Monday, March 29, 2021

Another Joe Biden Falling Poem! Am I the Media Now?



After The New Verse News published my Joe Biden falling poem based on a William Carlos Williams poem, David Miller made a joke reference to Frank O'Hara's Lana Turner poem. After that, I couldn't help it. All thanks and blame go to him.



Joseph Biden has collapsed!
We wire singing songs of unity
insurrectionists were planning
others said they were hiding
but hiding in plain site is dumb
and so it was just confusing and
raining bullets overhead we hurry
to escape but now traffic 
spreads across exactly like bullets
and through the web there spread a headline
there is more death in the springtime
maskless faces in bloody red states
I have seen Trump in videos
acting predictably disgraceful
but he never actually collapsed
aw Joseph Biden you fell now the hell?

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