. Yes, I'm repeating myself this week.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Better Eighteen Days Late Than Never

I just completed my found poem complied from March's alternative news.I should probably work on April's poem now so I'm not late again. For now, enjoy the latest Tales of the Alt-Blight, "Don’t Stop Fighting When We’ve Already Won!"



For the last few days in particular, I've been feeling creatively stagnant, woefully unmotivated and worthless in general. 

This couldn't have happened at a worse time. 

Why now, when I have  so much happening?

This is where I am. Maybe I'll get my eight wind today. Maybe I won't.

Your Weekly Dose of God

There's been a lot of talk lately about The Last Temptation of Christ on social media.So here's one of my favorite scenes from the movie.


Friday, April 16, 2021

City Haiku


Delayed busses
filled up amidst pandemic,
and what could go wrong?

I Think I Remember

Took this on Wednesday. Now with today's weather I keep wanting to title this picture "Remember Flowers?"

These Are the Times That Need Your Voice

Answer Oddball Magazine's latest call for submissions. Info here.

April Followup Haiku


Photo by GMS

Lion eats groundhog
goes back inside with the lamb
to huddle for warmth.

Wisdom Cometh

Bruce Wise's Wise Words is up now at Oddball Magazine. 

Visiting The Old Street


Took a walk on Sunday down my not-so-old stomping grounds. East Eighth has already changed a lot in less than six months. The new special housing is either up or in progress. No one living in any of the new buildings yet. The neighborhood is unusually quiet even for a pandemic.

Give Her An Amen?

 Janet Cormier's Bamboozled No More! is up now at Oddball Magazine. 

Happy Birthday, Erik Nelson


SAFE DISTANCE EDITION - Stone Soup Croutons, 4-14-21: A Night at the Happy Home Only in Name

Stone Soup Croutons is a weekly poem I write using lines and impressions picked from Stone Soup Poetry's open mic readers and features. I figure out a title (and sometimes the rest of the poem) later. You can read the other ones I've done since 2015 here.

I also have an award nominated book out now collecting the best of my first year of poems. Click here to purchase it.

An unexpected all open mic this past Wednesday. I didn't really want that for National Poetry Month, but things happen. We made the best of it (as we always do), and there were even some new faces added to the mix. The poem was written and "finished" Wednesday night. It's just the nature of the week that it's not up as early as possible. I have so much more to do and nothing clever to say about this one. Well, I would like to say I'm glad I found it's shape early on. Last week I felt like I was cheating, given that I knew John Roche would do his Joe poems. Hope this Joe-less piece is worth your time. Thanks for reading.

A Night at the Happy Home Only in Name

The hot night you want 
won't write itself into being.

No shrew will be tamed by you
at this hour. A rat in the park

Just Sit Back

After a week of people riding me and waiting for me to break, nothing is more satisfying than knowing their going to turn on each other like the starved rats they are. 

I don't even need to watch to know it's happening.


My Friday Morning Song

Anything good I do for myself today is going to feel like revenge.



Any chance of scaring off his disciples by giving them more legal fees to cover?

Picture of braying Donald Trump, words saying "T.G.I.F. Trump, Get Indicted Forever"
Inspired by DL Polonsky.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

This Week's 3TV

Featuring the Poetry Orchestra for today's multimedia presentation over at Oddball Magazine. 

NaPoWriMo, Day Fifteen, Poem Fifteen


why not both?

who said
you could take
twenty steps


Liza Zayas is back! Read her poem column The Underground Garden over at Oddball Magazine. 

NaPoWriMo, Day Fifteen, Poem Fourteen

Pep Talk

Without team
there's no meat!

Action items
where nouns
become verbs!

A Healing Walk Through the Labyrinth

James Van Looy with another labyrinth poem for this week. It's All One Thing is up now at Oddball Magazine. 

Happy Birthday, John Surette


Happy Birthday, Beatriz Alba Del Rio

Will we be seeing you again soon?

