Sunday, December 03, 2017

The Podium Survives!

As the Out of The Blue  scrambles to move everything during it's final hours in Central Square Cambridge, thanks to DiDi Delgado, the podium Stone Soup Poetry has used for over a decade--maybe closer to two--is now in a temporary home.

Stone Soup Poetry is not meeting this Monday. I hope we can meet before the end of the year. I will let you know if and when that happens. In the meantime, I hope to talk to people in the hopes of not only securing a new home for the series but also a permanent home for this podium.

The International Community Church in Allston is a place Jack Powers enjoyed going to in the last years of his life. It also became home to a number of Jack's found art creations (created under the name "Jack Debris"), and I'm hoping the church takes the podium as one last piece of Jack Powers/Stone Soup history.

I will let you know what happens in the days to come.


Ian Thal said...

The podium definitely has had closer to two decades of use. If memory serves me well, I recall it being introduced circa 2001, possibly around the time that Stone Soup had its residency at The Middle East -- though it may have been introduced in 2000 when Stone Soup had been located at the old location of the Zeitgeist Gallery on Norfolk and Broadway in Cambridge.

julia said...

hey Chad what about the community church in copley sq? also nancy m. belongs to a church in davis sq that has community rooms -both places would be easy to get to...keep me posted.

Julia G Vogel said...

I belive that Stone Soup Poetry should allways survive. Poetry is a beautiful outlet and wonderful means of self expression. Poetry and Stone Soup should never die!...Julia Grace Vogel

Julia G Vogel said...

Believe* typo

Mignon Ariel King said...

Looking forward to soaking up some poetry wherever Stone Soup ends up in the new year.