Tuesday, February 18, 2020

How Do You Get to Stone Soup?

In anticipation of his recent Stone Soup Feature, David Miller posted these very useful directions for any potential attendees. They are too good not to use again and will likely be posted to Stone Soup's main page later.

So where is this, really? People ask this about the new Stone Soup space. It's the Assemblage Gallery, 70a Sleeper Street, Boston. In the Fort Point area, perhaps more precisely the Seaport District. Right exactly opposite the Barking Crab restaurant.

OK, but how do you get there?

Here are directions from the MBTA Red Line. (I hope to follow this up with non-T directions, but the T is what I use to get there.) If you know the Red Line at all - if you've used it once in your life - you're practically there already. Here goes:

1) Red Line to South Station.

2) At South Station - don't leave the subway! Transfer to the Silver Line: SL1, SL2, or SL3. (Not  SL4, which is not inside the station.)

3) Ride -one stop- on the Silver Line, to Courthouse Station.

4) At Courthouse Station: take the exit marked to Seaport Boulevard.
The gallery is barely two blocks - on the same side of the street as your exit - in the same direction as the exit. So come up to the street level and just keep walking in the same direction.

5) The building is on the corner of Sleeper Street and Seaport Boulevard. The gallery is on the other side of the building, facing The Barking Crab.

Simple, right?

Red Line to Silver Line, one stop to Courthouse, barely two blocks to Sleeper. Again, if you know where South Station is, you're in.

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