Wednesday, July 21, 2021

2021 Haiku Contest! Due Date, August 11, 2021!

From Kaji Aso Studio.

Kaji Aso Studio - 2021 Haiku Contest

Submission Deadline: August 11th

This program is supported in part by the Consulate General of Japan in Boston.

                   First Prize: $300*

    *and a complimentary Certificate of Commendation

  for first prize from the Consulate General of Japan in Boston. 

 Second Prize: $150        

Third Prize: $75

Senryu Prize: $75

The entry fee is $3.00 per haiku or per senryu

nowhere to throw / the bath water / voice of cricket

poem by Onitsura  calligraphy and sumi-e by Kaji Aso

You may send as many haiku or senryu as you like at $3 each. Please mark each entry haiku or senryu.

BY MAIL: type or neatly print your submissions (you may put them all on a single sheet if you wish).  Be sure to include your email address. phone number and/or an SASE so that we can notify you of the results!

You may also send your entries by email and pay vial Paypal.   Simply go to the Kaji Aso Studio Haiku Contest  page, where you will find a Paypal button at the bottom of the page. Due to technical issues, we have been unable to update the written information on the page,to the current year, so simply use the 2020 page to submit your haiku for this year. Any payments on or before August 11th will go towards this year's 2021 contest. Then send your haiku to the Kaji Aso Studio at this email address:  Please write HAIKU CONTEST in the title line.   When both your haiku and payment are received, your haiku will be officially entered into the contest.

All entries must be mailed by August 11, 2021.  All rights revert to the authors after October 11, 2021 when the winners will be announced.  All entries should be unpublished and not under consideration for publication or by another contest.  

All entries are randomized and judged anonymously.  

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