Friday, February 23, 2024

My Friday Evening Music

A YouTube streamer mentioned that he heard the cover of "The Sound of Silence" by Disturbed and thought it was better than the original by Simon and Garfunkel. I don't know about that, but it's not bad.


If You Believe They Put Wisdom on the Moon

Wise Words with Bruce Wise is up now at Oddball Magazine. Thanks for reading us this week.

What I Wrote Almost Twenty Years Ago and How It’s Going Now

Sarcastic Haiku 20: Fetus Rights Prediction

Trial of Century:
Fetus takes stand against Mom.
No right hand to raise.

Meet the New Hat, Same as the Old Hat

Finally got this hat again a decade later. Felt like Kane from Poltergeist II: The Other Side. Might delete later. Better photos coming. 

Sun Reshapes

Janet Cormier reminds us this Friday that the sun will return. Read Bamboozled No More! now over at Oddball Magazine. 

Stone Soup Croutons, 2-21-24: Nancy Says

Stone Soup Croutons is a weekly poem I write using lines and impressions selected from Stone Soup Poetry's open mic readers and features. I figure out a title (and sometimes the rest of the poem) later. You can read the other ones I've done since 2015 here.
I also have a book collecting the best of my first year of poems. Click here to purchase it.
This week's open mic had a bit of remembrance for Nancy Dodson, who passed away in the beginning of February. I think I know which poems and songs she would have liked (no cat poems, sadly).  

Having published Nancy recently, and having heard her poems over Zoom since 2020,  I tried to figure out how to write a poem in Nancy's style. 
I'll miss having her around. She was a stalwart soldier in this phase of Stone Soup's existence. I hope you like the poem.
Thanks for reading.

Nancy Says

Life, if you want, can be 
light. On lilacs, on bike
paths to a city's poetry
reliquary, a park to meet

M.P. Carver, Virtual Thursdays Dire Literary Series Plus Q and A with Timothy Gager, 2/22/24

Yesterday's Dire today. Hosted by Timothy Gager.



Happy Birthday, Billy Burgos



My Friday Morning Music

Poor Pseudo Echo. The world wasn't (and probably still isn't) ready for a "Funkytown" remake.



Thursday, February 22, 2024

Keeping It Short

Password (Very Short Poetry) is accepting submissions again.

A Haiku Competition

The Solitary Daisy 1st Annual Haiku Contest is going on until March 2. Click here for more information. 

Submit to Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)

Click here to submit to Roberta Beach Jacobson's journal.

Me and Menion This March

Thanks to Linda Carney Goodrich for inviting me back to feature at the wonderful Menino Arts Center with fellow poets Tatiana Johnson-Boria and Emmanuel Oppong-Yeboah on March 14 at the Menino Arts Center in Hyde Park. Click here for more information. Hope to see you there.

Tonight: M.P. Carver at the Virtual Dire Literary Series

Hosted by Timothy Gager. Click here to join the group and get information on how to join the call.

And don't forget to visit the author's website.

Surprisingly Calm

A pipe above my office burst and my ceiling caved in with a flood of water.

How's your day going?

Over Here, Over There

James Van Looy latest poem column goes back to the poem that started this series (kind of). Read this week's It's All One Thing, up now at Oddball Magazine. 

Looks Like JP

Another 2011 sketchbook drawing from Janet Cormier. Looks like another part of Jamaica Plain. I still miss living in that neighborhood.

For Janet's written work, read her Bamboozled No More! column every Friday at Oddball Magazine.

Happy Birthday, LUCCI

To read the poem, click here.


Stone Soup Poetry Open Mic, 2-21-24

From this week's online gathering. RIP Nancy Dodson. You will be missed moving forward.



Goodbye and Farewell, Nancy

Thanks to everyone who showed up to take part in or just listen to last night's open mic and give a nod to the late Nancy Dodson. Stay tuned for more news. 


Picture of braying Donald Trump, words saying "T.G.I.F. Trump, Get Indicted Forever"
Inspired by DL Polonsky.

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Stop by for a Scratch

Thanks to Roberta Beach Jacobson for including my small poems "Platitudes" and "Muppet Buffalo" with her afternoon serving of tiny works over at Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry).

Sad Night Coming

This is the first open mic I'll be hosting where I know for certain that Nancy Dodson won't be there. Please join me tonight. I hope Carol Weston will.

When Being on a Bus Before Dawn is Your Favorite Moment for the Week

The Chad Parenteau's Lost Causes newsletter for February 21 is up now at Substack.


From Old Guard to New Blood

Here's a piece by poet Robert Loren with appropriate art by Eric N. Peterson. That's all we got today at Oddball Magazine. See you next Wednesday for more poet spotlighting. 

Take a Seat

I'm calling this Tuesday Poem Fifty-Four and a Half. Up now on my Patreon for paid subscribers. 


Nancy Dodson sent me this poem a while back. I think it was for the mass shootings zine I was working on, but I wanted this, one of her final pieces, to reach a wider audience. Such is my right to abuse my position as Editor when I see fit. Glad I could match this with one of my photos as well. Read her today at Oddball Magazine. Thanks for the dedication to your work and Stone Soup, Nancy.

Just Letting You Know

Check out my TikTok in a little bit. 

