Monday, April 26, 2021

Tomorrow: North Andover Poets Corner

 Infromation courtesy of North Andover Poet Laureate Mark Bohrer.


This Month's Theme: Grace -  North Andover Poets Corner - You're Invited - April 27 - Featuring Andrea Vallario - Followed by Open Mic

To all my poetry friends,

You're invited to this month's North Andover Poets Corner, Tue April 27th, 7PM. The feature poet is Andrea Vallario, followed by open mic.

Andrea Vallario is a comrade of the mystics, exploring life through the interplay between the inner worlds, nature, and lessons amidst culture and community. She came across her greatest influence, Hafez, during a candlelit guided yoga class. Upon hearing the words ‘This place where you are right now, God circled on a map for you...” she became a loyal follower of the teachings.

Along with her own linguistic murmurings and an expanding poetic palate including Kabir, Mira, Tagore, and Mary Oliver, she practices her writing technique as a member of several local poetry groups including: Rockport Poets, Grey Court Poet's, Haverhill River Bards, and the Merrimac Mic Poets.

Find some of her work and contact info here:

I asked Andrea - what should this month's theme be? She said: Grace. So if you are looking for inspiration, let that word be your starting point & guide. As always, a suggestion to spur the creative spirits...

Zoom link here.

Audio only:
+1 929 205 6099
Meeting ID: 811 2880 6171
Passcode: 1612

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