Monday, October 05, 2020



I had been seeing this graffiti--"ACAB" written everywhere for a while. I decided to look up what it means.

ACAB, smeared paint

It's supposed to be short for "All Cops Are Bastards." Don't know if I would substitute "Black Lives Matter" or "Defund the Police" with this. Still, when that graffiti is being blatantly sprayed over with ugly black paint, I can see why this would happen.

I can also see why people might also be writing this in code. Take my photo below as evidence. Substitute each number with a letter in the alphabet, and  you'll see what I mean.

"1312" written on a pole

I would have doubted my research if I hadn't seen this "Defend Your Police" political message on Friday.

Defend Your Police

And I saw the same letters scrawled in the lower right corner.

"ACAB" graffiti in lower right corner of "Defend Your Police" board

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