Sunday, September 25, 2016

Scenes from Wilderess House Literary Review's 10th Anniversary Bash

Yesterday I was late getting to the Out of The Blue for the celebration of this acclaimed ten year old online web journal, but I got there just in time to get on the open mic and read a revised version of the first poem I ever had published in WHLR ("Charon's Slow Day," retittled "Charon Works Through Lunch") More importantly, I made it in time for cake.

The cake was presented, and there was much rejoicing.
And when we were finished photographing the cake, there was even more rejoicing.
WHLR founder Steve Glines makes the first cut.

Julia Carlson and Teisha Dawn Twomey.

Beatriz Alba Del Rio.
I even got to see Tim Gager too.

Maybe it was the new beard but when others offered to take pictures of Tim, Teisha and me with my camera, Tim wanted to mug in front of the gallery's microphones. He was picturing us doing a rendition of a CSNY song.

Good times.

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