Monday, November 09, 2020

Encore performance of We Did It For You! - November 16

Information courtesy of Thea Iberall.


Did you miss our last
performance of the season?

We are sharing the recording of it
for anyone that missed it

November 16th
7:00 - 8:30pm (EDT) 


Q&A with Playwright afterwards

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“I cry every time-this is the fourth time!” 

“This was amazing! Definitely the highlight of my week :)) Thank you for inspiring us tonight!” 

The year 2020 marks 100 years since the passage of the 19th Amendment giving 26 million women the right to vote. While it failed to enfranchise women of color, it was a huge step towards equality. We Did It For You! Women's Journey Through History is the story of how women got their rights in America, told by the women who were there. 
An entertaining and quick tour of women's journey through history, starting with the struggle women had in the 17th century Puritan Revolution through to our 21st century empowered women politicians. Hear great speeches and listen to first hand stories of why women persevered against so many obstacles so that we can have our rights. 

After you RSVP, you will get a link and  also a
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From our last live performance on March 8 -- International Women's Day -- in Winchester, MA. The equal sign is for women's equality

From our performance at the New Bedford Whaling Museum. Pauli Murray (played by Adrienne Williams) tells us why we must overcome the notion that women need protection more than they need equality.


"So GREAT! I learned a BUNCH I didn't know (and I was a US History teacher)." 
"Brings me to tears every time. Thank you to all of you for portraying these women and thank you to all the women who came before us."

“Your play always gives me chills and never fails to bring tears of pride!” 

“It reinforced what I have watched especially through PBS on the centennial this year but also broadened the scope to bring it to 2020!!! The teaching moment made it real.”

“Thank you all so very much! This was educational, inspirational and enjoyable!"

"Great connection to the next generation."

“Learned a lot. I was shocked to learn so many states did not ratify the ERA. It’s sickening that states are still fighting against this.” 

“Thanks so much for making this available to so many. I hope young women are seeing this. They need to know who came before them to make life better for them now. In this age of possibly moving backwards on human rights in general, this history is so important. It is good to have previous role models to encourage speech and action today.”

“Excellent job. I hope many more people get to see this presentation.”  

“You were all wonderfullllllll!  Thank you.” 

“Congratulations to everyone! Great job! 

“I have never had greater respect for what it takes to shift to livestream platform and learn technology with all the gusto and persistence of our ability.” 

“Great show!  So proud of what all these women did! Thank you all for offering!”  

“Voting is a privilege and it’s important that our young people cherish their rights.” 

“It was inspiring to hear that 102 years ago, women continued to work for the vote, even amidst an epidemic."

“The show was a masterpiece of creative, electronic showmanship. I know how quickly you invented, manipulated, and stretched new technology to deliver to a stay-at-home audience a socially conscious, entertaining program.” 

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