Monday, January 04, 2021

Really Remembering


This would usually be the time where I post a photo of a Christmas tree on the street and write "Christmas 2020: Never Forget."

Not this year.

I could barely carry the Christmas Wars segment over at Oddball Magazine and ended it with a moment of sincerity.

This has already been a sad, unforgettable holiday. 

This was the first Christmas in my new home with my girlfriend and her daughter. We were fine. 

But I miss my Mom. I hate half of America or denying the severity of the virus. Almost blaming the medical professionals for being concerned with it.

Now the Trump supporters are finally ending their COVID-19 denial and shifting towards blaming China for their own behavior. 


There is no "Christmas 2020: Never Forget" her or anywhere else on y social media because this is already a period we should never forget. I won't downplay or debase this moment in time with my own antics.

I hope all of you had as good and peaceful a holiday season as you possibly could. 

I also hope you're all ready for the hellstorm that's on its way for January.

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