Monday, March 01, 2021

A Monument in the Making

Since the pandemic, the hospital I work at has required patients coming in to wear identifying stickers with "Visitor" written on them. They used to be color coded stickers but eventually became a white label with room to write down the date of their visit. Many of the also have "VOID" written in red. 
Some patients who take public transportation end up taking off their stickers and sticking them on a pole near the Green Line stop they all wait at.

Some stickers are relatively new additions. Some go back to late last year. It's fascinating to me and almost feels like a memorial piece in the making for these sad and ridiculous times. 

Who was the first to contribute? Who was the person that did it next and helped turn it into a game with anonymous players?

How many who left a sticker here were later diagnosed with COVID? 

How many died after being diagnosed?

Was ripping this sticker off their jackets and slapping it on the pole their last defiant act?

I like this kind of art, made in plain sight with its participants perhaps never seeing the final product. Its meaning left to whoever is brave enough to prescribe one to it.

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