Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Mayor's Prose & Poetry Selections, April 2014

Greetings Boston Writers and Poets, here are the latest winners for the April installment of The Mayor’s Prose & Poetry Program focusing on the Marathon tragedy of last year. One or two poems from each poet were chosen by the Poet Laureate Sam Cornish. The chosen poems will be printed and hung in various locations around Boston City Hall very soon and an opening reading and reception will take place sometime after April 22nd. Congratulations to the winners and keep an eye out for the next Call for Poetry from the Mayor’s Office of Arts, Tourism and Special Events and the City of Boston.

Alexis Ivy / From My Fire Eascape

Chad Parenteau / Mom at the Marathon

Lisa Fay / The Noise of Terror

Linda Carney Goodrich / Pleasure Bay

Michael Burke II / In April Boston roads turn pale

Holly Guran / To Cleanse

Holly Guran / A Hot Wind Blows

Dorothy E. Morris / Elegy

Jason Wright / Strong as Boston Skyline

Jane Jacobson / Buxton to Boston

Louisa Clerici / The Photographer’s Marathon

Carol Masshardt / September in Boston, 2013

Kurt Cole Eidsvig / The Rainest June & The Hottest July (excerpt)

 and 9th grader Kevin Downing! / Death is in the Field Today

Special THANKS go out  to Poet Laureate Sam Cornish for the time and effort he has invested over the last several years on the Mayor’s Prose & Poetry Program. He was a conscientious and learned juror, choosing poems for numerous installments of Poetry on the walls of Boston City Hall. Thank you Sam and thank you all for participating in this artistic process!

John Crowley
Curator/Exhibitions Coordinator

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