Wednesday, September 04, 2019

September 11: Martha Boss Kicks Off Stone Soup's New Era

Next Wednesday, we celebrate Stone Soup's new day and home at the Fort Point Arts Community's Assemblage Gallery. None of this would be possible without Martha Boss. It's only fitting she christen our new gathering place.

Specifically, it was Jennifer, Martha's daughter, Jennifer Amadeo-Holl, who helped me establish contact with Kelly Pedersen of the FPAC to discuss a new place for Stone Soup. I wouldn't have made any connection at all without Jennifer's support of Martha's passions. And without Martha continuously giving to the poetry community, well, the entire city would be poorer for it.

I thank Martha, her family, Kelly, and our new family at Fort Point. I am excited for the future of Stone Soup and hope you can all take part in this new beginning.

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