Thursday, March 22, 2018

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

WCW Pre-Storm(?)

not much depends

a red truck
with plow

left to pull

deprived of white

My Rough Beast

My poem "Open Carry Jesus" has been published in What Rough Beast, a poem-a-day project from Indolent books responding to the Trump regime.

It was accepted for March 10, as they're catching up ,but I'm down with it. It's What Rough Beast!

Read my new poem here.

New York, New York

Weldcome Vijay Ramanathan, a New York poet joined by New York artist Ira Joel Haber. Thanks for reading Oddball Magazine.

Still Strong

Some strong poetry all this month of March, and we're just getting started. Read Sara L Hill (with artist Dr. Regina Valluzzi) right now at Oddball Magazine.

City Haiku

Subaru windshield
gives two finger salute
to coming storm.

Still Life After Breakfast, Part 36

Caught this on the way to work this morning.

Again, No Protection

Another one of these. Poor suckers using umbrellas. I suspect I'll see a lot more like these in the streets on Friday.

Are they all going to be blue?

The Numb Before the Storm

Counting down to work and the snow.

it's Spring Again!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tuesday 4 Poetry in March

Hosted by Ken and Nadine Delano.

Call for Submissions: The Mayor's Poetry Program at Boston City Hall

Along with its rich literary history, Boston is also home to many talented contemporary writers. In honor of the diverse and creative village we call Boston, the Mayor’s Office of Arts & Culture will display selected poems on the walls of city hall. Poets who reside or work in Boston are invited to send in work to help celebrate the city through poetry and to remind people of what a culturally exciting city Boston is to live and work in.
A public reading hosted by Boston's Poet Laureate Danielle Legros Georges will take place to highlight the selected poems the last week in April. 
This year’s theme is Boston's Diverse Neighborhoods.


Selection Process:
Poet and Professor Kathi Aguero will select 18 poems based on strength of content and style.

Please submit the following in one document:
  • Up to 3 poems (each poem 200 words or fewer) 
  • A brief bio (no longer than a paragraph)

For more information, contact:
John Crowley, Curator/Exhibitions Coordinator
Mayor's Office of Arts & Culture
Boston City Hall, Room 802
Boston, Massachusetts 02201
Phone: 617/635-2368   Fax: 617/635-1850

NaPoWriMo 2018 is Coming, And I'll Be Part of It

Above image above courtesy of Maureen Thorson,
National Poetry Month is coming, which National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) is coming up again. I plan to do another thirty poems in thirty days starting Sunday April first. I've been doing this on and off (mostly on) since 2005, and I'm excited about the event this year.

You can follow the NaPoWriMo site to keep up with a plethora of participants. As for me, you can follow this link to my blog, which will feature every one of my poems as they go up. I'll try not to fall behind this year.

Maybe You Can Drive His Car

Flemmings Beaubrun cruises his way to us with the Epic Autism Report at Oddball Magazine.

Art vs. Vraylar

Read the latest Jagged Thought from Oddball Magazine's Jason Wright. The latest poem column is up now at Oddball Magazine.

The Poetry Will Begin Here

Welcome Jaime Nelson with her poetry and artist Mary Lou Springstead, who I've wanted  to get back since her illustration for my piece.

Thanks for checking them out at Oddball Magazine.

Big Day of Work

My job's making up for lost productivity from the last few weeks of weather.

I won't be here much, but I will be working behind the scenes. Hopefully, I will have more things to share tonight or tomorrow.

Monday, March 19, 2018


Hoping to have more going on tonight. Something to show. 

There's no good news unless I work on creating it.

My Wish

I really want another cartoonist for Oddball Magazine.

I just sent two messages to two cartoonists I've known for a while.

I'm hoping for some magic to happen.

The Cartoonist Behind the Curtain

More about the mind of a cartoonist in this week's "The Odds" comic strip. It's up now at Oddball Magazine.

A Study in Faith: South Boston in Winter 2018 (continued)

Still Life After Breakfast, Part 35

Filmed during this post-storm weekend. 

Still Life After Breakfast, Part 34, Morning Frost Edition

From last week's winter storm.

No Protection

I always crack up when I see anyone buying or using umbrellas during a storm. From my personal experience, umbrellas for most New England storms are basically useless. I saw this one after one of the first big rainstorms. It won't be the last this year. 

Another Limerick-Off

Wrote two limericks for Madeleine Kane's newest limerick challenge. You  have almost two weeks to take part and submit.

New Submission Opportunity

For people on both the east and west coasts:

Email you poems to Land's End: A Bi-Coastal Poetry Anthology. The email address is

This Week's Friendly Reminder

Love this.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

It's March Seventeenth, and I Almost Forgot the Holiday...


To celebrate, here's a video I made of the Evacuation Day play performed in 2012  at South Boston's  Michael J. Perkins Elementary School, which Molly took part in. Her delivery of the line, "Isn't it graaaand to be British?" was a classic. 


Annoying Thought of The Day

It finally occurred to me that I'm posting pictures because I've been frustrated with having no freeom to blog. Now I'm abusing it. Sorry.

You Drive

Need Shovel

Long Stretch


Park Quest

More White Out

Seriously, Where to Park?

Slow Turn

Where to Park?

Go Plow Go!

Andrew Plus White Out

Lonely Red Line

My sad attempt to recreate that cool subway photo I did a while ago.

Library Closed

Snowy Square

John Snow

On Path

Heading to Copley


Home Run

Walking From Pru

Imperfect Attendance

Vacant Lot

Bus Ride

Work Bound

Memories of Winter Storms Past

I have to post photos from the last winter storm before the next winter storm this coming Tuesday.

Too Much

Spent much of the week taking care of everything but myself. Have to spend much of today doing the same, but I'm being defiant and putting up work regardless.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Expresso Yorself on The Last Saturday of March

Information courtesy of Thea Iberall.


Self-Proclaimed Town Crier

Read Janet Cormier's Bamboozled No More. It's up now at Oddball Magazine.

Coming This Saturday

Annoying Thought Follow-Up

I am not a good person.

Annoying Thought of The Day

In today's society, if you want to be considered a good person in someone's eyes, all you have to do is everything that person tells you to do for every waking moment of the rest of your lives.

Today, it must be impossible for more than two or three people to ever think you are good. And you probably stand more of a chance of one of them being your boss instead of someone you care about.

These are the thoughts I inevitably feel at the end of a week.

2018 Kaji Aso Studio Haiku Contest

Image above: Artwork © 1995 Kaji Aso; Haiku by Yosa Buson

2018 Kaji Aso Studio HAIKU CONTEST 

First Prize is $300; Second Prize: $150; Third Prize: $75; Senryu Prize: $75. You may send as many haiku or senryu as you like at $2 each: type or neatly print your submissions (you may put them all on a single sheet if you wish). If you send senryu, please mark them as such. Be sure to include your email address and/or an SASE so that we can notify you of the results! Please send all entries to: Kaji Aso Studio, 40 Saint Stephen Street, Boston, MA 02115 USA