Monday, March 15, 2021

Good Riddance to a Bad Book


In recent years,, I've normally gotten  a particular notebook from Staples. My most recent book was...not that. 

I started it in late July of last year and it fell apart fast. By the beginning of this year, the binding was really shot. I filled it up very quick the first five months and thought I could finish it by the last week of January. 

Then I got my second vaccine. I barely wrote it, then it fell apart some more. 

When your notebook is in lousy shape, it becomes harder and harder to write in it. Just struggling to peel the pages back and make sure the cover didn't fall to the floor is demoralizing. 

At least I didn't give up on it. I finally finished the last page this afternoon. It's surface damage reflects my own wear and tear over the same period of time. 

I don't know if anything in there will be considered my "best work" but at least I never stopped working this pandemic year.

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