Wednesday, June 05, 2024

Reagan: Good F--king Riddance Twenty Years Later

Today  marks the twentieth anniversary of Ronald Reagan's death.

Four days after he died, I wrote this poem: 

Sarcastic Haiku 22: A Close Call

The White House approves
of showing coffins with flags
in time for Reagan.

My sarcastic haiku series was a precursor to the American Haiku series. was later made into a broadside thanks to Christopher Rizzo and his Anchorite Press. The haiku was written in response to the reveal of coffins of American war dead in 2004 despite the photo ban on war coffins, which was in place from the first Gulf War to 2009.

This was followed by coffin fetishism with Regan's funeral, which followed a three hundred page book detailing every step of the procession. 

Twenty years later, Ronald Reagan is still dead. I don't need to write a sequel. However, I do see parallels in today's upside down flag fetish. I stopped writing sarcastic haiku at number eighty. Here's my first one in fifteen years.

Sarcastic Haiku 81: Too Close for Comfort

condones upside down flags just
when Trump's convicted.


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