Stone Soup Poetry Open Mic, 4-14-21

From the weekly online open mic. Met some new friends last night.

Wave Till We Look Like Muppets


Another nice open mic. Thanks to those who joined us for the first time ever. Be sure to come back next Wednesday for our special feature Gloria Monaghan.


Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Too Much Pausing

Have to get home and prepare for Stone Soup's all open mic tonight. Hope you join us.

Just When You Thought It Would Last Forever...

Here is poet Aiman Wesley Mueller to close us out. Better yet, we get to include art by Judson Evans. 

Once again, thank you for stopping by Oddball Magazine this Wednesday.

NaPoWriMo, Day Fourteen, Poem Thirteen

Thinking of Skipping Stone Soup

Fall asleep
at post,

wake up
not taken over.

Welcome to Wednesday

Poet Samara Chahine gets paired with photography by Jennifer Matthews to kick off our Wednesday of poetry at Oddball Magazine. 

NaPoWriMo, Day Fourteen, Poem Twelve

Group Therapy

Old self 
slaps young self.

Young self
already spent.

American Haiku: How Low, Tucker?

When I started my Sarcastic Haiku series, I wrote my first American Haiku. You can read others I've written since by clicking here and scrolling down.

American Haiku: How Low, Tucker?
Five-seven-five hey,
just don't lump me with Matt Gaetz!

April 14: It's An Open Mic Night


 We were supposed to have a feature tonight, but it got moved. I didn't want to post anyone on short notice, so we're doing an all open mic night. Hope to see you there.

Join us this Wednesday night from 7:00 to 9:00 PM ET by clicking this link.

The meeting ID is The meeting ID is 852 3098 3373

Password: stonesoup

My Wednesday Morning Music

So glad I decided to wear black every Wednesday for the foreseeable future. 

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

NaPoWriMo, Day Thirteen, Poem Eleven


One hour 
empty room

time stopped
no timestamped

Castillo Sucerquia, Pickering, Nahal

Joshua Corwin is back with Incentovise at Oddball Magazine. 

Now Lie Down

Jason Wright's latest Jagged Thought poem column is up now at Oddball Magazine. 

Tis the Tuesday

Poet Scott Norman Rosenthal is mixed int o an already neurodiverse day. Thank him and artist Edward Michael Supranowicz, for getting things started today at Oddball Magazine. 

This Week's Most Distinguished Network Names

It's amazing what people will name their online networks. I'm always trying to hijack wifi when I'm commuting, so I often come across a number or interesting names. Every Tuesday, I post the most impressive and/or cringe-inducing names. 


Network Name: King James
You Magnificent Bastard. I Read Your Book!

Happy Birthday, John Roche


Monday, April 12, 2021

NaPoWriMo, Day Twelve, Poem Ten

Rest Stop

owed a favor.
Karma plays
bank teller,

Oddball Stories is Back

Today we welcome the story of Iva Cvjeticanin (graced with photography by Ira Joel Haber) to close out the day at Oddball Magazine. thanks for reading.

Late for the Party

I'm late in submitting to Mad Kane's latest limerick off. At least there's still less than a week left, so you have time to submit too.

On Royalty

Geoffrey Fallon goes full topical once again! Catch this week's comic. "The Secrets of Skinny People" is up now at Oddball Magazine. 

Keeping the Spirit Going

Keeping our appreciation going for our writer/artists this National Poetry Month. This week, it's Ed Gault over at Oddball Magazine. 


When it's my exhaustion and inability to move, it's "cute."

Spion Slaps Everywhere

Spion sticker saying "Spion Says #lLoveYouFirst #LoveYoself #NeverLoseHope"


Took a walk through Methadone Mile, more out of nostalgia for the way I used to get to work during the pandemic. I was surprised to see a Spion sticker. Pretty gutsy of the artist to head down this way to spread artwork.

This Week's Friendly Reminder

Found in Jamaica Plain. Something simple for what's going to be a complicated week.


"BLM" spraypainted on sidewalk


My Monday Morning Music

It was inevitable.