Thursday, November 27, 2008


Tonight, it's all I can do to just sit back and countdown to the morning. This is the first Thanksgiving without my father or my grandfather. Last year, Pepe was just in the middle of his chemo, while my Dad was unable to eat anything solid, staying in the living room to watch football and interact with close family just weeks before he was admitted into Milford hospital for the final time. Next week will be the anniversary of his death. To add insult to injury, Pepe's birthday is today.

Next week will also be the one year anniversary of friend Patricia Fillingham's death. Stone Soup will be commemorating that this Monday, but I can barely focus on that, and I hope I don't appear to be too detached to the family when they come to read Patricia's poems.

My posting in the next 24 hours (if I even have time to post) may or may not deal with the topics below. My thinking is all over the place, so any bloging I do will almost certainly reflect that.

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