Wednesday, December 30, 2020

People I'm Grateful for in 2020: Eric N. Peterson


I could never have featured pandemic poetry or other political segment of political works as much as I did without Eric's help. I found his work on a Facebook group page for underground artists years ago, and it took me years to build up the courage to ask if I could feature his art from this year. I'm glad I got him to say yes for 2020. It's pieces like the one above that helped the work of our writers stand out. 

A former Facebook friend called his work with Trump blasphemous even before he illustrated what will hopefully be my second to last "Donald Trump" Jesus poem. 

Eric has slowed down with political work a little since the election, but I hope he comes back in full force in 2021 when my final "DTJ" poem will be ready for the last day of this horrible administration.

Think of all the trouble we could all get into next year.

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