Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Happy One Year Anniversary, James Van Looy

From the back cover of the recently published Stone's Throw #1 using artwork created by James over 30 years ago

James Van Looy was involved with Stone Soup Poetry since the early per-milleneal years.  He had been a way for a few years but returned to the open mic when I was a couple of years into hosting Stone Soup Poetry for the late host Jack Powers.  

I was amazed by how prolific James was and tried to use his work whenever I had the opportunity.  When I accepted an Associate Editor position at Jason Wright's Oddball Magazine, one of my first target goals was to give James a regular weekly forum on the magazine.  

After watching him contribute new work to Stone Soup's open mic week after week, it was clear to me that he would have no problem at all adhering to a weekly schedule.  The concept of the poem-column was underway and James Van Looy's "It's All One Thing" was born.

It is now one year later.  James Van Looy published his 50th column 2 weeks ago, and this week marks his one year anniversary at Oddball Magazine, never missing a week.  And I call it divine coincidence that I picked out his 52nd column months before I realized that it was going to fall on the week of Halloween.

Read his poem, "It's All One Thing," which inspired the title of his regular column.* Then tomorrow at one o'clock, visit Oddball Magazine for his one year anniversary poem, "Monsters of The Deep."  An appropriate Halloween and Anniversary piece.


*I guess this means he's already published 52 poems, but I'll keep a secret if you can.

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