Friday, September 25, 2020

This is What Makes What I Do Even More Worth It

I cherish unsolicited messages like this. Of course, my girlfriend's name isn't Julie, but "Julie" (who shared this on my Facebook page so I wouldn't miss it) isn't upset, and I am NOT going to correct Deta!

How is my Friend and Poet doing today. Artists and friends let us celebrate this Wonderful Man among Us..Chad Parenteau.Poet and Artist And friend of so many of Us. He also works tirelessly to get out the VOICE of Artists..their Stories and their and Poetic works or And COVID NOT MATCH FOR HIM..He just moves onn. Lol to his Family Julie..and their daughter. Abd Julie is an essential person ..She is Children.And Loud Clapping for Chad's Mom..She raised and gave Us all a wonderful man..who reflects from her worth and Power. She has been gracious And kind. Celebrate the giving Fields of woman. Celebrate their contribution. Behind every good Man or Woman..stands a towering Icon spirit and life Column of the House Of Woman. Salute you Chad. I love you.Better yet admire Your Spirit and faire grace. Deta

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