A Moment of Comics

Geoffrey Fallon's main characters in his "The Secrets of Skinny People" comic didn't react well to their recent talk with him. It reminded me of when Animal Man met his then-writer Grant Morrison. Don't worry. Grant got better. Then he got killed in an issue of Suicide Squad. Funny story. From Animal Man #26 by Morrison. Penciled by Chas Truog and inked by Mark Farmer.

Joke Lost to Time

"Robert Lowell's Easter Prayer" was a piece in the "TV Guide for Highbrows" section of The National Lampoon (March 1971). Having read and studied Robert Lowell's life and poetry, I have no idea where the humor comes from in this mock interview. I feel like it's my own fault for not getting it.

American Haiku: Congress Taps In

When I started my Sarcastic Haiku series, I wrote my first American Haiku. An American Haiku doesn't care about tradition, formality or history. it takes as long as it wants to make its point because America. You can read others I've written since by clicking here and scrolling down. 

American Haiku: The House Taps In
Are you asking us
if we're done with Biden now?

Poem by Laura Lamb Brown-Lavoie



Happy Birthday, Zachary Kluckman



Nancy Dodson (1933-2004)

Nancy Dodson with former BCAE receptionist Taryn Valpey

I received the news from Tom Daley this morning that Nancy Dodson passed away on February 5. A longtime friend of Stone Soup and a co-feature with Carol Weston for Stone Soup Poetry's thirty-fifth anniversary in 2006, she was a constant regular on our remote sessions via telephone for the last three years. My thoughts go out to Nancy's family. I will share more words from and about Nancy when I have permission to.

Your Wednesday Morning Poetry

Just discovered the late Palestinian poet Fadwa Tuqan. Read her poem "Enough For Me" on All Poetry.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Oddball Show Presents The Week That Was for February 12-16

Listen and enjoy a review of last week at Oddball Magazine.



This Thursday: M.P. Carver at the Virtual Dire Literary Series

Hosted by Timothy Gager. Click here to join the group and get information on how to join the call.

Click here to visit the author's website.

Line by Line

Jason Wright's newest Jagged Thought is up now at Oddball Magazine. 

Back at It

Finally updated my TikTok after weeks of feeling demoralized. 

Alternative Services

Poet Joshua Eric Williams and photographer Jennifer Matthews kick off Tuesday at Oddball Magazine. 

This Week's Most Distinguished Network Name

It's amazing what people will name their online networks. I'm always trying to hijack Wi-Fi when I'm commuting, so I often come across a number of interesting names. Every Tuesday, I post the most impressive and/or cringe-inducing names.

Network Name: Avengers VS DC
The one true unwinnable war.

Never Again

I took four days in a row off. LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!

Practice Haiku

Always remember 
to clench up your ass before 
doing a good deed.

I Played House and Lost

That sums up my holiday weekend. I don’t want to even touch a dish until tomorrow night.

Monday, February 19, 2024

Happy Birthday, Anna V. Q. Ross



Happy Birthday, Strider Marcus Jones



Oddball Stories with Carole Johnston

Thank you for reading Oddball Magazine this Monday.

On War and Loss

A very personal combination of canto and artwork by over at Oddball Magazine. 

How Did I Get Here?

No easy questions. 

Before the Fastest Rejections Ever...

Anne Skove's got more autobio goodness today. Read "She Who Laughs Lasts" now over at Oddball Magazine. 

Why Not?

My first From Picture to Page for 2024 is up now on my Patreon for paid subscribers.

Two Characters in Search of a Beatdown to Deliver

Geoffrey Fallon's comic is back after last week's "talk," and his character's are pissed (uh-oh). Read "The Secrets of Skinny People" and we'll see who else is looking for a fight this week at Oddball Magazine

February 21: Post Presidents' Day Open Mic (if you're looking for a theme)

Another open mic this week on February 21 before (hopefully) a closing feature for February.

Join us on February 21 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM ET by clicking this link.

The meeting ID is 858 9875 7313

Password: stonesoup


Taking it to the Bank

Saw this protest demonstration for Palestine outside of a Chase Bank (and Elbit) location on Centre Street in Jamaica Plain while running errands. 

How It's Going

This is a brand new journal I'll be starting up later today.

Not because I finished my journal. 

My previous journal was, in all likelihood, thrown off the top of my girlfriend's car when I started it up and headed to Woburn.

I noticed when my hat and gloves fell off the hood of the car and slid down the back window. 

I retrieved them, but I never even saw the journal.

So I didn't even think about it until I was heading back from Woburn.

When I returned home, the journal was missing. 

I retraced my journey prior to the highway. No journal was found.

Nearly a year's worth of work. Gone.

Most of it was transcribed. Some wasn't.

This is not a good day for me. 

The first poem I write in these pages will not be a happy one.

Happy Birthday, Christopher James

Congratulations for getting into Molecule.

Happy Birthday, Heather Nelson

Still working.

Well Whadya Know?

Gumdrop Boy is ththe first bit of happy graffiti to pop up in Brookline.

This Week's Friendly Reminder

Here's a sticker put up during a recent demonstration in Jamaica Plain.

Sticker: Every Time Media Lies a Neighborhood in Gaza Dies

My Monday Morning Music

Focusing on cover songs we don't hear anymore. This is a cover of Sam Cooke's "Cupid" by The Spinners. Heard this all the time on the radio in the 70's. Mostly unheard on the radio today.