Monday, November 08, 2021

RIP The Lost Bookshelf

Gloria Mindock posted this photo of the empty space at Somerville's Center for The Arts at The Armory. Until this weekend, it was the home for The Lost Bookshelf, the offline extension for the website of the same name Gloria uses for selling books from Červená Barva Press. There have been some crooked actions committed over at the Armory. Once again, the arts are encouraged in cities, but only if they are self-sustaining without the cities having to do anything. 

Because of where I've lived the last few years, I haven't visited Somerville very much. Still, I went to the Armory and visited Gloria's space enough times to have some nice memories. My favorite moment there, of course, was the 2015 release party for Tell-Tale Inklings #1. Good times you can't duplicate on a Zoom call.

The arts are dying all around the city, and I can barely comment on it all. It'll be all I can do today to send Gloria my consolations. 

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